Son Of The Orb. Episode 11



The legendary boreas was a name given to a special set of human with the ability to control winds, there never existed 2 at a time. At the end of one another emergies. There were documentation about windlords which almost seem like a fairytale, because the powers it possesses where unatural to human.
Boreas: i think is time to pay our little friend a visit, just when he finish those words he changed into frank.

Frank: smiles# show time!!!!


Today like every other weekend went quite well, i was really looking forward to monday. I finished my morning chores, mum and dad left quite early for a delivery trip. Just when i was about having a brief nap, the door bell ringed.
Me: aaaarrrgh not now!!! I dragged myself outta bed walked slowly to the door which kept on ringing. I opened slowly to see who, frank??? I asked looking suprised.
Frank: grinned aint you letting me in kid??? He said pushing his way through.
Me: smiling uneasily uhmmm how did you get here??
Frank: i dont understand??
Me: uhmmm frank, i trust my brain is still intact i dont recall telling you where i live have i??.
Frank: hahahaha no wonder you looking so worked up man, welcome to frankies world man, a world of suprises.
Me: hhahahaha you really are a naughty kid, well i wasnt convinced, but then i didnt want to look too suspicious.
Frank: your parents are home right?? He asked as his eyes wandered around.
Me: no just me why do ask, i said smiling uneasily.

Frank: cooool come on show me around he said walking towards the backdoor.
Me: uh oooh i quickly ran after him, wait a minute frank.
Frank: relax man am not touching anything.
Me: aaaaaarrrghhh i yelled in my head, he doesnt seem like he was gonna be leaving anytime soon mum might just walk in anytime from now. I was still thinking when i saw him climbing upstairs into my room. I ran after him grabbing his collar, pulling back downwards.
Me: this time have had enough, ook frank its time to go!! I said pulling him as he struggled a bit.
Frank: come on man let go!!! This is no way to treat a guest!!!

Me: an uninvited one at that, its time to go frank.
Frank: i dont think so he muttered, as he gave me a hard hit on my neck with the edge of his palm. I psassed out almost immediately.
He smiled as he rushed up to my room, search every single place in my room for the scroll, he found nothing he went into the basement, dad and mum’s room.
Frank: aaaaaaaarrrrghhhh he yelled in frustration, i dont get it, were is the d–n scroll!!!! He yelled, well his rage burned he gradually transformed back into his real form. He climbed down the star in fustration, headed towards the door, just then katherine walked in.
Katherine: her eyes fell on the mean looking young man, with cute hairs and dark eyes slim and tall. Who are you, then her eyes found ethan on the floor. What did you do to him???
Boreas: staring at the woman, he could make her tell him were the scroll was kept. Uhmmm that would be creating a scene.
Katherine: answer me!!!! She yelled quickly picking a golf stick.

Boreas: turned his head leftward and she was tossed leftward by the wind like she weighed nothing making hard contact with the ground, the fall was terrible she struggled to stay concious as she looked in his direction, he was gone.