The Other Woman Episode 13


Rebecca bites her lower lip as she scans through her phone, searching for a number, after she got home from the hotel she and Sophia went to check for Adams and his mistress.
It’s been barely a few minutes she got home and all she could think about was how stupid she was.
“I know…the room number was 106. I can swear it. I know it was on the other side…but.. but. . Today it was on the other -other side” she pauses in her thoughts, Spreading her hands to indicate opposite sides. She gets up and walks to the end of her room, Turns and stares as though she was coming through.
“If I were coming in through this way it’s on my left. And I went to the door and peeped”… She moved a few steps pauses and turns on her left
“There, this door” but how come it was on the opposite side today, if I were coming in through where I was, It should be on my left. Yet… Room 106 was on my right”
She turns on her right and pauses, pretending to peep in through an imaginable door hole and she shakes her head
“But room 106 had that Asshole who I was hoping to pin down. A potential husband, well just in case I still have to wait for Adams, but he is… Now a serial womaniser” she spat
“Not good for my mojo”
“So where the fxxk did Adam and that slut stay? I know I was sober as hell. I could still read the words on my condom pack for fxxk’s sakes, so…I did see Adams, I did see immaculately long nails and I did see the room number too. Unless…”
She trails off as a thought comes into her head. Shaking her head she pushes the thought away
“No. It doesn’t make sense. They can’t be the ones in room 109 because that’s the room opposite. No!! I mean the attendant didn’t say a man was there with a woman. Argh!!!”
She flings herself on the bed.
Maybe she should call Sophia and find out if Adams had gotten home, What if they had gotten into a fight, Sophia did seem upset. She would be happy if that happens but no, maybe they are shagging. The fxxker still had time to make love to his wife
“The cheat”
She was angry.
“Oh lord!! Give me a sign. A breakthrough. Anything… Anything at all. Let me find him and her and let this fairy tale dream of Sophia be ruined, Amen”
She does the sign of the cross and kisses her fingertips
She sits up abruptly,
“Stupid us!! Why the fxxk didn’t I think of that! ”
She jumps up from her bed and checks the time. She could make it down there in another 45minutes if she drives like a mad woman
Forgetting the number she wanted to call she springs up..
“The private investigator would have to wait. I have to find out who is in room 109 and I know they are in that hotel and I can bet my two cents and my fresh rounded soft butts on it too”
She grabs her car keys and leaves her room.
She was on a mission and she won’t rest until she was satisfied and satisfaction meant, ruining the home of her friend so she could step in.
That wasn’t too much to ask was it?? She sighed.
“I am going back to the hotel Sophia, I know what I saw and I pray I come back with good news or bad. You deserve better than this. You are my friend and I love you and you don’t need a cheat for a husband.
Rebecca sends the message.
“But I don’t mind taking him off your hands though”
She smiles and pulls away from her curb.
Adams couldn’t believe his ears
“W-what??” He asked her, No he didn’t hear her right.
“I said I want you to divorce your wife and I want you to do it now. Well, once you leave here I want you to contact your lawyers and do it ASAP”
She smiles. She still stood in front of him naked, one leg on the bed, open, giving him the perfect view as he sat on the bed. But this time his eyes weren’t on her core, they were staring straight into her face with disbelieve and She didn’t like that. She didn’t like that at all.
“You can’t be serious Bella. No… You can’t be serious. How can you ask me to leave my wife? I can’t and I won’t. ”
He made to get up but she pushed him down. Placing her hands on his shoulders to make him stay.
“Yes I am Mr W. You love me, you tell me that every single day and I love you too. I mean it’s evident. You are the only man I have being with exclusively for a while now”
She saw him wince. Was that jealousy?
“I mean, unless you are tired of me and you want to leave. I can get someone else to take your place. It’s that simple. I snap my fingers and I have any man I want. To touch me… kiss me, Caress and make love to me the way you do and Have me more and scream out their names the way I do you. Take me all night and drink all of my essence”
As she talked she ran her hands over her body, caressing her beautiful bosom, running her hands over her delicate smooth skin, biting her lower lip as she places her fingers just at the tips of what’s between her legs… She watched as his eyes followed her every move… She saw him cross his legs tighter. She laughs
“Are you tired of me Mr W? Do you want another man to have this? All of this and more… do you??” She askes
“Stop it Bella ” he wipers as he closes his eyes and takes a deep breath fighting the urge to bring her closer to himself, place his face between her legs, opening her up and taste her and hear her moan the way she does and pin her to the bed and have her, like a man starved .
“Do you want another man to have me Mr W. Say it. Say it. Tell me… Do you??” She pushed
“No”… he whispered
“Say it Mr W”
“NO BELLA!! NO!! I DON’T. NOW STOP IT PLEASE “he begged as he grabs her and places her on the bed, baring his face between her twin towers as he takes her nipples in his mouth, from one to the other.
She could feel him grow hard between her thighs. He wanted her. He always wanted her. No matter how much he tried, He couldn’t stop himself.
She smiles… She lets him kiss her, fondle her but she wasn’t ready to let him take her. Just yet.
