The Other Woman Episode 12


“Will you stop laughing??” Rebecca snapped at Sophia who wipes her teary eyes.
“Phew!!! You know for a second there my heart wanted to burst out of my chest as she opened the door and I saw him standing there. Half expecting to see Adams but instead I see some other man, fully erect and how he deflated in a second got me roaring with laughter”… Sophia laughs again
“Stop laughing. Am really pissed” Rebecca states angrily, the nerve he had and she was already putting him on her list of potential money bag husband. The nerve!!!
“Who is he? The man? Why were you so angry? You didn’t tell me you were seeing anyone.”
“That Asshole and I were together that day I saw Adams come into the hotel. We had a good shag. He was good, I mean the $3x was and he seemed he got some dough you know and he promised to call me but apparently he was busying shagging some other woman. I hate men. Arghhhh!!”
Sophia could only manage an “oh”. Then she frowns…
“If those were the couples, in there that day and today. So where did Adams stay again..? .” She was beginning to doubt Rebecca all over again.
“I … I saw him Sophia and that was the room. I swear it. Something isn’t right here and your husband still isn’t picking. Maybe they switched hotels. Maybe. But I swear it Sophia, they were here… and I was with that same man downstairs that day. So I don’t get it. Really. “… There was no way she was going to let all this go in vain. No. This wasn’t happening. It didn’t make sense. Nothing did, they were this close. She was visibly angry
“I Don’t know what to think or do. But I know this. Adams is cheating and I won’t rest until I get prove. Since we couldn’t get something today let me head back to the office.” Sophia closes the door upon entering her car. Her mind lost in thoughts, her eyes began to twitch and her migraine began.
“Fine, go on ahead, I guess you doubt me now, don’t believe me, go home, run to him and roll in the sack. Forget the lipstick incidence and the nails on his back. Maybe until you see him locked in her arms and her legs wrapped around him and they are on your bed one day do you finally act” Rebecca spat, she was angry.
“What’s that supposed to mean Rebecca? Why are you sounding spiteful? Look am sorry your man was dilly-handily some other woman in that hotel, still doesn’t give you the right to pour fuel on my already burning house. I know my husband is cheating and I won’t turn a blind eye to it. But still, don’t talk to me that way. That’s unfair”
Rebecca took a deep breath.
“Am sorry Sophia. Forgive me am just upset, especially because Adams is doing this to you too, am sorry.” She feigned remorse. But inwardly she didn’t give a shit. She wanted to get this over with.
“Fine, whatever its okay but I have to go, my head is pounding like crazy” She puts her car on drive and pulls away, waving to Rebecca. . Who waves back?
“We going to find out your cheating husband Sophia. We going to find them. And set them straight. We are In fact, I am, don’t worry. You will be fine, don’t worry. “.. Rebecca bellows out as she waves Sophia. As soon as she was out of eye sight she drops her hands and folds it into a fist.
“Where the hell did that Asshole sneak to this time huh? Oh Adams… am going to find out where and how am going to get proof. And I would be there when your wife leaves you. Only I can help you through the pain of divorce. Make you forget her as soon as she steps out the door. And you are going to have no choice than to fall in love with me. Only me… oh What to do!!??”… She enters her car and pulls away.
The male attendant watches them from the lobby window. Shaking his head.
“Boy am I mighty glad those drama Queens are out of here” He says to himself.
“Why are you talking to you self, James?” Someone comes behind him. He turns.
“Oh, Tess hi. Why are you sneaking up behind me?”
“Oh nothing. I wanted to ask you something.” she says, pensive
“Erm… Ok. Go ahead, what’s that?”
“Well I saw you go into the elevator earlier with two women and then come back later with the, I kinda saw them arguing outside or talking…” She trails off
“Er… okay… so?” He eyes her. He hopes she didn’t know what went down and runs off to tell his boss.
“Well, erm. Nothing, was just wondering what it was about. They seemed angry.”
“Well it was nothing. You just looking for gossip. I have to go back to work. Anything else?” He turns back to his computer. *Jess likes gossip. Juicy hotel gossip. *. He cringes
“Oh, Okay but I don’t know. I thought I saw someone I had seen before, that’s all. So I wanted to ask who they were and what they wanted. I mean, one of them looked familiar and I couldn’t place the face” … She continues. . Pressing him.
“Jess. You work in a hotel, you sometimes clean rooms and drive the food cart to deliver food to guests. You see a hundreds of people on a daily. Of cause there is a tendency that a face or two might seem familiar but you and I know you fishing and am not in the mood to indulge you. So, I have to get back to work okay?”… He dismisses her. She looks him over, eyeing him.
“Whatever. You are such a bore anyways.” She sighs and walks away.
“But… one of them ladies did look like someone I know… Or have met or seen before. But where…?” She mutters to herself as she walks away to her post.
Hours later…
Adam sighs, cleaning the sweat off his face. He had left the office to go buy flowers. And on his way back he had met traffic. Hoping to beat the traffic he had taken another route and along the line… He had a busted tyre and his engine had begun to heat. The next mechanic station was miles away.
