The Other Woman Episode 8


Adam gets up from the chair as his wife walks in..
“Why are you getting home by this time Sophia, I don’t like it… It’s wrong. I was here waiting on you and you don’t come home. It’s uncalled for. You are my wife and wives should come home every night. I won’t tolerate it… what’s wrong with —
“Where the Fxxk were you last night Mr Adam Wellington ??”
“What sort of question is that baby, I was home. Here. Right here , Where else should I be. You are the one who should be answering that question.” He was confused. He noticed someone behind her…
“Hello Rebecca, how are you?”
She turns her nose up at him and folds her hands tapping her leg. He looks from one woman to the door, a puzzled expression on his face…
“What’s going on Sophia, what’s this??”
“I asked you a bloody question Adam. Where were you last night?”
“Is that an actual question? I was here at home. What’s wrong with you? You are the one who didn’t come home and is walking into your matrimonial home by this time and asking me stupid questions. Or am I missing something here?”
Sophia drops her bag to the ground and moves closer to her husband .
“Last night, where were you Adams. I won’t ask again.”
He stares at her. Wondering why she was asking him questions. He stares at Rebecca but her countenance told him he needed to be sure before answering.
“Can you please give me and my wife a minute Rebecca?”
“No hell no Adams, am staying right here. Answer the question. ..”
He laughs… Stepping towards her, his wife, trying to figure out what’s wrong by touching her arms, bringing his voice down
“What is wrong baby, whatever that is wrong we can sort it out, Both of us, man and wife, without Rebecca breathing down my neck ready to pounce and am yet to understand why..
“Hmmmm, baby, tell me what’s–
He steps back in shock. Her eyes were blazing.
“I wouldn’t ask you again Adam, where the Fxxk where you??… She screams
“Or you rather Rebecca tell you to refresh your memory you cheat?” She spat.
Rebecca “ohs”
Damn girl. I didn’t see that coming. She smiles inwardly while trying to keep a straight face. Oh poor Adam, don’t worry I would nurse your face for you. But right now I have to play the part of an angry best friend to a cheating husband.
“Sophia have you gone Mad” he whispers through gritted teeth, he tries to remain calm but his face burned.
Breath Adam, Breath!!! He says to himself.
“Where were you Adam? while I was away at work you left your home.. Our bed and checked yourself into a hotel out of town to be with another woman. Why?? Because we haven’t been intimate for a while. Because I have been sick. Is it because you are tired of me… what ….what?? How dare you?? ” She cries holding onto his shirt..
“I knew you were lying to me. That means months ago you lied too… You liar!!!!” She hits him
“Sophia, what nonsense are you saying.. ?” He holds onto her hands trying to restrain her from choking him with his shirt.
“Was it you that put this into her head Rebecca eh?? Was it you??” He points to her who shakes her head as he tries to wade off Sophia’s hits to his chest. He manages to make her let go of him and steps away, placing both hands in ront of him to make her stay… There away from him. He needed to diffuse the situation.
Think Adam, Think!!!
If Rebecca did see him he is already fxxked.
If Sophia believes her.. He was double fxxked.
And if he doesn’t think of something fast. His marriage goes to shits.
Think man think!!!
“I saw you Adam. And I followed you. You were there and both of you giggling like love-struck puppies sneaking around like school children. I lost all manner of respect for you.. You disgust me!!”
Adams gesticulates disbelievingly,
“I can’t believe this shit. You saw me?? Where. . When.. with who. ? And if you did why didn’t you walk up to me and tell me. Did you see her face? Can you describe this…this so called woman I was with eh Rebecca the spy? ”
He turns to Sophia who stares at him…
“Baby, I was home. I came straight home from work and I was never with another woman. I have never cheated on you and I will never will. I swear it. Baby. ..I swear it”… He grabs her hands
“Don’t touch me with the filth of another’s woman’s juice. God knows where your hands have been. Don’t fxxking touch me Adam I swear I would hit you with something worse. Get out!!”
