Son Of The Orb. Episode 14


The voice sounded familiar, only one name came to my mind i didn’t want to mention the name either!

Me: take the fold off frank!!! I yelled in an unpleasant tone.
Frank: thats strange! He was surprised with ethan’s outburst. He quickly removed the fold to avoid creating a scene.
Me: as soon as the veil was removed, i turned abruptly grabbing frank by the colla i pinned him to the wall.
Frank:confused# you okay? He struggled to speak through his chocking gut.
Me: drop the act! Think about this as a revenge to what you did to me in house!
Frank: your barking up the wrong tree…i don’t know what your talking about!
Me: i punched him on the cheek. He groaned loudly.
Just then we heard a husky voice from behind.
Voice: hey! You two stop that would you?
A white skinned out of shape pot bellied man walked to us.
Man: you leave your homes just to have a brawl at school huh? Both of you on your knees!!!!
We knelt in sheer obedience. None of us spoke a word.
Man: can you explain yourselves?
Me & frank: silent#
man: pissed# who are you? He pointed to me.
Me: i’m a new student sir.
Man: i see, thats not reason enough to show yous true color…
Me: i’m….
Man: you don’t speak until i ask you to!
Me: i tilted my head downwards. Too much embarrasment for a day. All eyes seem glued to me. Gosh!
Man: look at me! I’m giving you the grace of today ‘cos you’ar a new student. Now find your a-s a seat!.

The man happened be our math teacher, his lesson was the worst i’d ever had. Soon the bell for brunch was rang, the teacher left the class, frank came to my seat.

Frank: ethan?
Me: hmmm….walked out of him.


I honestly can’t fathom whats wrong with him. I was out of town during the weekend, i’m totally innocent of his accusation, how would i tell him that, when he don’t want to hdar me out?? He shrugged.


The school eatery was crowded, i made my way to one of thd seatees where i accidentally bumped into a lady. She was beautiful with blonde curly hairs, she had the pretty eyes of a cat.

Lady: aaaaawww watch it!
Me: oh! Sorry….
Lady: look what you’ve caused shd pointed to her shirt. It was dabbed with the drink she was holding.
Me: i brought out a hankerchief to clean it up. She hit my hand.
Lady: jerk! She hissed and sank into the crowd.
None of my business, atleast i tried appologising.
The chair i intended sitting on was occupied. I strolled to the left wing. That same lady was seated there.
Lady: are you stalking me? Frown#
me: not exactly. I’m ethan.
Lady: who cares?
Me: are you that rude?
Lady: very! To strangers and jerks like you.
She smirked and changed her gaze from me.
In the process her cell phone fell.
I picked it up with a wide grin. Got a bait!!!