The Other Woman Episode 14


Jess was making a call outside and she begins to walk in as she was done, then she saw her and she stops
The lady was standing outside, a small bag in her hands as she stood waiting, apparently for something or for someone..
Jess pauses to take in her features…
She was a beautiful woman, in her late 30s she concluded. Classy, beautiful. .and body that could make any man stop dead in her tracks. She felt envious. God was partial when giving looks. For she stood, poised like one superstar out of a movie…
And yes, she did look familiar. Jess stood staring for another minute trying to remember where she had seen that face before. . And then it clicked..
The naked woman, who opened the door for her in room 109 when she knocked on the door thinking it was room 106 while delivering her food cart. Apparently the number “9” turned on its left, falling, forming a “6”.
Yes… The same lady, that’s her.
Wasn’t she the same person she saw just barely…
“What are you staring at??” The woman spoke. Jess was startled out of her thoughts..
“Nothing. Nothing ma’am. Am sorry. You are a beauty for sore eyes and your cloths are just, Gorgeous! I couldn’t help but stare, are you a movie star?” Jess askes, visibly embarrassed from being caught. She must think am a freak?..
“No am not. Please stop staring. You look like a freak and that makes me uncomfortable “.. Bella stated..
“Bitch” Jess mutters under her breath and then said “Am so sorry”
Just then a man comes behind her, holding her waist
“Shall we?” The man speaks to the lady, upon seeing jess he smiles
“Yes please” She responded as he ushered her away while She pushes her rich black hair over her shoulders and catwalks away but jess doesn’t stop staring.
“What are you doing out here?”… a voice says to her. She jumps when she sees who owned the voice she sighs
“You need to stop doing that James. The lady that just left here, I keep seeing her face. But it seemed as though I have seen her much more than I have already…maybe she is a movie star or something. ”
James stares at their rescinding backs and focuses on the woman walking beside the man, he notices her dress .
“That was the same woman who came in this evening and went through the elevator. I know there is something oddly familiar about her but Can’t place it ”
The couple disappears from their sight and they drive away turning left then another car drives in coming from the right and pulls up.
“Let’s go back in. We have another customer” James tells jess but he stops on seeing the woman who highlighted from her car , walking towards them.
“Oh lord. Not her again” he mutters
“Not who..?” Jess askes, turning to look at the person.
“Trouble. Drama queen. All that jazz.” James rolls his eyes but manages to place a fake smile on his face as the woman approaches him
“Hello again… I hope you remember me. No? I know you do remember me because I am one of those faces you just can’t miss. I don’t need to be a bother but please, can I… or is it possible for you to let me see the occupants of room 109. Thank you” she gave her sweetest smile.
“I am sorry ma’am I cannot.” James stated. He wasn’t going to allow her have her way this time.
“Please…don’t be an ass. Just want to see their faces and it’s not like you don’t take ID’s so I can’t ask you to pull up their faces from your client log. But you could just do me a tiny favour. Life depends on it, I would even make it worth your while. I promise”
She taps her purse. . James shakes his head but Jess’s eyes shines while her ears peeked.
“I am sorry ma’am but I can’t. There is nothing I can do about it and if you want to see the manager I can gladly call him for you.”
He stated. He wasn’t smiling.
She could demand that only if Sophia was here, Sophia would demand that based on the fact that she was searching for her husband but she might not have that privilege.
“Please…?” She begged bringing out her purse opening it to reveal cash. James wasn’t bothered but Jess on the other hand was interested.
“If I may ask, why do you want to see the occupants of room 109 anyways?” She butts in
Rebecca notices the girl for the first time she takes her look in from her head to toes wandering why she opened her mouth. But on second’s thought… What if she could help persuade the hard nut of a man standing in front of her whose face had turned to granite?
“Finding a cheating husband. I can pay you”
“Jess, you have to return to your post. Am sorry ma’am… but I have to go, No We have to go”
He pushes jess but she doesn’t budge. The money in the purse held her still, she wouldn’t mind getting some money to buy that Susen handbag she saw last week that she has been drooling over.
“Help me and I can make you smile tonight “Rebecca begins to count her cash
“I would love to but it looks like you just missed them.” Jess says, eying her movement and Rebecca’s hands stops.
James’s brows squeezes…
“Shut up jess! Clients information shouldn’t be given out like that” He pushes her again, she shrugs sidestepping him, moving closer to Rebecca.
“What… When… Just now. Where did they go? Fxxk…Just now??”