His phone was indicating out of service area and he couldn’t call. He had managed to change his tyres under the scorching sun but his car refused to start. He flagged a couple of cars for help, half an hour later, a good Samaritan had stopped and helped him toll his car to the mechanic.
Another hour and he was back on the road. Sweaty and tired. It was getting dark.
He still needed to deal with Bella and get home to his wife.
Sophia stops at the grocery store to pick up some house supplies… she gets back into her car, throws the groceries in her booth and continues to drive. Her mind often drifting to Adam and the woman. She sighs.
Her eyes twitching and migraine going into gear seven.
Her constant headache made her feel dizzy. Her eyes was closing as she held onto the steer wheel and she knew if she didn’t pull over she was going to drive into a pole. Worse still, into a group of people walking on the pedestrian way.
She eyes an eatery and pulls over, alighting from her car staggering a bit as she walked out of her car, barely locking her door. She staggered to the restaurant, pushing the door open.. And slumps!!!!
A few minutes later…
“Are you okay ma’am??” She opens her eyes to seeing people looking down at her worried faces. People whispering over her head.
“What happened… ouch my head?!! She exclaimed. She tried to sit up. They held her up.
“You fainted. Are you okay. You don’t seem alright should we call the hospital? Should we take you there? Can we call anyone for you? Miss…Miss??” A woman spoke to her. Apparently the manager…
“No no, am fine. Thank you. Am sorry just a headache, I’ll be fine, am just going to head home. It’s nothing , am fine thank you” she gets up walking out of the restaurant and goes straight to her car and drives downtown .
Adam pulls over at the hotel and comes down.
He grabs his cell phone and realises that his phone was still out of service. He sighs and walks in. But not without scanning the area to make sure Rebecca wasn’t hiding by the corner waiting on him.
He picks the face cap he bought along the way and wears it, changing his jacket. Since he couldn’t call Bella and change places, he had to come here himself, pick her and they leave here. And he would book down another hotel. Away from town. Where no one would ever suspect.
He walks into the lobby, and heads to the reception area…
“Key to room 109 please?” He says
“Name sir?” James, the male attendant askes.
“Registered under Bella, just Bella”. Adams offered
James clicks on his computer. .sees the name and registration details. He raises an eyebrow. Why did a man register under a woman’s name? “Someone is apparently being sneaky aren’t we”… He mutters under his breath.
“What was that??” Adams askes hearing the man speak. ..
“No nothing sir … I said you need anything??”
It really wasn’t his business, he just works here.
He turns, gets the extra key and gives it to him.
“Nothing, am fine thank you “… Adam says and heads to the elevator. Went to her room and waited.
James goes back to what he is doing shaking his head. Immediately forgetting the man.
James was whistling, clicking on his phone when she walked in… An hour later.
He blinked once and then twice.
She breezes in as though she owned the place… went straight to the elevator and was gone in a blink of an eye…
Tess comes by just that minute and taps him…
He turns, startled and confused.
“What… what is it James? You look as though you just saw a ghost, what is it??”
“I -erm. I… I.. I thought I saw someone I know. She looked familiar. .. Just now… She… she… “.. He pointed to the elevator babbling… Looking from the closed elevator door and back to Tess.
Tess rolls her eyes and yawns. .
“See who? What? where? You work in a hotel. You attend to a hundred guest on a daily. Of cause you see a face that looks familiar every once in a while” she said clearly being sarcastic and then she continued
“I don’t have time to indulge your nonsense, Mtchewwwww!!! Please get back to work. You sound like a mad man”… She sighs and walks away laughing.
James didn’t stop blinking. .
“Wow!!! It can’t be a coincidence! Uncanning. “…
He shakes his head
“Am seeing things… when last did I eat? ?”
He grabs a bar of chocolate of the counter and stuffs it into his mouth faulting who he saw to a mistaken identity.
“We need to talk “… Adam says as she enters into the room, he sat on the bed, fully clothed.
“Yes we do…” She yawns and dumps her bag on the floor then walks to him undressing herself slowly as she did… but she looked tired too.
“Don’t Bella. “.. He tells her. He knew if he didn’t stop her she would jump in and in another minute they would be entwined in heated passion but he needed to get her out of here. For both their sakes before someone did find them out.
“This is serious, let’s talk, please.”
She eyes him… Ignoring him.
“Fine. But I will go first.”… She strips naked and stands in front of him.
“Fine. Go first?” He tries to avert his eyes from her area as she stood in front of him. He took a deep breath, trying to lessen the blood that had suddenly begin to pump into his groin. He crosses his legs…
“Down boy. I say down”… He cautions junior.
Bella smiles, seeing his obvious discomfort. She knew he was not going to last. She spread her legs open slightly… raising one leg to the bed giving him a perfect view… He gulped.
“I need you to divorce your wife!!” She stated matter of factly
“W-what?” Adams stammers as he raises his head in shock.
To be continued…