The Other Woman Episode 4


****The Next Day*****
Rebecca entered into the cafeteria and heads towards Sophia as she sat staring out of the window into the streets.
“Hey darling, I rushed here as soon as I received your message. What’s the matter??” Rebecca has been Sophia’s only friend since college
Sophia rewarded her with a hug and a kiss to her cheeks. She pushed her glasses away from her face revealing beautiful eyes.
“I haven’t seen you in a while. Can’t I have lunch with my best friend again? Like must I have a reason??” Sophia asked her, taking a sip of her chocolate smoothie. Rebecca smiled sitting down opposite her, she picked on the plate of chicken and chips in front of Sophia and with her mouth full she says,
“Of course not sweety. But knowing you… there is always a tiny itty-bitty-thingie associated with it. And because I love you I would indulge you. So spill”
Sophia knowing that Rebecca’s weakness was food, she wondered how she managed to keep that good figure all this years. She knew she would have become obese by now.
Sophia had always liked Rebecca, because despite her strong temperaments, Rebecca has always been able to understand her. They had grown closer and eventually became best friends in college. The only other person after her boyfriend then and husband now.
“So we made love yesterday. “She blushed. Rebecca smiled…
“Finally, I mean you can’t be starving a grown ass man of sex. And he is your husband and he has been quite supportive of your tantrums and moods wings of late. You have to give it to the guy, he got mad love for you to withstand your moods. But you can’t leave a man to himself for that long. He needs a good loving. Am happy you getting back your A-game in the sack with that hunk of a man. “Rebecca whistles and pauses when she notices Sophia frowning.
“Isn’t that a good thing Sophia? Or is there something else??”
Sophia shrugs, deciding whether to tell her friend or not.
“Last night he came home past midnight and I found a stain of lipstick on his collar. He claimed it was from the elevator and probably a stranger who bumped into him whilst it was crowded.” Sophia finishes, biting her lip. Rebecca stops chewing, she rests back on her chair, digesting the information.
“Hmmmmm” Was all Rebecca could muster
“What does Hmmm mean Rebs? Is that all you have to say?” Sophia wasn’t happy, she expected more.
“Well…” Rebecca scratched her head.
“I know he is your husband and you should know him better. I mean it is not every day a man comes home with lipstick stain on his collar and the supposed stranger must have been close…like…”
She gets up leaning towards Sophia using her hands as support on the table, she leaned into her face as though she intends on kissing her neck and continues talking as Sophia stares at her, blinking multiple times
….”like this really close enough to have her lips to his neck.”
She sat back down, playing with a drumstick.
“Have you noticed any strange behaviour from your husband lately? Anything shady, suspicious and a cause for worry??”
“No. I haven’t “Sophia winces as she tries to remember, her migraine returning. Eyes twitching
“Okay there is nothing to worry about, if not then I would have—
“Wait! A couple of months ago, I saw love messages, and he said it must have been mistaken identity. We had a fight but… it was nothing, I mean he can’t be a cheat and be so amazingly good at the same time. It doesn’t work that way.”
“Oh don’t be so naive Sophia. The serial killers are the most timid and the loved individuals. You can never ever think they can hurt a fly. They have families and good love stories. But they are pure evil. They are the demons. You can’t think like that babes. Na-hah!!!!” Rebecca rolls her index finger side to side, joining her head to the motion.
“So what are you saying, that my husband could be çheating on me?” Her eyes grew bigger
“No am not saying anything dear. Am just stating that… from what you say, you need to dig a bit deeper. Just to make sure for certain that he is not. I mean, you guys haven’t really being intimate for a while. Who knows if he was getting some while you were a stone cold turkey . ” ..
Sophia flinched when Rebecca hits a chord.
“He wouldn’t dare cheat on me. He loves me too much to hurt me” Sophia pinches the inside of her palm. A habit she learnt as a child when she didn’t know what to do and was indecisive.
Rebecca scoffed….
“Yeah, am sure that’s what dear ‘ol Jesus thought when he had supper with judas. I mean that dude was sleek AF. Even gave him a kiss on the cheeks before allowing them drag poor Jesus to be crucified!!!. ”
Rebecca shakes her head. But inwardly she was smiling. Sophia had always prided herself of having the most honest man of a husband and rubbed it in her face for having a husband who cheated on her and ran away with his secretary. So it would be fun to get her all riled up. She might even take it upon herself to find out if he was really cheating and if he wasn’t, there was no harm in still stirring a little fire. For there was no fire without evident smoke.
She chuckled…
Sophia would file for divorce and Adam would be a free man. And maybe, just maybe she might just pay him a visit. She had always wondered what it would be like to have a strong beautiful man like that by her side. She had always been envious of Sophia, beautiful strong Sophia who always had everything going for her. She was happy that she was having a doubt in her marriage. Today was a good day after all.
She finished up Sophia’s food, while Sophia absentmindedly stared out the window as she continued to pinch the inside of her palm.
“I have to go back to work… let’s talk later okay Rebs?” Sophia gets up placing a kiss to her chicks. Her obvious discomfort of the situation all too visible. Rebecca could careless, but she hid it nonetheless.
“That’s okay sweetheart and hey, remember what I said… It’s better to be sure than sorry. Am here for you okay?” They hugged and Sophia leaves. Rebecca orders a large size doughnut whiles she sat there enjoying her meal, she wondered who the woman Adam was seeing, if, he is seeing someone.
Hours later, a little hotel down town
Bella soaks herself in a scented bath of red rose petals, her beautiful bosom was seen slightly above the water as she played with the bubbles of the latter.
She hummed a song her mother always sang to her as a baby…
“Hush little baby don’t you cry,
Or Mama is gonna carry you down the mountain slide
Sleep like the angels, perfect in peace
And let mama rock you like a princess with ease..
Humm humm humm humm hummmm”
She stands up from scented water, walking into the room naked with water dripping down her body. She stands in front of the mirror admiring herself..
She runs her hands over her wet body, over her bosom and then she touched the nape of her neck, then her face and her pouted lips.. Smacking it
She picks up her phone and dials the first number on her call list, a man answers. .
“Hey Mr W… I miss you and am dripping wet at the moment, what do you suppose can help with that? “She chuckled as she heard his sharp intake of breath.
“I have to go home… I can’t see you today” he said, she could hear him pulling at his tie
“Nonsense!!! If you don’t come here…I would come to you. I don’t care about your little wife. You know I make you want to forget her. Come here, Don’t dare me Mr W!!” She cuts the call without waiting for him to answer. She laughs,
“Silly man… how dare he put his wife before me. Me?? Bella!!! When I look like this??” She turns around in front of the mirror, admiring her beauty, she smiles at her reflection in the mirror.
“No!!! Bella doesn’t share her man. Soon Mr W… you would be mine, all mine. No little missy can stop that.” She continues to smile at the same time moving seductively, while her body begins to dry off from the cold rings of water bubbles on her skin.
Adam removes the phone away from his ears, his countenance downcast.
“What’s wrong sir??” His PA who sat across from his desk asks him as she observes his expression.
“Nothing. Nothing at all”. He tells her while indicating for her to continue with what she was saying. But his mind drifted as he wondered what excuse he was going to give his wife Sophia today. And he knew if he didn’t show up, Bella might just do something as crazy as showing up in front of his house.
“Shit!” He swore…
To be continued…