The Other Woman Episode 6


Rebecca sat across from her tenth date in the past two weeks. It’s been over a year her cheat of a husband divorced her and ran away with her secretary taking half of what she owned. And she was in the market of purchasing a new set of husband but with a fat allowance in his bank account and if he came along with a well packaged junk between his legs, she wouldn’t mind that. She wouldn’t mind that at all.
The man who sat across from her was witty and charming, showing off his gold Rolex and his car key with an “M” boldly initialled. She hoped “M” stood for “Money machine” because she needed a whole lot of that shebang.
She smiled at his jokes, concurred to all he said, whilst showing off her perfect twin bosom over a low cut dress. If all goes well, she might get lucky tonight and by tomorrow they might just start the journey to the alter… she smirked.
She scanned the hotel, when she got here. She had never been here before and she wondered why he picked the place. It was quiet and cozy and only a hand few of people, people she hadn’t seen before trooped in and out. She figured he wanted peace and quiet and didn’t want prying eyes. She hoped he wasn’t married and trying to be subtle. If he is rich, she wouldn’t mind being his mistress.
“Money talks, bull-shit works” she mutters
“Am sorry what?” The bearded man opposite her askes as he was cut from what he was saying
“Oh no darling, carry on I was just admiring your Rolex, such a beauty. Where did you get it from?” She rubs his wrist, smiling up at him. He begins to talk about how much it cost and where he got it from, she rolled her eyes mentally.
“Such a bore” she yawned.
“What is it darling, you keep saying inaudible things, is something the matter?” He touches her jaw, taking her hand in his and brushing a kiss over her knuckles. .
“Nothing, could you please order me another bottle of wine. Am really in the mood for something more intoxicating tonight.” she flutters her lashes
He smiles, beckoning to the waitress, she opens her purse to make sure just in case things goes as expected, and she was prepared. She fingered her last pack of condoms (she never liked to be in the mood and realises they didn’t have one, and he killing the moment going out to get in the middle of a heated moment. No!!
It was a mojo killer and she hated mojo killers. She makes a mental note to get more, raising up her head she notices someone walk in and heads towards the elevator. She blinked…
“Isn’t that—- ” She trails off shaking her head. No!!! That can’t possibly be Adam is it? On second thought upon remembering the discussion she had with Sophia, she didn’t want to take any chances…
“Erm, sweety. Can you gimme a minute. I need to run to the little girls and powder my nose” she flicks his jaw and pulls it, blowing him a pouted kiss…
“Oh sure why not. Go on… I would be right here. Just right here” he tapped the table and she scoters off towards the same direction of the stranger… Careful not to let him see her
Adam enters, like one conversant with the surroundings. He nods at the receptionist as he passes her and heads to the elevator, upon entering he fingers the digits and places it on the fifth floor.
He walks slowly to her door, as he takes each step towards her room the worries of the day dissipates. Thoughts of his wife finding out his secret flying out the window. Anytime he was with Bella, he loved to enjoy the moment and enjoying it meant keeping work, keeping his wife and hustles of life at the door before be ventures into the room.
He reaches her door, and knocks once, twice and then waited while he dips his hands into his coat pocket and brings out a stem of red rose and places it in front of him.
The door opens slightly and out comes a slender hand, first taking the rose and then disappearing into the room. Adam had the sweetest smile on his face as her every mood intoxicated him.
Out comes the slender hand with well-manicured nails as it touches his shirt, tentatively trailing a line from his lips, to his neck and down to his belly button as his eyes followed the hands with every movement. When it got below his belt line it pauses
“Aren’t you the naughty naught one…” She purrs from inside the door
“What’s my punishment then?” He teases her from the doorway, letting her follow his eyes down to his trouser. His reaction clearly visible.
“Then I must punish you severely Mr W. And I won’t be nice” she replies in an equally seductive voice as her fingers walked its way back to his chest, flicks his nipple as there was a sharp intake of his breath. .. She gets to his collar and pulls him inside the room shutting the door immediately.
Rebecca gasps covering her mouth as she turned away from where she was hiding down the door resting her back to the wall, she watched Adam and the woman, whom she couldn’t see clearly.
“Holy mackaholy!!! Whaaaaaaatttttttt!!!” She blinks a couple of times in shock placing her hands to her chest.
