The Other Woman Episode 3


“W-what what is what Sophie?” He stammered. Trying to remember his encounter with Bella. He had always made sure not to leave her perfume on his cloths by taking them off before he touches her. But when did she kiss him there… was it when—-
“Answer me Mr Adams Wellington!!” She sat up, her eyes burning. Whenever she was mad at him, she called his full name and her voice goes up a pitch.
He tries to look at the stain, buying time as he recollects. He takes off his shirt standing up from the bed beside her. He needed to get away from her before she got angrier.
“Oh this??” He laughed nervously.
“It’s er… I don’t know. Oh wait… I think it was from the elevator. One of those —
“Adam, don’t lie to me.” she cuts in
“Are you cheating on me?? Is that your lover’s lipstick on your shirt. Is that where you are coming from?? Oh my God… Adam have you been shagging a random slut off the streets because I have been distant and haven’t being a woman to you in a while and I got dressed up for nothing. Had dinner planned out and here I am waiting for my husband and he had been with another woman… MY GOD ADAM!!!” …she shrieked.
He rushed to her, kneeling down and shaking his head
“No baby… stop that. I would never cheat on you, never! I promise. I was out with a client and had a few too many drinks. We were on the elevator and too many people, ladies bumping into us and all, I swear. Am sure it’s from one of them I didn’t notice. Did you think if I had a lover I wouldn’t be extra careful. I mean, come on babe?? It’s absurd to think of that. Please Sophia, don’t think like that… Please?” He tries touching her but she slaps his hands away.
“Who were you with then huh? Tell me… give me a name. Give me a number? Am not fxxking with you Adam. Tell me??”
“Really Sophie you don’t believe me??” He sounded hurt as his voice breaks. She didn’t flinch when he looked into her eyes, while his heart went on a marathon race. He dips his hands into his pocket as he brings out his phone.
“Here… call my PA and ask her to forward the client’s number to you. You can ask him whatever you need to. “he dumps his phone on the bed and walks away, heading to the bathroom. His heart on his sleeve, she didn’t see a worried and panicked look cross his face as he backed her. He crosses his fingers in front of him, sending a silent prayer up to the heavens.
Sophia watches him as he moves away from her, resigned. She stared at the phone on the bed, biting her lips.
“If he was guilty he wouldn’t give me his phone would he??” She picks up his shirt from the floor and sniffs the perfume. Nothing. A mixture of his male cologne and cigarettes. Adam doesn’t smoke. Maybe he was telling the truth that he was out with a client and they probably went to a bar. She flunk the shirt away still eyeing the phone.
“But today was our anniversary. Today!! Today she was going to try and be open to her husband like before. She missed and wanted him. Today she had decided to forget her worries and feel like the woman who has always been, happy. Why did he place his work above her? She hissed pacing the length of the room.
Her mind drifted to months ago when he started giving excuses, and she seeing random texts from a strange woman. They had had a fight, for days the silence was deafening. He had claimed innocence faulting it to a wrong number and she had to believe him… because the uncertainty was driving them apart, because he didn’t have the mantra of a cheat. Not while they dated in college and not when they had been married. He had always been the loving, open, honest, supporting and understanding husband and she had decided not to ever doubt him again. Maybe like now, she was just exaggerating.
She eyes the phone again picking it up.
Adams lets the cold shower pour over his body but he stood there unmoving. He was waiting for the worse, for Sophia to rush in hurling stuffs and insults at him for being a liar and a cheat. If she had called his PA she would realise that he had cancelled his meeting and stepped out a while back. But he hoped, hoped on the knowledge that he knew his wife, and when placed on a spot, she takes the less obvious option. And that would be either picking up the phone which seemed too easy or believing her husband… who seemed not to have anything to hide by handing her an evidence.
He lets the water wash over his body. He closes his eyes and waited. His heart beating faster than ever. He heard the toilet door creak open, he didn’t turn. He had earlier placed his hands on the wall. He heard her come in behind him, he still didn’t turn. Not until he felt her hands wrap around his torso
“Sophie, am really sorry I didn’t mean to–
“Shush its okay baby. Am sorry for exaggerating and thinking the worst of you. “She kisses his shoulders.
He turns wrapping her in his arms, while the shower descended down their bodies. For the first time in a long while, Adam made love to his wife.
Hours later while Sophia layed on his chest sleeping, Adam dreamed of Bella and was thankful to the stars his wife believed him. He vowed to take extra care in the future.