The Other Woman Episode 2


Sophia drove into her office car park, carrying her briefcase with her.
“Morning ma’am!!” Tina greeted her at the door while handing her a hot cup of coffee and taking her briefcase from her.
“You have some messages from impending investors for the clothing line, a book signing in an hour plus your meeting for 10 am is around … and a banquet of beautiful white lilies from a Mr W..!!! ” Tina winked… walking ahead of her to open her office door.
“Happy wedding Anniversary Mrs W”… Sophia smiled,
“Thank you Tina, give me a few minutes to get sorted out then you send in the client.”
Sophia walked into her office and closed the door behind her. On her mahogany brown table stood the vase of white lilies and a letter. She breathed in the aroma and takes the card crossing her legs on the table…
“I see the stars in your eyes,
I see the moonlight as we lay under the skies
I see you in bright and dark sunrise
I see the beauty in your smiles
You my love…is all I ever see
In my dark and lonely nights
You keep me wanting to rise above my plights
I love you today, tomorrow and even when the world ends. You are my high baby.
Kisses…love always.
Mr W.”
She kissed the letter…
“Aww baby, what did I ever do to deserve you my love?” She digs into her bag bringing out her phone as she scrolls to his name and clicks on message. She began to compose a sweet text to send to him with a smile on her face, as she typed her eyes began to twitch. Once, twice… She placed her finger to the side of her forehead… She blinked. Shook her head and continued typing. She flinched again… Twitched. Blinked. She sends her message just before her eyes rolled into her head, she drops her phone and her head falls back. She had fainted.
Adams had just come out of his meeting, he goes to the toilet to ease himself and noticed his phone buzz from multiple text messages… He smiled. He knew his wife must have seen the roses he sent to her. She loved white lilies too.
“Thanks baby… you are the best man in the world. Can’t wait for you to come home… you have no idea what I got planned out”! Love Mrs S.B.W
“Mr Wellington… can I fix your next meeting by 5pm? The Construction Company would like to meet over drinks?”… PA
“I miss you baby… Meet me tonight at our usual spot. The door would be open… I won’t be wearing anything…. No excuses. “….Bella
He gulped.
“Bella!!” He whispered as sweats broke out on his forehead. He loved his wife. He loved her very much. But Bella. .. Bella drives him insane. Does things his wife would never do to him.
He wanted to go home to his wife… Today was their anniversary and he knew she would be waiting for him.
But he wanted to go to Bella, today was their anniversary too. They had been together for a while now. Whenever he thinks of her, the fronts of his trousers tightens as the lil man acknowledges.
When he thinks of his wife… His heart constricts with love.
Yet… a man is weak and defenceless when it comes to temptation.
If only you could see Bella… If only, you would know even kings would bow before her and give up their life for her and he had being giving up Sophia for her and just like every day since Bella came into his life. He made the decision, knowing that it could ruin his marriage.
“I would be running late baby. I promise I would make it up to you…
Xoxo ” he sent it to Sophia
“Cancel my meeting by 5pm, something important came up.” He sent to his PA
“See you tonight sweet Bella. I miss you more than you know”. He replies Bella
He left the toilet with a smile on his face.
Tonight was going to be a good night after all.
‘Ma’am?” Tina knocked a couple of times on the door, when no answer, she opens the door and stuck her head into the office, as she noticed the state Sophia was in, she rushed in shaking her up.
“Mrs Sophia? Ma’am!!! Wake up… are you alright?” She shook her a couple of times, splashing a bit of water on her face from the table water on the table.
Sophia blinks using her hands to wade off the water. She looks around her, blinking a few times as her eyes adjusts to the surroundings. She looks up at Tina with a start.
“Wh-what h-hhappened. Did I sleep off? “She touches her head as she felt a migraine building up.
“Erm.. I think so ma’am. I have been calling but you didn’t answer. Knocked at your door and when I didn’t hear anything I came in and you were just slumped back, head over the chair. Are you okay? A worried look crossed Tina’s face.
“Should I cancel your meeting or push it to later in the day??”
“No nonsense!!! Am fine Tina. Send the client in. I am fine. Just tired I guess. I didn’t realise I slept off. Am fine. Send him in, I can’t even push it to later in the day because I have a date night with my husband and I won’t cancel on him. Go on Tina stop staring. .. shuuuuu.. Leave now” she orders as she adjusts her hair. She opens the bottle and takes a sip of water to clear her head. A frown crossed her face as she noticed her phone had dropped to the ground, unsure what had just happened. She didn’t bother to open the messages on her phone immediately because there was knock and a stranger walks in with a brief case..
“Hello Mrs Wellington, nice to meet you………
Adam stands behind the door, takes a deep breath and pushes it open… his eyes adjusts to the dark and he sees a figure of a woman outlined on the bed while a tiny light shone on her beautiful carved naked body through the window ..
“Come to me Mr W…I have been waiting for you. Come take me Now!!” She purrs from the bed. He goes to her like one intoxicated. Some part of him had begun to love her as well.
Hours later, he wakes up to find himself alone. He turns to find that she had left, her bag and dress wasn’t on the floor. A habit she had never broken, “spending the night”. He grabs his watch from the side of the bed and when he sees that it was 12 :30am he jumps up from the bed, struggling into his cloths and heading to the door.
“Shit!!!” He swore..
“Fxxxkkk!!!! Sophia is going to kill me!!!” He drove home, like a mad man to his wife.
Forty – five minutes later he find’s a cold dinner on the table, a burnt out candle, red rose petals lingering a pathway to the bed, she clothed in beautiful silk with matching Lingerie and dried tears on her cheeks. His heart broke.
“Where were you??” She whispered when she heard him come in.
“I called your office, they said you left hours ago and all I got was a text that you were running late… but this is past midnight Adams. Where were you? Today of all days. I planned a good evening, even wore a beautiful dress and waited. But you never showed up. Where were you?”
“Am sorry baby… I got held up. Was with a client, had a few drinks and it was a deal I had being waiting to sign and I lost track of time. I am sorry baby. So sorry… Forgive me.” He begged. Kissing her chicks and hugging her.
“It won’t happen again. I swear. Am sorry baby. Forgive me…please ” she turns, facing him, she could see how broken he was. She forgave him knowing he had never disappointed her before. She nods, accepting his kisses then she hugs him, holding his neck and resting her face on his shoulders, then she saw it. The stain on his collar.
“What the Fxxk is this Adams? Whose lipstick is this…?” She pushed him away from her.
Adam froze.
To be continued…