Black Monday Episode 8


Margaret attempted to shoot her supposed boyfriendwho suddenly turned an enemy, butinstead, she gotshot and died on the spot.The tension had drastically risen and the battle linewas drawn. The rest of the Gang immediately pulledout their guns and began firing shots toward Judewho took to his heels after killing his estrangedgirlfriend. Eventually, Jude cheated death afterescaping out from the church auditorium but notwithout the support of the church wooden bencheswhich he had used as cover in order to shield himselffrom bullets penetrating his body.
The General was very mad upon experiencing thedrama that had just played before his very eyes; ashe then gazed toward lifeless Margaret on the floor,and furiously ordered the Gang members to chaseafter Jude and bring back his body to him, either deador alive.The squad were spontaneously gingered with a feelingof adrenaline as they made for the kill by trouping outof the auditorium simultaneously. They rushed tooccupy two of their parked ‘BMW’ vehicles positionedat the church compound and began following Judewho had long zoomed off with his Range Rover Sport.Though, Jude was driving at top speed, but his Gangmembers were able to catch up with him as the CarStering was handled by Spaco and Croucher who weretheir Baddest and Roughest drivers in the game.
Assoon as they were driving past an Estate area, Bishop,Small, and Zoe thrust out their heads from the carwindows and continued shooting the Range Roverfrom a close range while Lucious and Ufuomagingered them with praise until their guns werecompletely emptied with bullets.”Poo!!” Spaco muttered loudly with frustration andthen hit his hand on the stering upon realizing thatthey were out of bullets.”What do we do now?” Ufuoma asked puzzled whilesounding slightly above her voice.
“Don’t worry! I know exactly what to do.” Spacoassured. He then sped rapidly and bumped into theRange Rover from behind, thereby, distracting Judefrom maintaining a particular lane. His plan was toensure that Jude loses control of the stering andprobably somersault.However, Spaco had his plans poorly calculated asJude, once again drove faster above limit while theyfollowed suit; But then, he halted shortly, and Spacowho was accelerating at top speed could no longercontrol the motion and came crashing into the RangeRover Sport with full force.
Spaco immediately passed away from the suddenaccident that practically damaged the car beyondrepair and later caught up in flames, burning thembeyond recognition. He died alongside Small, Luciousand Ufuoma who were his occupants.Croucher soon drove toward the scene of the accidentand met his Gang mates dead. His thinking facultycould barely reason the next course of action tofollow, then he caught a glimpse of Jude sticking outhis middle finger in a bid to mock him and then spedoff again.The chase continued and Jude practically led them tohis house whilst having a sinister plan up his sleeve.
As soon as Jude reached his mansion house, he camedown from his Range Rover vehicle which was alsobadly damaged and remotely opened his gate withoutclosing it. Sooner had he entered his apartment thanthe Gang arrived; the trio stepped out of their own carand made for the boot of the vehicle where severalsophisticated guns were kept. Croucher, Bishop andZoe gallantly entered into the compound carryingassorted guns of different kind and were fully preparedto unleash their rage at any living creature thatcrosses their path.
Meanwhile, Jude diplomatically barged into hissitting-room as though nothing had happened andmet Elohor sprawled on the couch watching aNoolywood drama on Africa Magic.”Honey! Since you left the house, I’ve been veryuncomfortable. There’s something I’ve been meaningto tell you.” Elo stood up quickly and said; while Judeacted indifferent but picked the remote instead andswitched off the television.”I forbid you to speak! I know you’re working with thepolice. Let’s leave this place now, our lives areendangered.
” Jude blurted and started dragging Elo uptoward the staircase and into his inner chamber.”Did you just say endangered?” Elo asked as fear hadsuddenly developed within her.”C’mon… Let’s go. There’s no time to waste!” Judereiterated while raising his voice.They finally reached his inner room but the wholeplace was dark. Jude reached for the switch, andsuddenly the room became illuminated. The room wasalmost empty, but had a nice furniture, together witha computer system and different monitor mounted ona desk. Jude then pressed a key on the computer andthe whole monitor became live.
It appeared that hehad security cameras stationed at every corner of thehouse which reflected on the computer screen.Jude proceeded to press another key on the computerand his sitting room was immediately shown.Croucher, Bishop and Zoe were captured in the parlourcarrying their guns and gazing around wonderingwhere Jude had entered. On seeing them, Eloimmediately covered her mouth in shock and prayedinwardly that the ground could just open and swallowher.”Do not panic! I have the situation under control.”Jude assured her and then walked away to anextreme corner of the room where a big red buttonwas inside an emergency glass.
He impatiently brokethe glass open with a pistol gun and pressed thebutton. Just then, a chemical induced gas starteddiffusing into his sitting-room from a connectedchannel, and – in no time, Croucher, Bishop and Zoestarted gasping for breath. Their predicament lingeredlong enough until they couldn’t battle to surviveanymore and finally passed out dead.Moments later, Jude and Elo came out of the housecovering a chemical protective mask, but not afterJude had chopped off Croucher’s head and carried oneof their gun, as himself and Elo entered his ToyotaCamry car and headed back to St. Clement Believers’Church to pay ‘General’ a courtesy visit…
To be continue…