Son Of The Orb. Episode 15


Bellatrix Tolentino was a special child right from birth. She had infrared vision, the ability to turn her saliva to a hot liquid. As hot as magma! She was also capable of moving materials by mere rotation of her eyeballs. Her dad discovered these powers when she was still a toddler. Mr Tolentina had secretly conducted laboratory tests on her, she was normal except that her neurons and hormones were more powerful than those of average humans.
Her parents were finding it hard to curb her powers especially now that she was a teenager.
Bellatrix had been searching for her phone for minutes. She’d emptied her cosmetics and books bag, yet the device was no where to be found. She could easily get another one if she so wish ‘coz her dad was a multi billionaire. But the particular device meant much to her, it was a special gift from a special someone!

I stylishly switched off the phone and dipped it in my pocket. The bell had been rang we were all back to the class. It seems the arrogant princess and i are in the same class, she was seated westwards, scattering her books and bag.
I walked to her with both hands in my pocket.
Me: hey mean queen! Smile#
girl: you!!! Get lost!!!!
Me: hahahahaha look who’s talking.
Girl: how much were you paid to stalk me huh?
Me: ssshhh calm down will you?
Girl: she blinked her eyes, infrared vision was activated. Her eyes scanned his body for deadly weapons she saw none. His heart was crystal as against normal fleshy hearts. She gasped and scanned his legs just then the phone she was looking for came into view.

How did you get it?
Me: get what?
Girl: my cell phone!
Me: stop accusing without evidence.
Girl : i’m serious. Please give it back.
Me: please? You aint that arrogant hahahahaha. You’d get it on three conditions.
Girl: anything!
Me: first i’d be seating with you. Second you’d be my friend.
Girl: huh?
Me: yep! Third….uhm…bingo! You would have to show me round the school for one week!
Girl: deal. My phone!!!!
Me: kidding! It aint with me!!
Girl: i’ll kill you!
Me: lets watch you try.
She stood up, i ran back to my seat, just when i was about seating the chair fell.
Girl: she held my hand, keeping me from falling. Gotchaaaa!
Me: i surrender not!!!!!!
Girl: you almost fell!!! Smile#
we sat on her chair.
Girl: i’m bellatrix.
Me: Ethan spencer. Can i call you bella?
Bellatrix: she sq££zed her face. Nah! Thats too common.
Me: how about Trix?
Bellatrix: yeah! Trix would do the trick, i love it. Mhuuuaah…
Me: smile#
Trix: aawww don’t glory yet. I’m used to blowing kisses when happy.
Me: kisses are for important persons which means i am!
Trix: hey mister! Pardon my attitude the other time. I’m not a rude girl, just that i’ve been going through tough times lately.
Me: wanna share?
Trix: nah, it’ll ruin my day. Teary eyes#
me: whatever it is, don’t let it get into you.
Trix: i’d try. Thanks Ethan.