“Oh no WTF!!! The bastard is really cheating… Adam the perfect husband got a hoe in the hotel. He is a badass mo’fo!!!!” She squeals clapping in excitement as she did a little dance on her toes
“Oh this is better… way… way juicier than gossip news of the Kardashian shitty real life episodes and Sophia is going to flip!!!” She bites her lower lips then frowns. .
“Crap!! I didn’t even see her face. ”
When an idea crosses her mind she jumps and runs to the door, carefully tiptoeing and tries to peep through the tiny hole on the door as her head hits the sign she winced a little but wasn’t bothered. She squeezes her eyes to see if she could see through the hole into the room but all she saw was dead darkness. She swore.
“Room 106” she steps back and looks, repeating the number of the door a couple of times, but before she walked away she placed her ears to the door. The sounds coming from the room made her blush and then she became angry.
“You bastard Adam, how dare you cheat on your wife who have done nothing but love you. How dare you cheat on her with another woman instead of with me.. Didn’t you get all the signs that I pinned for you all those days in college… am sure she isn’t half as beautiful as I am you maggot.” she spat and re-collects herself as the smile returns to her face
“Oh I can’t wait till I see Sophia’s face when I break this first hand news to her… oh goody. It’s going to be an epic showdown and I would be waving the baton of victory. Yes!!!” She rubs her palms together and scurries off hearing footsteps coming from the other way.
“Did you hear something?” Adam askes in-between pausing and kissing the nape of her neck while his hands cupped her from behind.
“No darling… kiss me. Kiss Me all over and stop talking. Take me to hell you beast!!!” she whispers throwing her head backwards and scratching his back with her nails.
The lady in hotel uniform pushes the cart of food and stops in front of their door and knocks
“Room service!!” She bellows and waited. In less than a minute Bella opens the door and stares at the woman…
“I didn’t order room service. Did you babe??” She asks over her shoulders. She was barely clothed and the lady had to look away in order not to look too forward staring at a half-naked woman with lesser cloths than a mannequin.
Adam murmurs a no and beckons Bella to close the door and come back, he was like an animal in heat. Nothing else mattered to him at the moment except Bella… The Goddess of love and all shades passion. Intense passion that would leave the angels blushing in the high heavens and the master of playboy “Grey” in fifty shades “in happy tears.
Yes! Bella was like the devil but he was her willing slave. And he didn’t care. Not at the moment anyways.
She shakes her head and closes the door while the lady mutters an apology. As Bella slams the door to her face she realises her mistake when she sees the room number, she turns to the opposite room and sees the error. The last number was identical. She had come to the wrong room.
She moves her cart away from the door not without turning the last number back to the original state. Apparently room “106” was room “109”. The “9” had turned upside down making it look like a “6” thus confusing her. She wondered who had tempered with it. Shaking her head, she pulls her carts away and goes to the opposite room and knocks on the actual room 106 door.
“Food service” she bellows and waited, a lady opens the door while her lover bellowed obscenities in the background. She grabs the food cart, drops a few bills in her hands and shuts the door. She smiles at her tiny fortune. Just enough to get that bracelet she saw the other day at the boutique. She whistles away, turning to the bend down the hall, not seeing the lady happily running down the staircase as though she had just won a lottery.
“Oh pickup….pickup Sophia”!! Rebecca dials Sophia’s number as she jogged away down the staircase to the next floor, but all she gets is her voicemail as she made her way into open doors and down in the elevator back to her date. She drops a message.
“Sophia, am coming to your house tomorrow or your office, wherever you may be. You won’t believe who I just saw in a hotel doing what with who… I hope you are prepared for this.?” She sends the message and rushes back to her date
She couldn’t possible wait for tomorrow to break the good news to Sophia.
She had a smile on her face all through the night. She didn’t even hear a word he was saying.
All she had was a plastered smile on her face and all she saw wasn’t the man in front of her but blood. ..
Ok, maybe she was being too dramatic.
Maybe just a black eye from Sophia’s shoes after she hurls it at Adam for being a lousy sneaky cheat, and slams a divorce paper and flings him and her out of the house, and she? She would be nursing his eyes with a bag of ice and telling Adam what a bitch his wife is for treating him this way…
Oh she couldn’t wait. What good fortune today turned out to be…
But tomorrow, there was going to be blood. She pinches herself.
To be continued