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“If we produce this video sir, your daughter might also suffer…”

Prof sighed. “Let’s go, we must show it, at least she decided to destroy someone. I heard the press are already on the way.”

“Did she really stole the phone or not?” He faced Kate and asked.

“Yes sir, she did!” She exclaimed.

“What of you, Feyi.”

“Dad… no… I mean.. Yes.”

The engineer displayed the video before them all to expose the truth,


“Meeting you today is like I made heaven, but the humiliation you passed through is getting me annoyed seriously.”

“Tolani… Thanks for..” she hadn’t stopped crying as Tolani drove her home.


“Why are you like this?” Favour asked

“It was a bad day, really bad day.”

“Bad day? What really happened? Talk to me.” Favour was more serious than ever been.

“I visited Feyi’s place.” She finally let out as she faced her properly and removed her wrist watch.

“Which Feyi?” Favour hardly let her finish speaking before cutting in again.

“No, let me start this way. I met Tolani today.” She exhaled and dropped her wristwatch on the sofa. Fave was shocked.

“Are you serious?

“It seems this thing is a curse. What caused my father’s death happened in the hotel because he was accused of stealing, so I was.” She wept bitterly.

“See, we won’t be cursed. It’s destiny that can never be changed, not even by the greatest man in the world, but by God. Favour cuddled her as she stood up and pulled her to herself.

“Weep no more my friend, we have a destination, we have a promise land.”


Episode 16

She walked into my life and left footprints that can never be cast out, not even by a strong wind nor by a heavy rain, her beautiful smile, humble behaviour and all. I tested her, thought I’ve met the one whom I’m going to love till death. I met her, though I found it difficult to love, her presence in my life turned away my sad and bad moments; restoring it with greatness. I just left drinking, made it a past, made it a story but lost her. Tobi kept weeping on his seat. He hadn’t tasted anything since he had been told by Stella that Tolani was her love.

What could make him happier than having her to him? He thought all was well but never knew the battle would continue. He picked his mobile phone and stared at her mobile number, he couldn’t make a call through to her. He was devastated and heartbroken, he wished he never loved.


Feyi sat down close to Kate as they were before Prof. Feyi was already weeping, she never wished to do that. She had told Kate earlier that she didn’t want to go that much, embarrassing Stella for what she didn’t do, but Kate was adamant as if she was Feyi herself.

Both couldn’t speak, they were just downcast.

“I’m really surprised you could go to this extent because of a guy!” Prof repeated himself angrily.

He was very disappointed at what the ladies had done. He could read from Feyi’s expression and repentant mood that she didn’t mean to do that. The video had also exposed it that she wasn’t in support of it but her jealousy also made her fall into the pit of regrets.

“Kate! The first day I set my eyes on you, I thought you were a blessing to my daughter, but now I see you were sent to ruin my family.”

Omolara walked out of the balcony into the living room. “Feyi!” She exclaimed and sat down, she was staring at her with a disappointing look.

She was Prof’s wife- Feyi’s mother who had travelled for weeks before she returned the morning of that day.

None of the ladies could talk. It didn’t seem as if Kate was repentant, she just kept her head low, and playing with her fingers.


It was another day at work, Stella sat down on her chair and prayed. She glimpsed at her wristwatch and raised her head again, gazing at the same direction she had been gazing at.

“Why is he not yet at work?” She wondered and sighed.

She was uncomfortable by not seeing him at work. It was after 30minutes she was forced to pick her phone and called him. The phone kept ringing but he didn’t pick up the call.

“Would he not come to work?” She kept wondering until her phone rang. It was Tolani.

“My night was fine and yours?” Stella asked, replying Tola’s question.

“I’m already in the office, I’ll try if I can come there this afternoon.” She replied him again.

“Alright, no problem.” She ended the call.

She dropped the phone and glimpsed at Tobi’s seat again.

“Why is he like this?” She was getting unhappy. She didn’t like it if she’d be an excuse to someone’s happiness. She tried his phone again but then, it was already switched off.

“So he really meant his words..” she said softly and dropped her phone.

Tolani called her to meet him at Lexyland Foods by afternoon.


Tobi had finished packing his belongings that morning. He was seated on a couch and staring at the mouth organ in his hand. That would be the first gift he’d receive from her. He wished he could buy her a gift too but he wished to leave the state that morning.

Being around her would still make him feel for her. If he should call his boss, he might beg and persuade him to come back to his place of work but it would be difficult for him because he had started loving Stella.

He blew the mouth organ faintly and remembered his mother again. The first time he’d blown a mouth organ was when he was beside his mother and she was happy and laughing with him. His thoughts couldn’t hold back his tears as he continued blewing it.

Love is a mighty thing.


“At least, I’ve been told to leave your place today and Dad has fired me.” Feyi said to Kate as she came out of the room with her luggage.

Prof had ordered her to pack her things out of Kate’s house and move back to his house. He had also fired her from his hotel and made sure he called her account manager to cancel any transaction concerning her account.

“Do you know I couldn’t sleep?” Kate asked Feyi, looking sad.

“Just because you didn’t feel like sleeping right?” She questioned her and hissed.

“No, was just imagining if what I did to that lady was done to me. Let’s go and beg her, we need to apologise.” She said to her, looking serious.

“We should go and apologize? Never knew you could say this!” Feyi was surprised. “Yes, I’ve started feeling bad. It wasn’t a good thing. But, how come your dad didn’t tell you about the hidden camera?” Kate asked.

“I can’t reply that question because I equally didn’t know.” She replied.

“All the same, thank God it was there. If not..” she stopped and shook her head.

“It seems you’re serious with what you’re saying.” Feyi stared at Kate and clapped her hands together.

“I’m really serious! I’ve thought of it. Why on earth do we call ourselves christians when we won’t show we are.” She said.

“Alright, let’s go and do that now because there’s no possibility that dad’s going to let me out of that confinement.” She hissed dryly.

“We need to get Tolani involved, we’ll apologize to him first.” Kate stood up and adjusted her camisole.


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