The Other Woman Episode 5


Ever since she was a little girl, she had always gotten her way with everything. As an only child, she had been dotted upon and treated like a princess. Her father owned a huge mansion and she had her own room. Her mother owned a boutique and she, Bella had grown loving the huge store of accessories and collections of beautiful cloths. Especially the lingerie’s. She had spent most of her time watching the run way models and always wanted to grow up to be one. And on her 16th birthday, she got her first sexy pink lingerie from her mother. .
“Now you can look pretty and sexy all you want. The way to a man’s heart is through his eyes and if you can hold that gaze of his… you can rule his world and tame him anyhow you want him” her mother had whispered into her ears.
Yes, her mother knew how to tame men. Her father practically ate out of her palms, until that fateful day, a couple of weeks later, the accident that rendered her an orphan and waking up in the hospital outside of town and no memories for months. She had been placed in a foster home and she hated it. Her wealth, her castle and life of luxury gone. And all she had was herself and she knew she had to survive. But away from the clutches of the social system.
By the time she was eighteen she ran away, found a motel and began to work as a waitress. Until she met Vixen. Vixen was the queen of the night. Big, beautiful and robust. She had men waging their tongues at her like dogs, and emptying their pockets faster than a volcanic eruptions. Yes, vixen knew how to get them on their knees and keep them. Bella, loved the power she wielded and thus, she approached her one night..
“Teach me?”… Bella stood, taller than most girls her age, skinny, big beautiful eyes and legs that ran up for miles.
Vixen eyed her, taking a drag of her cigarette while she took fresh air outside the strip club behind the beer Pub where Bella was a waitress.
“Move along girl” Vixen ordered. Her makeup heavy and her accent a mixture of a foreigner and a local
“Teach me!!” Bella says again, more confident than before. She knew what she wanted. She wanted to be able to live the life she always dreamed of and since she lost the luxury she grew up in, she needed every survival skill possible to be able to live out a normal life and being a seductress was one of them. Just like in the movies.
“You don’t know what you ask girl. This isn’t for little kids. You need to have the heart and the body and be able to have men drool over you… but all I see is skins and bones and eyes too big for your head. Get lost” vixen nudges her away from her. Bella held onto her hands and squeezes, Vixen’s eyes grew wider, Bella let’s go
“Am sorry. But am not leaving. Teach me. Please”! Her head raised up high, she stood on her very height, towelling over vixen with her chest out.
Vixen smiled, putting out her cigarette and blew a huge circle over Bella’s face.. She didn’t blink. Not even a flinch. She smiled again…
“You are tough. I give it to you girl. I like you. Turn around let me take a good look at what you’ve got”. Bella turns around and faces her.
“Now take off your cloths and turn around, slowly” vixen crosses her hands over her big bosom as she rests on the darkened wall.
And without blinking, Bella takes off her waiter’s apron and then unbuttons her top, removing it revealing small bosom packed in a smaller bra. She undoes the hook of her skirt letting it drop to the ground as she steps away from it. Her buttocks were equally small, more bones showed than flesh. But she looked vixen in the eyes without blinking and then turned, ever so slowly and faces her.
Vixen ran her hands over her body and rests on her sensitive parts, Bella just blinked and that was it. She nodded, stepping away from her as she dropped her hands from Bella’s body
“I can’t take you in looking like this. Come to me tomorrow, you don’t need those rags. I would feed you till you have some good meat on you and when you are good and ready, I would show you to the boys”. She walked away leaving her standing by herself. Bella had a content smile on her face.
A couple of months later, Bella had walked up to that stage, grabbing hold of the pole and no one person could take their eyes off the beauty before them, her skin sparkled and her curves were to die for. She did not only make a name for herself and in less than a year, she had vixen dethroned and two years later she took the first bus out of that dump and arrived in this city with much more she could ask for. A month later she ran into Adam in the elevator and sparks flew…
The first man she began to like, and no little missy, she didn’t care whether it was his wife, would dare take him away from her.
Adam was a hunk of a beautiful man, perfect build and hands that could do wonders. Plus he was rich and would make a comfortable life for her. It was a good time to retire from the road and tame her beast. Even if it means removing his so called wife from the way. Adam would be hers and hers alone.
She bided her time till he walks through her door and to her bed. They had much body language to discuss…
Adam strolls into his apartment, drops his briefcase by the side of his bed.
It was 9:15pm. If he didn’t leave to Bella’s in another few minutes, the worst could happen. He didn’t know whether to believe she was going to do what she threatened but it was better to be careful than sorry.
He walked round the house, half expecting to see his wife in the bathroom or out in the balcony enjoying the night’s breeze but she wasn’t home… He walked to his desk and saw the red light blinking on his desk phone, he pressed it and the voice says
“Hey baby, I tried calling you but your line wasn’t reachable so I called the voicemail hoping that when you get home you get this…
I have some work to do at the office and I may come in late. Don’t wait up. Your food is in the microwave. I love you. Kisses.” Dead silence afterwards.
Without another thought, Adam grabs his keys and heads out of the house and drives straight down town to the woman plaguing his dreams.