The Other Woman Episode 1


Adam walked into the room carrying a tray of breakfast; toasted bread and nutella spread evenly on the toast, a sunny side up egg and a glass of juice with a plate of fruits. Just the way she liked it, every morning ten years ago today.
“Hey baby!!” He kissed her cheeks, brushing his nose with hers as she smiled burying her face into the pillow… He sat down placing the tray of food beside her.
“Wake up slugger!” He leaned in placing kisses at the nape of her neck, at the same time steadying the tray from falling. She wrapped her hands around his neck, placing wet kisses to his face, smiling into his eyes while she basked in his smile and early morning aftershave. He was like a breath of fresh air to her gloomy days.
“Morning baby…Yay breakfast” She hummed rubbing her palms together sitting up. Grabbing a bite while stuffing bread into her mouth. He had always brought breakfast in bed for her. Never missed a day. What more could she ask for? A good job. A $3xy hot husband, who she had dated for ten years and married for five and many more goodies to look forward to together. No… She was happy. Content. This was her fairy-tale and she loved every bit of it.
“Happy anniversary slugger!” He gave her a red rose he hid behind his back and a box tied to it.
“Awww my love…” her eyes shone as she blushed, smelling the rose and picking at the rope tied to the box. Which she opened to reveal a gold necklace with initials ” I U S.B W”. Knowing the initials were her name. She smiled…
“Happy 10th anniversary of friendship. Happy 5th year of marriage. And I love you too Mr Wellington… and I love my new necklace. Would never take it off” she promised kissing the tips of his nose. He helped her put it on, pushing her hair away to touch her neck. He pinched her cheeks getting up. She watched him as he dressed for work, as she fingered her gift, love washing all over her for this man who had been her best friend first, lover and then husband.
A slight frown crossed her face, she knew she had been distant of late. She didn’t even remember the last time they spent a cozy time together or had a weekend away. She didn’t know why…or the reason. But she knew she hadn’t really being there for him as she used to, but Adam being Adam. He had understood. The doctor had told him she was stressed and having mood swings. He had smiled nodding and holding her hands all those weeks as they went to the hospital for check-up. He never loved her less or was angry when she turned away from him most nights. He would whisper endearments into her ears and kiss her goodnight, while wrapping her in his arms. She felt safe. She felt guilty and prayed that whatever was wrong with her would pass so she could love her husband the way she knew he wanted to be loved.
Today… she was going to do anything to make him happy.
“Got to go baby” he broke her thoughts
“See you tonight. Wear something $3xy, I’m gonna take my queen to dinner. I love you” he placed a kiss to her forehead. And left her alone.
He walked outside to his car and got in, turning on the ignition but he sat in the car for a few minutes as he allowed his car to steam.
He smiled, remembering the first day he met her in college. He had been walking down the hallway with his friends and he had bumped into her, her books and everything flying to the ground, he muttered his apologies and helped to pick up her items but she shouted some expletives and cussed. He had never met a girl who cussed a lot under one breath. But she did it, screaming at him for being so stupid for not looking and she was late for a practical and he had just messed up her demeanour.
Her demeanour?
He had laughed… Who talks about demeanour when going for a practical?? But all the while she kept screaming and pointing at him getting her beautiful face all wrinkled; his friends were laughing and all he was thinking about was kissing her cute mouth, without thinking he told her with a straight face, not caring if she slapped him.
“If you don’t shut up I would kiss you…”
Her eyes shut open, growing bigger than its socket, her mouth went agape and she kept blinking, words stuck in her mouth and hand pointed mid-air. He saw her blush, literally turn bright pink and she stalked off after dragging her books away from his hands.
She must have thought he was mad because she kept staring at him till she disappeared into the crowd, while his friends dragged him off, he knew his heart went with her. He was love-struck.
“Cupid, you sly bastard!” He chuckled ” you pierced my heart with that damn arrow, now all my waking and sleeping moments are off that girl with the sharp mouth “..
He fell in love with her that day. They dated a couple of months later and fresh out of college, he went on his knee, got her the damn diamond ring from his savings and proposed to her. She was his life. His love, his queen and the only woman his heart belonged to. Sometimes he wondered the extent he would go to prove his love to her. He absentmindedly rubbed his wallet, he blinked a couple of times while sucking in his breath. He knew he would do whatever it takes for her to be happy, even if it meant keeping the truth from her.
He puts his car on drive and pulled away from the curb, and waved at her knowing she would be standing by the window, just like that, every single day… ten years ago today .

Sophia drove into her office car park, carrying her briefcase with her.
“Morning ma’am!!” Tina greeted her at the door while handing her a hot cup of coffee and taking her briefcase from her.
“You have some messages from impending investors for the clothing line, a book signing in an hour plus your meeting for 10 am is around … and a banquet of beautiful white lilies from a Mr W..!!! ” Tina winked… walking ahead of her to open her office door.
“Happy wedding Anniversary Mrs W”… Sophia smiled,
“Thank you Tina, give me a few minutes to get sorted out then you send in the client.”
Sophia walked into her office and closed the door behind her. On her mahogany brown table stood the vase of white lilies and a letter. She breathed in the aroma and takes the card crossing her legs on the table…
“I see the stars in your eyes,
I see the moonlight as we lay under the skies
I see you in bright and dark sunrise
I see the beauty in your smiles
You my love…is all I ever see
In my dark and lonely nights
You keep me wanting to rise above my plights
I love you today, tomorrow and even when the world ends. You are my high baby.
Kisses…love always.
Mr W.”
She kissed the letter…
“Aww baby, what did I ever do to deserve you my love?” She digs into her bag bringing out her phone as she scrolls to his name and clicks on message. She began to compose a sweet text to send to him with a smile on her face, as she typed her eyes began to twitch. Once, twice… She placed her finger to the side of her forehead… She blinked. Shook her head and continued typing. She flinched again… Twitched. Blinked. She sends her message just before her eyes rolled into her head, she drops her phone and her head falls back. She had fainted.