“Hhhhummm” jess nods. “Like a few minutes before you drove in. Going the opposite way from which you came just now”
“If you are done breaking the rules jess. Can we go? Please ma’am but you would have to excuse us”
James didn’t like her. He didn’t like her at all. He grabs Jess’s hands but the stupid girl struggles free
What to do. What to do. What to do???
Think Rebecca. Think.
If the occupants of the opposite room 109 had left, there was no way she could find out if Adams and his mistress were the one. No ID log of a picture to show.
She should have thought of that earlier and checked it then when she and Sophia was here.
“Damn Rebs!” She mutters as she puts her cash back into her wallet.
James hadn’t stopped frowning. He felt like strangling jess because she was such a big hotel gossip and He hated gossips.
Jess didn’t like the fact that it looked like she was not going to get anything She thought of the channel bag then She opens her mouth without thinking…
“But… if you have a picture or something I can take a look at it and tell you if I have seen him before” she blurted out, James gave up, throwing his hands in the air.
“Jesus Jessica!!!”
“Here… why don’t you sell me off too to the highest bidder!!”
He exclaims giving her both his hands, putting his head on it
“Take me. Since you are such a big sell out. Don’t you know the goddamn rules girl?” he shakes his head.
“What? Am only trying to help the good lady” she states on her defence
Rebecca smiles broadly, she liked the girl already
Lord, this is a sign. You are helping me.
She digs in her bag and fishes for her phone, scans through pictures. . She had a picture of him somewhere. When she didn’t find what she was looking for. . She sighed. Remembering that she had it in her other phone, where she saved all the pictures she had of him all through college when she follows him around up until presently. But she always kept it at home and the only picture here was with Sophia, which she had on display on her DP where Sophia had written
“My perfect man, my forever and a day more man, Mr W. I love you” just below her Picture.
Rebecca threw daggers at her, mentally tearing up the picture, separating Sophia from her husband. But in real life, she enlarges it, zooming to Adam’s face and shows it to the eager jess, pointing to Adam.
“That’s him. Recognise him?” Jess takes the phone and looks as a smile breaks out across her face. Susen bag, here I come baby..
“Yes… that’s him. That’s him. He was the one. I just saw him a few minutes ago, the same man.”
Jess was excited, Rebecca beamed, James out of curiously peeped. His eyes opens as he steps forward and takes the phone
“Holy Fxxk!! You don’t say…”
He exclaimed, disbelieving
“Yes!!! Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!! Caught you Adams. I got you!!!” Rebecca laughs, a deep throated laughter. Jess joins in with her while James kept shaking his head and laughing
“Oh he smooth. This dude is smooth AF. He was just under our noses I mean Why didn’t you show me the picture before , it would have saved you and your friend the stress. Too bad. He just left with some lady and am sure that’s his mistress”
James said
“You know He registered under an alias; a woman’s name. I think it was Bella”… he chuckles
“Now who is the one breaking the rules now and giving out client’s information and whatnot, so much for dignity” She rolls her eyes at James who shrugs
“I wasn’t exactly.” he began..
“Yes you were . . . You so were. Don’t think you get to share in my money because I am not giving you anything, just so you know” jess points at him
“Bella! Like is that her name or what? Bella what?? Just Bella? Or was that some made up name? Did you see her face??” The excited Rebecca asked. Breaking into their banter that she cared Shit for.
James shakes his head. . “I don’t know, maybe it’s her name or maybe it’s some name he pulled out of his asshole. How the hell should I know and quit asking me twenty-one questions. And No!! I didn’t see her face. She seemed oddly familiar though. ..Like I have seen her before. But can’t place it”
Jess chirps in…
“Actually yes I did. I said they just left. I mean Hello!! I saw her face. Up close, really beautiful and classy lady. Like one superstar –
“I didn’t ask you about your opinion of her”
Rebecca snaps, cutting jess short. She didn’t want to hear how beautiful his mistress looked. She wanted a picture so she could give Sophia something to lash him with. Proof, so they can end this marriage already. She was tired of seeing them happy.
Jess smiles “Yes I did. But I don’t have a camera in my eyes to snap her and show you now can I??” She stated. This lady should just give her… her money so she can leave. So ungrateful she was.
James hands her back her phone. Rebecca takes it back, zooming it back in to its original size to drop it in her bag.
“Well, thank you for nothing.” she stated.
Jess grabs the phone realising something as the picture revealed a woman beside the man.
“That’s her!!” she points to the woman beside him
“That’s her!!!!”
Rebecca’s head snaps up and James raises an eyebrow.
“What! That’s who??”… Rebecca askes while jess points to the lady standing beside him.
