Black Monday Episode 7


A heavy dose of sex is best enjoyed withoutprotection, but not until you’re bursted by the mostunwanted person to spoil the day.Margaret ignited the door opened and slowly steppedinto the sitting-room unnoticed to behold her ‘TrafficLight’ Boyfriend and a strange lady lying half uncladon the floor with a completely emptied bottle ofchampaign and wine positioned at one corner. Sheowned a spare key to the mansion, hence, had theability to intrude which she had just done.
“Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!” Maggi started clapping herhands in a scornful way while pacing around a circlewhich had them covered.Jude and Elo surprisingly woke up staring with disdainand proceeded to wearing back their clothes beforefacing a show of shame. Margaret didn’t looked toobothered that her estranged boyfriend had the guts tobring a strange lady into the house during herabsence, as she had equally been on a romanticvacation with a man-friend of hers. But what struckher attention was the fact that she could easilyidentify Elo not only as a Television Reporter, but alsoas one of the Victims involved in the Bank Robberywhich they carried out.
Perhaps, she wasn’t sostrange anymore, after she was broadcasted ontelevision as the only victim survivor that survivedthat attack. Margaret instantly knew that somethingfishy was cooking in the kitchen, but then, there wasbarely time for mind games, then she dashed out ofthe house almost immediately and into thin air shewent; without saying a single word.Jude then turned to Elo and gave her a look of “Yeah!I know I have some explanations to make” about thelady that just left the room.One hour later, Jude received an invitation from’General’ while he was still discussing with Elohor, andhe knew instantly that he was already fu**ed up. Thesituation was becomming more messy and itappeared that he had a lot more explanations to offer.However, he decided to man up and dance to the tuneof the music as he excused himself telling Elo that hewanted to attend a function but she insisted onfollowing him which he refused. Jude left the housealmost immediately and drove his Range Rover Sportwhile heading to the venue of St.
Clement Believers’Church where a meeting between “The TwelveDisciples” was scheduled to hold.On getting to the place, Jude walked into the Churchauditorium with boldness and met a full houseinvolving members of the Gang he belonged to.Among them was his estranged girlfriend, Margaretwho held an Ak-47 rifle staring at him frantically froma distance with a sudden feeling of disgust. Othermembers of the Gang were also furiously present inthe meeting awaiting his arrival.
They includedUfuoma, the second female in the building; Small,Spaco, Croucher, Lucious, Zoe, Bishop, and mostimportantly, The General himself.”John 10:10 ; The Devil cometh not but to steal, tokill and to destroy. It is not surprising to say that wehave the Devil in our midst, and here he comes.”General said and ignited the burning hatred that therest members of the Gang had suddenly developedtoward Jude who stood a little farther observingeveryone of them. “When Babashanga revealed to methat Preacher was killed by a member of his ownfamily, I immediately knew it had to be my second-in-command. But Son, after all I’ve done for you, whyhave you chosen to betray this family?” General saidwhile holding a Bible he had collected from the alter.”I’m sorry for what happened to Preacher, hispunishment was well deserved!” Jude answered. “Butheaven knows that I did not betray this family.
I onlyfound love. That’s what happened. He added andcaught a glimpse of Margaret’s countenance whichproved deadly.”Love? Did I just hear you mention love? Can lovegive you all the wealth that you’ve acquired throughthis ministry? You amongst all people should knowbetter that being a disciple, you don’t love, especiallynot with an enemy!” General blasted.”Listen to yourself. Yes, you gave me wealth butdestroyed my life instead. Aren’t you the biggesthypocrite ever. You claim to be a prophet, yet, don’tpractice what you preach. What is the essence ofacquiring all the Wealth, Power, and Prestige in theworld if you don’t show love? In the same Bible whichyou’re holding, The ten commandments all revolvedaround Love, and that’s our primary purpose of living.Do you even study your Bible Mr. M.O.G?” Jude askeda Rhetorical question that sent the Pastor off Balance.”I’ll not have you come here to insult my personality.
You have until Mid-night to get rid of that so-callednew lover of yours before she drag us into the mud.”General asserted.”I’d rather die than do such a thing!” Jude confidentlyblurted which got everyone shocked.”Then, be ready to die! Kill him and make it quick!!”General commanded.The Gang members gallantly stood up ready toadminister revenge on him for going against their codeof ethics and also killing one of their own.Margaret then cocked the Ak-47 rifle and aimed topull the trigger pointing toward Jude…
To be continue…