“No one else would have you. Just me Bella. Only me. I love you like a man who loves the breath in him and you are like a special brand of heroine I can’t do without. Am addicted and I want no cure…don’t ever say that again. Only me Bella, only me”
He tells her as he ran his hands all over her body, playing the violin with strings of his fingers as he pry’s her legs open. But she stiffens
“Bella?” he pleads, he was already intoxicated. If he doesn’t plunge into her soon he was going to explode. . She knows how she makes him feel and she knew he couldn’t resist her.
“I want you Mr W. But am tired of sharing you, am tired of you going home to another woman and you leaving me all alone… I am tired of having to smell her on you, I want to smell only me on you and if I can’t have you, all of you then you can’t even have even a taste of me. Not today, Not tomorrow, Not ever again.
I think you should leave. I am horny. . But I rather go to the bar Downstairs and shag a random stranger who I have no feelings for and owes me no obligations but a good mind-blowing, earth-shattering sex. Than with someone I care madly for who just likes to screw me and run back to his Lil wife who obviously haven’t given him a good shag in centuries” she pushes him away as she walked naked to the door.
“Please leave. I think we are done. I have to make a call or something. “..
He stares at her… His heart torn. He could never do what she asked. He couldn’t ever hurt Sophia like that. He loved his wife. He loved Bella too. He could never give up one for the other. He was too deep in it.
Sophia was kind and sweet. Loyal. Beautiful. Always have. Always will.
Bella was a fox. Feisty. Confident. Beautiful and Sexy as hell. And she knew how to make any man weak in the knees. She knew how to make him fall and fell hard for her.
Sophia and Bella, Exact opposites… Yet
He loved Sophia and
Bella, he had begun to love too.
But…he still couldn’t do what she asked. He couldn’t and he knows He really couldn’t. . Or could he??
“W… Am serious. We are done. Through. Finito. ”
She breaks into his thoughts. He sighs and gets up, walking towards her, reaching for her and pulls her to himself.
“We can never be done. Not today. Not ever. I want you…always Bella. I can’t do without you”
“Then leave her. You have me and I want to be yours completely too. Not to be sneaking around with you in hotels and can’t be seen with you in public. Am done with that. Divorce your wife or we are through or dude am not fxxking with you”
She pushes him away but he doesn’t budge
“Okay Bella. . Okay! ”
He sighs into her hair
“What??” She wasn’t sure she heard correctly…
“I said I will. But give me a Little time please”
He pleaded. He wasn’t ready to lose her. He could never allow another man have her but only him. Always has. Always been.
“Don’t fxxk with me Mr W”
She searches his eyes… was she going to get what she wanted finally??
“Am not Bella. Believe me… am not. You drive me crazy… you my wild feisty girl and the burn fire in my heart. You think I could possibly stand someone else with you? Just give me a Lil time Please, then we can be together” he tells her honestly as he stares into her eyes
Content, she wraps her hands around his neck
“That’s settled then… So shall we, because am dripping wet and your rod is making me lose my senses already” she teases whiles he smiles. He was glad.
“But first… not here. We have to leave now, Check you into another hotel. We can’t stay here. ”
“But why?”
She pauses and frowns.
“Your missy found you out??”
She mocked.
“You know , if you do divorce her ass, you don’t need to be sneaking around with me ”
“I know, just for now, please. And we have to leave now because I already booked another hotel, at the outskirts of here. It’s divine. Trust me. You would love it.”
Please don’t argue. Please. He prayed. He didn’t want to take any more chances, just in case Sophia and Rebecca gets it into their heads to come searching for them here. Even though he tried to persuade Sophia he wasn’t cheating, Rebecca on the other hand is a hard nut to crack. How the hell did she see him and what was she doing here anyways..??..
“Fine. Whatever. But. . After. .this” she backs herself to the wall, pulling him with her as she finds a table, sitting on it, She spreads her legs and wraps him..
“This girl can’t drip for long”
She purrs laying back on her back while tugging at his belt
“Oh Bella, the things you do to me”
He pulls at his belt, drops his trousers halfway and in another minute, their rhythm began and their groans and moans were like symphony to the ears as they entwined in heated passion. Each fulfilling each other’s fantasy and topping over the cliff, collapsing almost together in perfect bliss.
“Let me check you out.” Adams places a kiss to her soft wet lips as they strolled hand in hand out of the hotel room, down the elevator and to the lobby.
“OK. I would just wait for you.” she winks at him, walking towards the exit as he walks to the counter
James had an ear piece on watching a clip on his laptop backing the elevator. .
He felt someone tap him and turns, He quickly removes his ear piece and manages a smile
“Good evening sir. Is there anything I can help you with??”
It was the man who had come in earlier and asked for the key to room 109. Who registered with a woman’s name. Bad dude. I wonder what’s his story…
He looks above him and saw a shadow of a woman walking away. She looked strangely familiar. .
“Yes please. We are checking out. ”
The man said.
James quickly takes in his features .
He was tall, warm eyes and build like a Greek god. He seemed like someone who had women falling over their faces for him. He looked rich too.
James does a few clicks…
“You have a few more nights here sir. Is there a problem or Do you have any complaints and could you tell me the reason why you are checking out so soon?”
“No not at all. Just leaving town. Can you please do the cancellation and refund my bill to this account details please?”… He writes down his alias account details and gives it to the male attendant
“OK sir. I would send this as a mail to the management and they would get back to you between 24hours sir.” James tells him.
“Very well. Thank you. “.. Adams noted and steps away.