Son Of The Orb. Episode 13


Its monday! The long awaited day! Katherine finished baking semosa she’d arranged five rolls of it in a big launch box with a can of orange juice carefully placed in it. The time was still 6AM she woke early to avoid any hitches.
Katherine: ethan? Ethan! She screamed walking towards his room, he was a late riser, she knew this but wouldn’t let it continue anymore. It has to stop. Soon he’d graduate to college where it would be him alone.
She tapped him gently, he didn’t move one bit. She increased the pressure on her hand. He woke with a loud yawn.
Me: aaaaarrhh who is there? I wanna sleep!!!!!!
Katherine: ethan its monday!!! She screamed in ecstasy.
Me: monday?!!! I flung the sheets away immediately.
Dad: take your bath son. I’d drop you before going ahead. He said smiling.
Me: good morning dad. I hailed cheerfully.
Mum: funny face# you didn’t wish me a good morning!
Me: morning mum!
Mum: bad or good? Smile#
Me: hahahahahahahaha.

I ran to the bathroom got rid of my pjs and took a warm refreshing bath.

Minutes afterwards i came out of the bathroom with water dripping down my body, wetting the floor. A pair of well ironed and well folded school uniforms were on the bed waiting. I smiled, applied a body lotion a wore the uniform. It looked cute on me.

I staggered downstairs where streams of sweet aroma coursed my nose. Mum and dad were mulching semosas.

Dad: the uniform looks good on you!
Mum: better than the previous ones.
Me: thanks thanks! I picked a piece of hot semosa from the plate.
Mum: yours is in your launch box.
Me: launch box? C’mon mum, don’t you think i’ve out grown that?
Dad: in my days, i use launch boxes in college!!! Let alone high school.

Me: that was in the nineties! Alot has changed.
Mum: you’d be missing orange squash if you don’t take the box. Smile#
me: fine!
We drove in dad’s truck, withing 30minutes the car halted before a very tall and beautiful set of structures with the apallation “MARIAN HIGH” students of various sizes trooped into the heavily fenced building. Dad hooted and the electric gate opened automatically. He drove to a parking lot where we alighted. We strolled to a hall with “administrative block” boldly written on it.
Secretary: good day sirs. You must be Ethan spencer? She asked pointing a pen at me.
Me: exactly.
Secretary: she made a brief use of the intercom. A middle aged white woman walked in.
She belonged to the none academic staff.
Woman: i’d lead you to your class, youngman.
Dad: he tapped my chicks, be a good boy. Remember first impression matters. He whispered before walking out. The woman didn’t smile all through our walk to my new class. The classroom looked amazing, it hard smart boards and designer seats.

Woman: there you go. Have a nice day sir. She pointed to a vacant seat.
I walked in with the aura of a newbie. No one seemed to notice me, the students were all engaged in a thing or two.
I sat slowly on the vacant seat, facing the smart board. Just then i felt a blind-fold. It covered my eyes before i could protest.
Voice: guess who this is