Black Monday Episode 9 Final


Earlier, when Jude and Elo were still locked-up insidehis inner chamber, he came clean and opened-upcompletely telling her exactly what he does for a livingand how he was able to acquire his wealth. He alsolet her know the relationship he shared among thethree armed men inside his sitting-room who were atthe verge of haunting the both of them, and why theyneeded to act quickly, otherwise, be doomed.Although, Elo was a secret undercover agent until hercover was recently blown, but somehow, her feelingswere telling on her, as she had technically fallen inlove with her subject which was against the rules ofthe game. On the other hand, despite being among thecriminals, Jude was now playing the role of thesecurity agents by eliminating his partners-in-crimeone after the other, hence, she had less worries toponder over.
However, Jude soon noticed the fear in her eyes; hethen drew her closer to himself, held her firmly andslowly planted a soft and succulent kiss on herforehead, before assuring her not to be afraid, andthat everything would be all right. It wasn’t longthereafter before they exited the room, but not untilJude had excused himself toward a table where hepicked up a pen and piece of paper, and then scriptedsome wordings on it.******************************While driving back to the church, the road becameboisterous and rough; police checkpoint were nowsuddenly mounted in several areas observingmotorists passing by, and this wasn’t unconnected tothe fact that an accident occured earlier and a carinvolved caught up in flames while shootings wereheared around the area.
On seeing them, Jude became alarmed and quicklymade a U-Turn to evade police search.Jude and Elo finally arrived the church premises butbefore they stepped down from the car, he positionedher to stay close to him, and then gave her his pistolgun, just incase, while he held the assault rifle whichhe had collected from Bishop and carried along thelifeless head of Croucher which was spilling blood onthe floor as they walked into the church auditoriumthat was as silent as a graveyard.”General! Where art thou?!!” Jude shouted with angerbut silence answered back.
“Guess what, I’ve got asurprise for you!” He added and then threw Croucher’shead rolling on the floor like a ball.Elohor then covered her face in disgust while seeingnot only the head of a human, being hurled to thefloor like nothing, but also the body of Margaret thatlaid lifeless too; as they walked closer to the alter.
So you’re scared now? Why are you hiding? Showyourself and face me like a man!!” Jude continuedbragging, raising his gun and his other hand upwardwhile turning his back around observing where’General’ would come out from, which became a pointof distraction to him.As you would know, General responded to the call andslowly sneaked out from his hiding place pointing agun at Elohor from the back with whom he had adirect contact.
The supposed pastor mercilessly aimedfor the kill, but before he could pull the trigger, Judesaw his shadow and swiftly turned around forcefullypushing Elo out of reach, and suddenly, the bulletcame trailing his chest, he was hit at once and felldown to the floor bleeding profusely but did not die.Elohor painfully screamed immediately she saw whathad happened, and about then, a reflex action tookover her, as she shot back at the pastor, but thebullet penetrated him not.General then irked a loud evil laughter and attemptedto shoot her, just then, a badge of numerous armedpolice officers bursted the church whilst shooting thepastor endlessly.
“Babashanga, Ayama’tanga!!” General repeated theincantation, continuously wailing and consulting thepowers of the Voodoo priest to protect him fromdying, but the shooting spree ended not, until the evilpastor finally dropped dead after the witch-doctor alsodied at his shrine.The leader of the police team rushed toward rescuingElohor who was their undercover agent, as she hadearlier sent them a text message without theknowledge of Jude to send a patrol team to meetthem at St. Clement Believers’ Church. However, shepaid little attention to the police officer as shecrippled rapidly toward Jude who was dying slowly onthe floor. Elo held his blood-stained hand firmly andbursted into uncontrolled tears as she saw hiscondition.
Jude was bleeding through his mouth andchest where he was shot and showed little signs ofsurviving.With the last strength that he had, Jude reached forhis pocket and handed Elohor a piece of paper, hethen smiled before giving up the ghost. Jude diedprotecting the one and only person he had left onearth, and whom he truly loved.
In the note given to Elohor, it reads: “I love my mothertill death, and I would have taken a bullet for her tostill be alive today. This is my response to thequestion you once asked me, on whether I could diefor love.”Truth is, Jude already knew that he would either diethat day, or become arrested and still get killed.
The End