Son Of The Orb. Episode 12


Pheeeew! Do ghosts actually exist? How did the man disappear! She groaned softly whilst dragging herself from the floor. Surprisingly she sustained no injuries except that her left arm was developing a weal.
Her wandering eyeballs darted to where Ethan lay. Ethan! She ran towards him. She raised his head, it fell back on her arm. Her finger lingered to his neck, his pulse was still active though very weak.
Katherine: what happened to my son! She whispered. The woman took him in her arms like a new born, on the contrary he was heavy! She staggered her way against the spiral stairs.
Soon she was standing by his door, she expertly kicked it, it paved way for mother and son.
Katherine lowered him on a medium sized bed, a sigh escaped her gut. It was like she’d eased her head of a trunk full of cement.
Katherine: you’d be fine baby, nothing would happen to you. She shook her head in rythme. Then ran downstairs.
Three minutes later the door creaked open, revealing a tall woman with green eyes and black angelic flowing hair. She held a bowl half filled with water, on her right hand was a sparkling white handy towel.
Katherine sat beside Ethan, massaging every inch of his face with the soaked towel. She had the tender love of a woman, passion of a mother and strength of humanity. All which she channelled to her son.
Ethan rolled some centimetres away from his lying position. Slight grin greased katherine’s face.


I woke up with a banging headache, my eyes were blurry, the adjusted to brightness after a few seconds.
Mum was seating next to me, with all smiles.
Me: mum?
Mum: ethan!!!
Me: i made to stand but she stopped me with her hands.
Mum: no…no….don’t move, you need to rest okay?
Me: why mum? I’m fine!
Mum: smile# what do you want, coffee, cheese, fishballs?
Me: i want to get off bed. Smile#
mum: do you remember anything?
Me: i tried hard to recall, the images were just too hazy for me. No mum. I shook my head in the negative.
Mum: whisper# okay, whats important is your fine.
She walked to the door, her hand was already on its brass handle.
Me: mum?
Mum: yes honey?
Me: i’m sorry, i didn’t invite him, i never even showed him our house.
Mum: walking back to the room. Who are you talking about?
Me: frank, the kid that hurt me.
Mum: surprised# a kid? The person i saw was a man.
Me: nope, his name is frank, i met him in the library.
Mum: sigh# i know ethan, you deserve more than your dad and i, you need friends who would always be there for you. But you must know the outside world is dangerous, you don’t know the person in a person. Choose your friends wisely, son.
Me: you aint mad at me?
Mum: chuckle# of course i’m not. Now i want you to go back to bed and take a long nap, thats your punishment.
Me: aaaarh to much for a day!
Mum: thats what mama says.
Me: love you mum.
Mum: love you much more. Mhuuuaaah