“I won’t go anywhere until we resolve this shit like grown adults. You are my wife and we would deal with this, ask her babe. If she really did see me why didn’t she call me? Why didn’t see approach us. Why did she wait till now? What’s the proof? Where is the proof? Ask her godamnit!” his heart was beating fast within his chest and all the while he kept sending silent prayers to the heavens.
*Lord, let her believe me. Let her listen to me. Make her please. And shut Rebecca the Fxxk up!!! Let her choke on something. Amen.*
Sophia thinks for a second and slowly turns to Rebecca, she sniffs back tears
“Tell me Rebecca you brought proof. Tell me you at least got a look at the woman’s face who has been screwing my husband?”
“Erm.. er… well ” she stutters
“I told you I didn’t get a look at her face. I – I was afar off but I saw him. Standing there. And she pulled him in. There in Castkewaters hotel out of town. I was on a date and bomb!!! Adam comes in and I follow him. .and i-
“Look Sophia, she doesn’t even make sense. What if it wasn’t me and all she saw was someone she thought looks like me. I mean, I can’t be that stupid. .C’mon!!!” Adam cuts her off
Sophia runs her hands over her face and sits down.
Did she just over reacted just now. Did she just make the mistake of her life…
What if…Rebecca was wrong..
What if she just accused Adam again for nothing…she even hit him.
“Oh God!!” She mutters.
Adam saw that she looked confused, even guilty. This was his chance. . “Kick out the messenger!!”
“Rebecca I think you have over stayed your welcome. Leave my house right now!!” He takes her by her arm and drags her to the door. He needed to get her away from his wife. She was like fuel to the already flaming fire. He needed to talk to Sophia alone and convince her otherwise.
“No Sophia am telling the truth. Believe me. It was Adam. I know the room number.. Adam is a cheat. He is a liar… He has been lying to your face. I can’t let you… Sophia listen to me. Let me go Adam. Let me Go-” She screams over her shoulder.
He pushes her out and slams the door to her face locking her out. And walks to Sophia kneeling down before her..
“Sophia please you have to believe me. I will never cheat on you. For better for worse. I was home I swear it. She must have mistaken me for another person. I love you Sophia and I wouldn’t care even if your hair pulls out and you have no more teeths. No woman will ever take your place. I didn’t cheat. I wasn’t there. Sophia…. please”..
She didn’t pull away when he touches her arm.
“It doesn’t make sense to me Adam. This…. just tell me… and I promise we would work it out. I know it’s my fault… I neglected you. I am willing to forgive you.. Don’t lie to me. Please” she cried.
‘Ssshhhhhhh!!!! Nothing would make me ever leave you. And I don’t care… I love you and only you matter. Don’t let your friend tell you things that aren’t true. It might be a mistake from her part. I forgive her. But you need to trust me okay? ?”
She nods..hugging him.
“Am sorry I hit you. Am sooooo sorry W” she sobs in his neck
“Oh that. Nah don’t worry about it. Besides you hit like a girl. Didn’t feel a thing ” he teased. He thanked his stars and the gods for another safe.
“Oh fxxkoff!! I am a girl. !!” She laughs in her tears.
“Wow!! I didn’t notice. Now enough of that. Come let’s get you in the tub and clean you up. And I’ll make you your breakfast. You know I never miss a day” he lifts her up from the chair and carries her to the bathroom.
Fills the tub with scented water and tells her to get in, she soaks herself and waits as he turns to take off his shirt to join her…
Then she saw it…
The nail marks on his back..
Realisation dawns on her.
She had never scratched his back with her nails during $3x. She was a gently lover…
This marks was from intense passion between lovers…lovers that didn’t include her.
She knew there was no point asking him again.
He would just lie, again.
She knew what she had to do.
When he turns and comes to join her, the smile didn’t leave her face. They say “you should be wary of a woman who smiles in her pain”… And when he kisses her. She even lets him.
Adam didn’t realise a thing. He didn’t realise that Sophia had just made plans of her own. What better way to find the truth if not to find it out yourself.
Sophia also had no idea she was about to open Pandora’s Box. Tomorrow, her mission begins…
To be continued…