The One I love Episode 13



Previously On The One I Love.

Credit Temitope Daniel.

“Do you think Tolani will still be in Manchester?” Stella asked

“I don’t think so, he should now be in Nigeria. Do you still have feelings for that guy?” Favour asked.

“Sure. I don’t know why, I do feel as if we’ve not broken up, that I just left him to go study, he will bestill be back.”

Favour laughed. Just then, Stella’s phone rang.

“I called to greet you and to tell you that I didn’t drink today.” Tobi said softly, like a gentle guy.

“You didn’t drink? I don’t trust you.” Stella smiled.

“I’m serious. The mouth organ you brought has changed a lot in me. I was heading out to drink when I saw the it and i couldn’t go again. It was as if it had a magnet in it that drew me back.”


“Good morning dear.”

‘Dear?. “Good morning Tobi.” She replied smiling.

“Why can’t you reply me as your dear.” He accused.

“Because you are not my dear.” She replied smiling.

“I am not?” there was a knock at the door.

Feyi and Tolani walked in.

Stella turned her head to the left to see the people coming in and her glance collided with that of Tolani. She stood at once.


“Let’s make it my company so that it’s going to be easier than yours.” He smiled.

Tobi just wanted to know what he’d say. Though, it was Stella that should take it but seeing Tolani’s reactions, “I’ll bring it.” He quickly changed his mind.

“I guess that’s better, you should take it to him.” Feyi also supported.

“Alright, thanks ma.” Tobi grinned and compiled the documents together.

“Please,  I’ll like you to see me in my office this evening.” Feyi said to Stella.

“Alright.” Stella replied with a polite tone.

“Do they know each other?” Tolani asked himself.


Episode 13

“Do you know that guy?” Tobi asked Stella frankly, after the departure of Tolani and Feyi from the office.

“Sure I do, he’s my…” she stopped abruptly and gave Tobi a sharp glance.

Tobi sighed and stood from his seat. He took some steps forward to where she was and stood by her table. “Your boyfriend?” He asked, completing her uncompleted statement for her.

“Something like that.” She said slowly.

“God!” Tobi was disappointed and walked back to his seat sadly.

“Tobi, this was what happened…” she tried to explain.

“Don’t worry, I don’t wish to know.” He stopped her.


“Do you know that lady from somewhere before?” Feyi questioned Tolani.

“And is that how to say thanks for accompanying you today?” He questioned her.

“You’ve not answered my question.” Feyi said, turning her head toward Tolani.

“Neither have you answered mine.” He replied.

“Why are you acting this way? Why can’t you answer my question when you know you have no ulterior motive.” She said.

Tolani chuckled. ‘This girl no know me.’ He thought within himself and glanced at her. “How does it concern you if I have an ulterior motive and how sure are you that I don’t have?”

“Stop dodging my questions and answer me.” Feyi exclaimed.

“I can’t answer because it seems you are the one with great ulterior motive.” He replied her.

“From that, you have an ulterior motive right?” She asked.

“From this question you asked, you seem to like me right?”



“Please calm down, all will be well.” Doris said to the woman on seat.

Area F investigation station was the largest crime investigation station in the state. There were lots of cops and experienced investigators in the station that did work day and night to get criminals. They just got a report from a woman who got home and met her husband and children been shot to death.

The cops had been working so hard to get the criminal(s) that did the work. They’ve gotten the bullets and the proofs from the scene of the incidence to be worked on.

There have hardly been a case which they wouldn’t get the people in charge of whatever happened.

“A whole husband and three children have been killed!” She kept on weeping.

It had been three weeks already but the cops were yet to lay their hands on the criminals.


There was quietness until Tolani dropped Feyi off to her hotel. He must not miss that evening, he must be in the hotel to speak with Stella since she might visit the hotel.

Both didn’t express their joy because Tobi and Feyi were around. They knew that wouldn’t be the end of their meeting, another day would come.