The One I Love Episode 14



Previously On The One I Love.

Credit Temitope Daniel.

“Do you know that guy?” Tobi asked

“Sure I do, he’s my…” she stopped abruptly and gave Tobi a sharp glance.

“Your boyfriend?”

“Something like that.”


“Do you know that lady from somewhere before?” Feyi questioned Tolani.

“And is that how to say thanks for accompanying you today?” He questioned her.

“From this question you asked, you seem to like me right?”

There was quietness until Tolani dropped Feyi off to her hotel. He must not miss that evening, he must be in the hotel to speak with Stella since she might visit the hotel.

Both didn’t express their joy because Tobi and Feyi were around. They knew that wouldn’t be the end of their meeting, another day would come.


Episode 14


Stella walked into Diamond Hotel smartly composed and beautiful. She greeted the receptionist, smiling. “Weren’t you the lady of the other day?” The guy accused her.

“Sure I am.” She replied.

“How come you didn’t come back with your friend? The post have been occupied, I’m sorry.” He said.

“We got a better oppurtunity that same day. I now work as a manager in a construction company.” She replied.

“That’s awesome. I’ve been looking at you, you look beautiful.” The guy was happy for her.

“Thanks so much.” She grinned. “The boss said I should come here to see her. Is she still around?” She asked.

“Yes, let me give her a call.” The receptionist smiled and picked the receiver.

“Pretty angel.” Stella noticed a soft touch on her shoulder.

She turned back and saw a tall man in his early fifties in a yoruba attire and cap. She was surprised. “Excuse me, how could you have touched me?” She accused.

“Because you are beautful.” Senator Komolafe replied her, smiling.

He had two body guards behind him. One was carrying his briefcase while the other was holding nothing. “Thanks sir but it’s wrong to touch someone like that, I hate it!” She hissed angrily and faced the receptionist.

“She said you should come over.” The guy smiled.

“Thanks so much, I’ll see you before I leave.” She grinned.

“I’ll expect you.” He smiled and waved at her.

Stella walked as fast as she could and finally got to the front of her office. She heaved a sigh before she knocked.

“Come in.” Feyi addressed her.

Stella walked in slowly, putting on her cheerful facial expression again.

“Good evening.” She greeted.

“Yeah… em… Stella. How are you? Sit down.” She said and dropped the pen in her hand.

“Thanks.” She sat down.

“Do you know him before?” She asked Stella.

“Him…” Stella pretended, reapeating the ‘him’ as if she didn’t know what she was talking about.

“Don’t try to lie, don’t dare try it. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?” She stood up.

“I don’t.” She continued pretending.

Feyi smiled and picked up her phone. “Kate, where are you now?” She asked.

She received her response and dropped her mobile phone. “You don’t know Tolani right?” She finally let out.

“I know him, he’s my close pal.” She replied.

“So you can still tell me you know..” she couldn’t conclude her sentence because of the knock at the door.

“Come in.” She quickly said.

Kate walked in. “So she’s the one?” She asked as she moved closer.

“She’s the one oh.” She replied, clapping her hands together.

“So you’re the one that wants to destroy our plan right?” Kate questioned and walked closer. She could now see her face properly.

“Can you see the small cockroach. I’m sure it was because of her Tolani reacted to me somehow till we got here. I’m sure she’s the one.”

“Leave story, do that thing now.” Kate said to Feyi.

“Alright.” She replied and collected Kate’s iPhone from her. She dropped it on the table and picked up her own phone and called the security department.

“There’s a theif here, she came to steal iPhone. Your presence is highly needed.” She said quickly.

Stella stood at once, surprised at their action. “You better sit!” Kate pushed her down.

“What’s the meaning of this?” Her heartbeat increased.

“What?” Kate slapped her instantly and pushed her away.

Just then, the security agent came into the company and headed into Feyi’s office. While that was going on, Tolani walked into the company and went to meet the receptionist. He asked if Stella was around and was told she was around.

He headed to her office too. He was hearing shouts from her office as she approached the office. Feyi stood aside while Kate was beating Stella up when Tolani barged in

“What’s happening here?” His anger arose as he sighted the condition in which Stella was..

“She came here to steal this iPhone.” Kate replied.

Feyi stood aside, crossed her hands together and was breathing up and down. “This is a lie.” He tried to interfere but was stopped by the security men and Stella was taken outside.
Feyi and Kate waited in the office as she was been taken away. “My conscience won’t let me rest.” Feyi complained.

“The press will soon be here, you better don’t act stupid!” Kate shouted.

“I didn’t want to do this, you pushed me. I’m not feeling like myself again. I just felt she was dating him and was jealous but now…” she was impatient,  not happy with what just happened. I don’t think it’s up to what we’ve just done.”

“Use your brain! Don’t you want to marry too? Have you forgotten Godwin’s issue in England? He left you! For how long do you want to be like this!” Kate shouted.

“I’m not just feeling good about it.”

Just then, professor; Feyi’s father also arrived into the company with the aim of coming to greet his daughter and met the scene. The press were almost in the hotel to write and take pictures. Tolani was just running helter skelter while Stella was weeping.

“What’s happening here?” Prof interrupted.

“She stole an iphone.” One of the security men replied.

“I didn’t!” Stella shouted.

“Shut up! You did..” Kate shouted.

“Alright. There’s something I’ve been told to keep as secret because something like this might happen and today, we shall all see.” Professor said.

“‘What?” Tolani was breathing heavily.

Professor smiled and picked his phone. He called his engineer and told him to meet him in the next ten minutes. The engineer’s office wasn’t far from that hotel.

Not quite long after, he arrived with his laptop in his hand and a bag. “What happened?” He quickly asked.

“Follow me.” He said to the guy and told everyone of them to remain downstairs.

The Engineer folllwed him into Feyi’s office.

“There’s a secret I want to leak. The cameras we placed here, how can I watch the scene that happened in this office recently?”

“Hope you really didn’t tell anyone there are cameras in this hotel?” The guy asked.

“I never told anyone. Weren’t you the one that told me to keep it as a secret then because of something like this?” He replied.

“That’s good sir.” The engineer smiled and sat on Feyi’s seat

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