“That’s the lady he was with just now. Both of them just left here. That’s her… but, why does she look different here and…. simple??”
Jess states, looking confused, turning her head side to side and looking at the picture, perplexed.
Rebecca grabs her phone back from Jessica and stares at the picture and then back at jess. Who nodded… And back at the picture again of Adams and Sophia. …
She stares at jess and James. .
“What the fxxk is wrong with the both of you? Playing games thinking to rip me off. That’s her? Her?”
Rebecca points at her phone, disbelievingly.
“This woman is his wife and how can she be the one you saw you fxxking dimwit. Do you have eye problem? Do you think am stupid and you could feed me stories and I would just swallow because you see cash in my bag and would lie about just about anything?
Oh wait, how am I sure…it was even him you saw but you are just lying about it too. ”
She asks jess, who became speechless wondering what she just said that was sooo wrong.
“Her? Her? His wife…she is his wife godamnnit and she is at home and you say she is the one you saw just a few minutes ago, same person I just left with, are you kidding me?”
Rebecca kept talking
“But…but… that’s her??”… Jess responded.
“Let me see” James askes as he reaches out for her phone. But Rebecca wasn’t hearing anything. She was angry. ..
“Don’t touch my phone. You both just enjoy telling lies… What nonsense!! You might have seen the man. Because I know the Asshole was here because I saw him and I wanted confirmation. You should just have stated that much and left the lies out because that’s the only truth here. You didn’t have to lie about the woman, you think I am stupid. You both are dimwits!!”… She storms away leaving them to stare after her…
“Hey my money!!” Jess shouts
“Go ask your grandmother for it you cunt”… Rebecca screams back. Angry, she boiled as she enters into her car and spends away
“Bitch!!” She didn’t pay me my money”…
“Well that’s what you get from being a loud mouth. But who did you see??”..
“I said I saw the lady and the man who was just here a few minutes ago. The same people in the picture but she looked strangely different. Classier. More fierce when she stood here”
“Liar. It was just the man you might have recognised. Because if what you are saying is true, then… this lady and his wife were here earlier… and you are saying you saw the wife?? How is that possible? You just wanted to play a fast one on her. Well too bad jess… no tip for you. Now go back to work. Serves you right”.. He shakes his head walking away..
“I swear it, its her.” jess follows behind him.
“Well she didn’t let me see the picture but…you can stop lying now. She is gone. You didn’t get your money and It’s late, I am equally tired…am done gossiping about hotel clients and their businesses. Get back to work jess” James leaves her standing by herself confused…
“I swear it. It’s her. Same blawdy woman ” she mutters to herself, to convince herself she saw right.
“It’s her?Sophia? ”
Rebecca scoffs..
“That girl thought she could play a fast one on me. Because she wanted money, she was willing to point at anybody and Maybe If I should have showed her a picture of my uncle and aunt am sure she would have screamed… “It’s them. It’s them!”
She needed to call in the Calvary and she knows only an expert can deal with this. She fishes for her phone, scrolls down till she found the number and dails. The person picks on the second ring.
“Hello?” The sleepy raspy voice answered
“Hello Peter, I am sorry to bother you but I have a job for you”
“Ohk… what about?” the voice sounded fully awake now.
“Find a cheating husband, I need proof with pictures. Especially of the mistress. ASAP” Rebecca replies…
“Last I checked, I did that for you a while ago. When did you get married again.” he wondered.
“I didn’t and it’s for a friend. I would send you his picture now and full name, address etc. and other details”
“Fine. You know my payment.”
“Yes. I would wire you the money” She replies
“Good. Where was their last location, a name or anything useful” he asked.
“Castlewaters, downtown hotel. And you might want to look into an alias he used to check in, Bella!”
“Ok. Hotels are their things. Just Bella? Nothing else? There are a hundred Bella’s in this city. It might be an alias or her name and you can never tell, but not to worry, I would start with the hotel and narrow it down. Tomorrow you hear from me… ”
“Good. Till tomorrow then.” Rebecca replies. . Cutting the line as she sent the information and picture, after cropping out Sophia’s face to him via mail.
She gets home and dips herself in a warm bath. An enlarged picture of Adam’s smiling face was hanging on her bathroom wall, she smiles up at him as she scrubbed herself…
“Soon baby. Your smiling face would be much more than a frame in the wall. And I won’t have to be here all alone, scrubbing my body and pleasuring myself. Soon baby, you would be mine.
But for now, we wait!!”
She dries herself and opens her closet… her eyes falling on a dress.
“This would look good on me tomorrow”
She smiles
To be continued…