Black Monday Episode 5


The Night was fast approaching and the atmosphericcondition was relatively cold prior to little drizzle ofrainfall that reflected on the moment. Thecozy breathof nature emitted fresh breeze that circulated aroundevery nook and crany of the house which eventuallymade it unnecessary to power the air-conditionerregardless of stable electricity from the generator powerplant mounted in the house. Jude was living the life of aking and could afford almost anything he needed as aman, yet was unmarried as a result of his occupation,even though he wasn’t getting any younger.
Often times, he wished he could wake up every morningas a responsible individual and not someone who wouldhave to steal or kill to survive. He had thought ofchanging that status several times but could seldomphantom the feasibility of that ever happening.The door to the parlour was soon opened and they bothstepped into the sitting-room which was practically amini-heaven. Elo could hardly believe her eyes as shehad entered the most expensive house in her entire life.Jude positioned her comfortably on the sofa located atthe southern flank of the room, and proceeded to hishome-theatre system that instantly began playing slowRnB rhythm which was dimly volumed.
He then startedpulling off his shirt while Elo surprisingly watched andstarted imagining how she was about to be molested bya criminal. Although, she would have freely given-in tosex because her assignment as an undercover wasmore important than being f***ed once by someone shebarely had feelings for. Everything seemed set for aperfect romantic night of intimacy which would havebeen one of a kind should Jude had capitalized on theopportunity. Instead, Jude walked back to the couchwhere she was seated and sat beside her beforeenacting a conversation”You’re welcome to my crib ma’am, please do nothesitate to feel at home.” He said and then curved hislips into a cute smile. Elo replied in appreciation andagain, she stared directly into his eyes but what shesaw was a loving man with a good heart, who wasunfortunately wanted for robbery.
“So Elohor, tell me more about yourself. I meaneverything.” Jude said and leaned his back closertoward a small pillow near him, and raised his eyebrowsup whilst looking interested.Elo was instantly reeled with goose bumps as thoughshe was about to be interviewed by the devil himself,but then, she managed to coordinated herself togetheras she started telling about herself.After she was done telling about herself, she purposelytold the truth about some things, and lied about someother things; but above all, she omitted the part whereshe was a television reporter. It became Jude’s turn togive a hint into his person and he equally did the samething, telling the truth and also lying about himself,especially on what he does for a living.In his story, he started by narrating from the early daysof his youth while he was struggling as a young adultfrom a poor hardworking background.
He was the onlychild his parents had and they virtually gave and soldall they had ensuring that he was able to acquire formaleducation. He was the only hope his pauper parents hadto enjoy the little benefits that life had to offer beforethey would eventually migrate to meet with theircreator. His mother, though, wretched, yet sold herclothes and other belongings to send him throughschool. His late father also took loans to pay for histuition fees, accommodation, feeding and social well-being while he was still an undergraduate. At a point,his father was unable to remit the loans he hadborrowed, then the monetary institution that granted theloans teamed up to take possession of their onlyfarmland which was initially used as collateral and leftthem with nothing.
It wasn’t until then that he wasoffered a scholarship to study abroad after he finishedas the best graduating student in his department whilein the university; but his mother had no money to payfor his travelling ticket, hence, he rejected the offer. Fewyears later, he was able to have his Master’s done inNigeria, at the University of Ibadan but was leftstranded in the labour market with no profiting job tohis degree. Then, his mother was struck with a severeillness. They couldn’t afford to take her to the hospital,that way, they began treating her traditionally, usingmedicinal herbs. To make matters worse, his motherlater passed away while he was holding her helplessly,he clearly asserted that watching his ailing mother dieslowly and unable to do anything to help was the mosttraumatic event that had ever happened to him.
As though that was not enough, he started losing thepeople he called his friends, his longtime lover alsoabandoned him, and then it seemed as if society hadrejected him. Jude stressed that he contemplatedcommitting suicide many times, perhaps, heaven wouldaccept his soul. He then accepted the fact that his storywas undoubtedly touching, but failed to acknowledge toElohor that his life eventually turned around when hemet a man called “GENERAL.”By this time, Elo was already covered with genuine tearsand didn’t know when she started narrating her worstordeal ever experienced. She reflected on a particularrobbery which took place in the city two months earlier,it was one of the worst act of terrorism everexperienced in the land, and even had international newsdesk ‘CNN’ reporting it to the world. Elo revealed toJude that she was the only survivor in that attack whichalmost terminated her life until she was saved by anunknown person who shot dead her supposed killer.
Jude was immediately shocked after a mystery wasunraveled; he had to find out that he was a hero to astrange lady he barely know, and whom he recently metat a function. He was uncomfortable still, butnonetheless, he had no worries having a closeinteraction and friendship with someone like herregardless of the secret they shared among each other.Although, it was against their code of ethics to keepclose relationships with the opposite sex, let alonehaving a conversation with someone involved in one ofthe attack they carried out. Perhaps, he thought it wasonly an instance of coincidence, only if he knew that thelady beside him was working in cooperation with theFBI/POLICE in order to have him and his team arrested.”You’re a good man…
” Elo slowly uttered whilestressing the ‘Good’ part. “…and you should be thankfulto God that your story has changed today.” She added.Elo immediately started having a strong emotionalfeeling toward him, unknown to her that she was takingthe worst decision ever…