The Other Woman Episode 7


The constant buzzing of her phone work her up, she knew if she didn’t stop the noise she would have a splitting headache that would last for days..
She moans and stretches her hand, her eyes still closed she brought the phone to her ears.
She managed a “Hello”
“Baby, where are you? I have been calling you for hours and left tons of messages and you haven’t returned any of my calls nor replied me. Are you okay?” She sensed worry in his voice.
“Baby!! What do you mean where am I? I am home. Its past 6 and I should be prepping for work. Where are you?” She brings her hands over her eyes and squeezes them tight. Her head hurts as though she was having a hang over, and her eyes burned.
“Sophia, honey!! You aren’t home. You didn’t come home last night. Where are you? Did you fall asleep in the office?? You told me you were working late but you didn’t come home. Are you okay? Please come home, baby, been waiting for you and am really worried.”
“WHAT!!!”? Sophia ‘ s eyes shoots open as she sits up abruptly. She blinks a few times as she looks around her.
“What is it babes. .??”
“Oh shit. Don’t tell me— ” She trails off as she recollects the incidence of yesterday. She was working on her desk and knew she had to finish up some work. Her PA had retired for the night leaving her alone in the office and , and…
She looks around and realised she had somehow gotten to the ground and slept off.
But she was on the desk, buried over her computer and her head had begun to hurt and her eyes twitch. She had wanted to rest for a bit and , maybe fallen asleep and rolled to the ground, forgetting about the time.
She bites her lower lips as she ran her hands over her face and into her hair.
“Oh God!!” She mutters.
“Sophia..Sophia are you listening to me. Just come home baby. .please ” he begged
“Oh okay am coming…I just don’t know how… oh Fxxk am coming W.” She cuts the call as she gets up from the floor, picking up her bag and shoes and exiting her office locking the door after dropping a note for her PA that she may come in later in the day. She drives home lost in thought.
“I should book an appointment with the doctor. WTF is wrong with me?”
She sobs
Rebecca turns over on her side and sits up. Looking over the stud she had dinner with last night.
For all that it was worth, he was a good shag. And he had an average fat account so she would keep this one.
But if she could hit Adam. Then that would be a goldmine.
He was $3xy as hell, he was more than an average rich kid. And he had the cutest butt. Damn!!!
She remembered back then in college. She literally day dreamed about him and followed him around , well technically she was stalking him and hoping that one day he was going to look right at her and not through her.
But No!!!
No matter how many times she bumped into him on the hall way, cafeteria and in class, he only acknowledges her as a human but not as a girl who was pinning for him. She had been there on that very day he bumped into Sophia. And she knew when she saw him staring at her as she disappeared into the crowd that she had lost him.
She hated Sophia for stealing her man even if she and he weren’t dating. It was enough that she was dating him even if he didn’t know. She spoke to him in the morning and at night. A picture of him she always had with her and every morning she kissed him and every night she puts him between her legs and masturbated. Yes she loved him. And she was willing to wait till he grew tired of Sophia and then she would profess her love to him.
But he never did. So she decided to become friends with Sophia so she could be close to him.
Years later Sophia and Adam get married. And years later she never stopped hoping they would break up. Even if it meant playing a little part in it to accelerate the movement. She scoffs as she strolls naked into the shower. She had a mission to accomplish…
She was going to be the bearer of bad news. But she was a messenger who would be rejoicing at the aftermath.
She dries herself and walks to the sleeping form.
“Call me later honey, I have to go see a friend. She’s got marital issues”
The figure murmurs something inaudible and goes back to sleep.
Rebecca drives to the Wellingtons with a smile on her face.
Adam got home a little over 10 pm and went straight to bed knowing his wife would come home soon from work.
This morning he had woken up realising she didn’t come home and he had gotten worried. He was on the verge of placing a call to the security at the office to go check for her before she picked up.
He paced the length of his room while he waited for her to come home. He didn’t like the fact that she spent the night out and he was going to tell her.
She should have left the work till today and come home before midnight. She was a married woman and it was uncalled for.
He walked to the window when he heard a car pull up, seeing her red BMW he goes to sit down and waited for her to come in. He was upset.
Sophia turns her ignition off and comes out of her car just the same time Rebecca pulls up beside her and jumps out.
“Hey Rebs ” .. Sophia says surprisingly as she sees her, she walks towards her
“What are you doing here this early, are you okay?
Rebecca’ s countenance was gloomy.
‘Sophia, it depends. But it’s not about me. It’s about if you would be okay. Where is your Asshole of your husband?? By the way I called you like a million times yesterday you didn’t pick. Plus I left you a voice message and you didn’t call me back after listening to it?” She walks towards her as she crosses her hands over her bosom
A puzzled expression crosses Sophia’s face, she scratches her jaw with her car keys, at the same time touching her head as her migraine started again
“Erm.. Am sorry Rebecca I must have missed it somehow. I saw missed calls and I haven’t had the time to go through it. Am tired. My head aches and I just want to go inside to my husband”
Rebecca looks her over…
“Why do you look like you woke up from a dumpster? Are you just getting home since yesterday?” An eyebrow raised in questioning.
Sophia nods, walking towards her house, beckoning her to follow.
“I had a long day yesterday, half of which I don’t remember, but am sure that’s not the reason you drove all the way by this time of the morning when babies are still suckling on their mother’s nipples and chickens are clearing their throats to cuckurooo!!!” She smirked, Rebecca didn’t find the humour in it.
“And why the hell did you call my husband an A-hole?” she paused at the door turning, as it registered
“Because he is.. I was at the new hotel out of town. The “Castle Waters ” at brooks. And guess who I saw coming in, sneaking in like a cat and when I followed him he disappears into the room with a woman. I couldn’t see her face. ”
Sophia stares at her… blinking
When she doesn’t say anything Rebecca looks at her…
“Sophia , I just said something. Why you standing and staring at me”?
“Wait… Who are we talking about? And why were you at a hotel way out of town and with who?”
“Sophia that’s not important. I said I saw your ‘HUSBAND, ADAM!!” In that same hotel with a woman. You are right. No wait, I am right. Your husband is cheating on you with ANOTHER WOMAN! Under your very nose. And he wasn’t even trying to be discreet. I was sitting there and he walks in and walks straight like he had being there a million times, the Asshole. Both of them were just touchy -feelly each other and stuffs. Oh God!! I wanted to run and pull her hair and hurl insults at him and— ”
She trails off when she realises Sophia had stopped listening and had turned away opening her door and walking into her house like one dazed.
“Oh shit, it’s about to get down” she ran in with her
Adam gets up from the chair as his wife walks in..