The One I Love Episode 15



Previously On The One I Love.

Credit Temitope Daniel..

Stella walked in slowly, putting on her cheerful facial expression again.

“Good evening.” She greeted.

“Yeah… em… Stella. How are you? Sit down.” She said and dropped the pen in her hand.


“Do you know him before?”

“Him…” Stella pretended

“Come in.”

Kate walked in. “So she’s the one?”

“She’s the one oh.”

“So you’re the one that wants to destroy our plan right?” Kate questioned and walked closer. She could now see her face properly.

“There’s a theif here, she came to steal iPhone. Your presence is highly needed.” She said quickly.

Just then, the security agent came into the company and headed into Feyi’s office.

“What’s happening here?” His anger arose

“She came here to steal this iPhone.” Kate replied.

Just then, professor; Feyi’s father also arrived into the company with the aim of coming to greet his daughter

“What’s happening here?” Prof interrupted.

Professor smiled and picked his phone.

Not quite long after, he arrived with his laptop in his hand and a bag. “

“Hope you really didn’t tell anyone there are cameras in this hotel?” The guy asked.

“I never told anyone. Weren’t you the one that told me to keep it as a secret then because of something like this?” He replied.

“That’s good sir.” The engineer smiled and sat on Feyi’s seat


Episode 15

He brought out another laptop from his bag and left the one he brought in on the table.

“This is the laptop I told you about the other day. That is why I told you a real security department is needed here. This is a big Hotel.” He placed the laptop on the table.

“Do you mean everything that happened is here?” Feyi’s father asked.

“Sure. White men have gone crazy, the cameras are even recording us as we are talking here presently. It can be used easily to get a criminal. As it is recording, everything is being sent into this place.” He smiled.

“‘White men have really gone crazy..” Prof smiled too. “I just came to check on my daughter, then met that scene of a thief out there.” He continued.

After some minutes, the engineer set up the system and sound system to produce sounds, what was said in the office.

He checked what happened in just thirty minutes back and both discovered she was lied against.

“If we produce this video sir, your daughter might also suffer…” The guy uttered.

Prof was mute, he didn’t know what to say next. “Why do you keep calling yourself an engineer, you’re more than this!” He said.

“To protect myself. Some desperate people may want to steal some files and camera works from me.” He explained.

“There’s no way we won’t leak this video because without it, no one will believe.” He said.

“That’s exactly what I’m thinking about, people won’t!”

Prof sighed. “Let’s go, we must show it, at least she decided to destroy someone. I heard the press are already on the way.”

Both walked and kept talking till they got downstairs. Everyone was silent on seeing Prof. “Did she really stole the phone or not?” He faced Kate and asked.

“Yes sir, he did!” She exclaimed.

“What of you, Feyi.”

“Dad… no… I mean.. Yes.”

“Yours isn’t sharp, it’s uncertain. Are you sure?”

Feyi was quiet this time.

The engineer displayed the video before them all to expose the truth, at least if that would convince them. Then, the truth manifested.


“Meeting you today is like I made heaven, but the humiliation you passed through is getting me annoyed seriously.”

“Tolani… Thanks for..” she hadn’t stopped crying as Tolani drove her home.

“Stop this! At least we’ve all known the truth and the truth has manifested. There were no press officials there to record or take pictures. You’ve been justified, you’ve been vindicated.” He tried to cheer her up.

“Thanks Tolani. When did you return?” She changed the topic.

“It’s been a while. I searched for you, I called your mobile numbers and even came to your house but to no avail. How have you been? I’ve really missed you!” He smiled.

“I missed you more. I thought you’d just shun me, thought you wouldn’t talk to me because of what I did to you.. then.”

“No, I should be the one thanking you for that because it was a great oppurtunity to gain more. Manchester is a nice place.” He grinned.

“All thanks to God.” She replied.

“So how have you been? How’s mum and dad?” He asked.

“Mum is just getting better. Dad died years back.”

Tolani was shocked. “That’s bad.” He shook his head sadly. “So how have you been? How is Fave?”

“We are all fine.”

Both kept talking till they got to Stella’s house and exchanged mobile numbers and greeted good night.


Stella walked into the house briskly. She was already tired and had pains all over her body. To say, it was a bad day for her. She removed the handbag from her left shoulder and carried it with her right hand. If she had known, she wouldn’t have visited Feyi’s place.

Was she cursed? Or what on earth prompted her to visit Feyi without giving it a second or even a third thought? She entered into the living room and flung her bag on the sofa. She sat down and unbuttoned the first button on her shirt. She wasn’t beaten so much to the extent of having bloodstains, but, had to nurse her cheeks due to the slaps she had received.

“Why are you like this?” Favour walked out from behind with a tray of malt. She sat beside her and gave her a long look. “Stella what’s with your face?” She dropped the tray suddenly, expressing her surprise.. “What happened? Who slapped you?” She was concerned, she had seen finger marks on her cheeks. She stretched her right hand, wanted to touch her face.

“It was a bad day, really bad day.” She replied sadly.

“Bad day? What really happened? Talk to me.” Favour was more serious than ever been.

“I visited Feyi’s place.” She finally let out as she faced her properly and removed her wrist watch.

“Which Feyi?” Favour hardly let her finish speaking before cutting in again.

“No, let me start this way. I met Tolani today.” She exhaled and dropped her wristwatch on the sofa. Fave was shocked.

“Are you serious? What happened?” She smiled.

“This is not an issue to laugh on.” She said, stretching her hand forward to stop Favour from smiling, She must have really had a bad day. Favour concluded within herself.

“Alright. What happened after?” She enquired.

Stella continued her explanation and explaind everything that had happened to her friend. She was weeping as she talked.

“It seems this thing is a curse. What caused my father’s death happened in the hotel because he was accused of stealing, so I was.” She wept bitterly.

“See, we won’t be cursed. It’s destiny that can never be changed, not even by the greatest man in the world, but by God. Favour cuddled her as she stood up and pulled her to herself.

“Weep no more my friend, we have a destination, we have a promise land.”

Story continues tomorrow , good night