The Other Woman Episode 11


**** Two hours earlier****
Adam sat in the board room, going over files and documents from the contraction company. His PA sat opposite him with a few other people.
“Is everything okay sir? You have been staring at the documents for a while now. I am sure I didn’t make a mistake in compiling it together “one of the men spoke. “Please do let us know if it’s not okay with you so we can make the necessary corrections.”
“No… It’s fine. Everything looks perfect. We need to get the architect and designer to draw up a blueprint and ghost design for us. I will contact the company’s lawyer to draw up an agreement. Once that is signed. We get to work. All things being equal we should be done in less than a few months.” he nods handing the file to his PA.
They nodded
“Now, since we are all here. Shall we discuss the progress of the partnership with the Chinese government?”
“Yes sir, I was told that you had some issues with the deal” Someone says
“No, we had issues with his team and his fiscal policies” another one mentions..
“That being the case, I asked for a review and once that is done I would set up another meeting. But first, I need you all to give me a working plan on how we can achieve this project without throwing in so much physical cash. Get me a reviewed budget analysis and strategic planning. Send it to me before the end of the week. We would convene here by next week.” .. He nods dismissing them. They thank him as they exit the room leaving him alone with his PA.
“Sir, would you be needing anything else?” She askes him.
“No, not at all, I would be taking the rest of the day off. Push my meetings till tomorrow will you?” He gets up
“Oh okay.” She replies, making changes to his schedule. Her boss sudden behaviour of heading out without letting her know was strange. He used to tell her where he goes just in case of emergencies. He used to tell her to book his movement, now he does it on his own. He was being sneaky and she was curious as to why.
“Where are you going to sir? So I can make the necessary arrangements. Let me place a call to the driver to prepare”
He shakes his head” Never mind Rose. I will drive myself, see you tomorrow. Redirect my calls to voicemail please for the rest of the day, I would not want to be disturbed and if my wife calls….” he thinks for a moment
“.Tell her I went to see a client or stepped out or something.” he says picking up his briefcase. He was going to get her a beautiful banquet of roses and he couldn’t wait to see her face when he gives it to her. She loved Red roses and white lilies. And he would be a smiling face between it.
Perplexed… “Oh okay sir!!” She watches him as he leaves .
“Where is he going? Why do I have to lie to his wife? Why doesn’t he want the driver to take him? Is Mr W cheating on his wife?” Aghast, she shakes her head
“Stop it Rose, you are just exaggerating. But it’s none of my business. Oh poor woman. Such a beautiful man.” she walks away.
As Adams enters into his car, and turns the ignition.
He needed to make a quick stop first. And while he drove, his thoughts was on Bella. Sweet Bella.
He needed to tell her they have to be more careful and change venues too. If possible, he would book her out today and book her into another.
He drove downtown heading to Castle waters hotel.
****Two hours later. Presently at the castle waters hotel. Sophia and Rebecca stood in front of the door****
“Oh goodness, who is knocking at the door and disturbing us from our beautiful copulation…” She teased his earlobe, digging her nails into his back.
“Oh sweet.” he groaned as it gave him a pleasure mixed with pain. His fingers was within her thighs, inside her panties as he kissed her erected nipples. She giggles in shrill laughter.
“You like don’t you?”
“Yes yes…!” She laughs again and he moans
Knock knock!!!*
She yielded to him, pushing her bottom upwards. Meeting his heat. Grinding into him while his fingers played with her below, she kisses him with such ferocity.
*knock knock knock!!!*
“Danm!!” She swore. Her legs shaking.
“Baby let me go check who that is. If not they won’t leave. Driving me crazy. Why now??”
“Okay. Go quickly and come back. I can’t keep him starved for much longer”. He gestures to his erected self. Which was already glistening at the tips.
She smiles. …” Don’t worry… Ama take care of you, up here” she places her fingers to his lips…” and down there ” She grabs him and covers him with her palm. A quick up movement up and down caused him to exhale deeply. She smiles and laughs heartedly, and struts away from him practically naked with a tiny cloth over her chest, she leaves him staring at her in his brief and she opens the door wide…
Two women turn to her… their mouth agape and shock registered on their faces…
She stares at them. But they weren’t looking at her. But at him.
“Holy Fxxk!!” She heard him exclaim and turns around to face him. He was also in shock…
Both women exclaimed “Oh My God!!” At the same time too.
Perplexed she asked the only question that could make sense…
“What the Fxxk is going on here??”
Sophia places her hand so her chest and staggers backwards. She tried to breath, blinking back tears she exhales in and out, in and out.
“Oh my God!!” She says again. Staring at the half naked woman and the half naked man behind her. Who looked as though he just saw a ghost? Rebecca was visibly in shook too.
The attendant stood at a safe corner and watched… maybe he would leave in a minute. There wasn’t any blood shed at the moment.
“What is going on here…?” The lady askes again. “Who are you?” She turns to the man in her room whose erection had suddenly dropped. “Who are they??”
“You, you….fxxking Asshole. You cheat. You son of a bitch. How dare you bring another woman here… I thought you loved me. You lying cheating Asshole. ..”..
Sophia begins to laugh. She laughed and laughed and laughed.
Rebecca pushes past the lady and heads to the man and slaps him across his face.
“In less than 24 hours, after rolling in the sheets with me, you get a Blondie. A Blondie and you shagging her here. Same hotel you shagged me just hours ago?? How dare you. After all we had. You men are all the same. You bastard “… She hits him with her bag.
The lady runs in to restrain her… the man stares at both ladies and was speechless. .
“Oh don’t you dare touch my man. How dare you insinuate such? Who are you? Who is she??” She turns to him.
Sophia couldn’t stop laughing…
“Oh don’t bother, he isn’t worth the trouble, you can have him he probably has some other chick waiting for him after you. Asshole!! What does that initial “M” stand for anyways?? Because I know your name isn’t some A. Weldams or anything. Maybe “maggot or male gigolo” she spat.
“Actually it’s Michael”… He defended.
“Fxxk you Michael and you too missy. You guys can go back and continue whatever you were doing”.. Rebecca walks away and drags the laughing Sophia away
The lady turns facing him…
“What the hell just happened?”…
He shrugs. … “Mistaken identity I suppose.” he lied.. He pulls her close
“C’mon babe. Let’s continue what we were doing.. “.. He tries to kiss her. She slaps his face. ..
“Go screw yourself “!!! She storms away.