Black Monday Episode 6


It had since passed bed time, and was no longer a timeto reflect on sad memories or long talks. Jude thensuggested to Elohor that they should sign-off for theday as they both started walking beside each otherthrough the staircase while Jude positioned his hand onher waistline and they finally made into his bedroom.The Masterpiece bedroom was dimly lit which had aQueen-sized bed at the Northern corner of the room.Despite having a large space which could occupy aboutfive persons if the need was necessary, Jude insistedthat Elohor sleep alone as he opted to spend the nightat his Visitor’s room.Moments later, Elo switched back her cell phone fromAirplane mode to behold tons of Missed calls and Textmessages from the collaborative unitof the ‘FBI’ in conjunction with the Nigerian police.
Theyhad sent heron this undercover mission and weredesperate to know whether she wassafe and to also ascertain what she was able to garnerfrom her investigation.The Bank had provided the Policewith footage of Jude which was captured by theSurveillance camerasituated at the Bank Premises on theday of the Robbery operation. For about two months,they had beentrying to unravel his identity withoutdisclosing this information to the public. Theinvestigative unit furtherwent to secretly mount his fingerbiometrics to every Supermarket, Event outlet, Bank, andother Business centres that had ‘CCTV’ enabled facilitymounted in its organisation. Eventually, they found outhis complete details and were able to put a tracker onhim which later led them to his house. But trying toplay smart, they decided not to act swiftly and resolvedto set him up using a woman in order not to hinder theireffort to apprehend other members of the Gang.
Elo then shortly put a call through tothe investigative unit and spoke withthe leader of the team. She spoke slightly below hervoice, and madeknown to the leader that she was doing all right butcurrently had noknowledge of the suspect’s whereabout. While sheclaimed tohave spoken with him and eventuallyseeing the movie with him, she liedthat he failed to succumb to her tactics, hence, she wasunable to find out further details about him. She liedagain that he left the scene without her and shestruggled out in the dark to get a cab back to herhouse, but promised to improve her game next time. Itwas evident enough that Elo was already becoming headover heels toward jude; She wasn’t sure whether shewas making the right decision but then, from thereligious angle, she saw a God in Jude, and hoped thathe could one day see the light and become a betterman. Perhaps, God was using her to touch his life forgood, or so she thought.Betterstill, the Devil was once anAngel, same way an Angel could turnto become the Devil, but either way;she wanted to have a perfect blendbetween Good and Evil as a way ofreporting the story in the most exceptional way. Moreso, when youdecide to Dine and Wine with the Devil, you shouldalways expect theunexpected.ONE WEEK AFTERJude and Elo had been able to develop a greater bondbetween each other their rapport grew rapidly as thoughthey had known each other for ages. After Elo left hishouse the following day, they kept communicating morefrequently, met on several occasions and soon startedbehaving like lovers.
Their friendship had suddenlytransformed into an unofficial relationship, except ofcourse – should Jude take a bold step in asking her tobe his girlfriend.However, Jude had planned to profess his love to her,and make his intention known toward her as he hadfixed a date for the both of themat a Classy Restaurant. The Night forthe date finally came and they met ata Rendezvous. The tryst was beautifully decorated withgood music, flashy lights and candle themed dinner.May Also Like :Silent Seduction By FiyahThey made their orders to the server and the foods wereshortly served. They discussed about different things,especially about themselves and it gets to a point whenJude magically unveiled a Black-box with a diamondring placed inside, and then popped the big question.
“Will you be my girlfriend?” Jude romantically enquiredwith a racing heart while squatting one of his knees onthe tiled floor.Elo was then shocked by his proposal; Even though sheloved him, she didn’t expected him to propose soquickly. But after remaining silent for a while, she brokethe silence still.”Can you die for love?” Elo asked while staring at himwith a straight face. Jude became stunned by herquestion. He had not expected her to be sarcastic withsuch a serious matter.”Pardon! Is that your own way of evaluating my love foryou?” He retorted by answering her question withanother question”C’mon babe, don’t be mad at the question. I don’tmean to trample on your feelings. I just had a dreamthat…” She was saying.”Ain’t nobody talking about no dream here. This isreality girl.
Be real with me. Is it a ‘Yay’ or a ‘Nay’?”Jude interrupted and dropped the tongue waggingbombshell while switching to the African-Americandiction which had a huge influence in his originalaccent.”A’ight! I’m sorry Babe.. Didn’t mean to offend you. I’llgladly be your woman anyday, Yay!” She accepted hisrequest and smiled while they lovingly stood up to hugone another. Just then, Elo saw two detectives from thepolice station whom she could clearly identify wanderingabout at an extreme in the restaurant, then her moodsuddenly changed.”You know what Babe, as a matter of urgency, I thinkwe should start leaving!” She Lamented.”Start leaving?! We had barely finished our meal. Whythe sudden rush?” Jude asked a thousand questions atonce.”It’s nothing. I just have a bad sensation thatsomething uncool may happen here tonight, and we mayas well be doomed if we don’t leave here right now.
“She asserted and held his hand firmly while they beganleaving the venue following another exit route.In the end, Jude kind of suspected that something fishywent on, but decided to allow the thought slide notwanting to start up an argument.They eventually reached Jude’s apartment withouthaving much to say to each other before arriving home.Somehow, Jude was able to weather the storm as thedate practically continued at his sitting-room. He hadreached for a bottle of wine from his shelf filled withcollection of assorted wines and alcoholic beverages.
They made a toast, drank and danced to the fullest, themood was becoming heated and before you could say’Jack Bauer’ they started stripping themselves unclad,and Jude proceeded to give her a hot blown sex of herlife. After the deed was done, they both instantaneouslyforgot themselves and slept off half-unclad in thesitting-room, but in the dawn of the following morning,an uninvited guest crashed into the house and therewas trouble…
To be continue……