The One I Love Episode 17



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“I’m really surprised you could go to this extent because of a guy!” Prof repeated himself angrily.


“Why is Tobi not yet at work?”

She was uncomfortable by not seeing him at work. It was after 30minutes she was forced to pick her phone and called him. The phone kept ringing but he didn’t pick up the call.

“Would he not come to work?” She kept wondering until her phone rang. It was Tolani.

“My night was fine and yours?” Stella asked, replying Tola’s question.

“I’m already in the office, I’ll try if I can come there this afternoon.” She replied him again.

“Alright, no problem.”


Tobi had finished packing his belongings that morning, being around her would still make him feel for her.

Love is a mighty thing.


“At least, I’ve been told to leave your place today and Dad has fired me.” Feyi said to Kate as she came out of the room with her luggage..

“No, was just imagining if what I did to that lady was done to me. Let’s go and beg her, we need to apologise.” She said to her, looking serious.

“We should go and apologize? Never knew you could say this!”

“I’m really serious! I’ve thought of it. Why on earth do we call ourselves christians when we won’t show we are.” She said.

“Alright, let’s go and do that now because there’s no possibility that dad’s going to let me out of that confinement.” She hissed dryly.

“We need to get Tolani involved, we’ll apologize to him first.” Kate stood up and adjusted her camisole.


Episode 17

Kate and Feyi entered into Kate’s car. The driver was in charge of driving the car while both sat at the back seats and kept discussing as the car sped on. “I’m very sure Tolani must have really been hit by what happened.” Kate said. “That’s simply true, we weren’t good.” Feyi added.

“I pray he’s not going to send us away.” Kate uttered, looking remorseful.

“I just hope I’ve not been cursed. Why on earth do I face trials and difficulties when it comes to having a guy?” She complained.

“I met a man online, he specialises in talking to singles and telling them how to know the right man or woman.” She replied.

“When? So you know that and made us embarrass that lady..” Feyi hissed.

“It wasn’t my fault, I felt the case should be treated swiftly so that Tolani would have no one else but you.” She replied.

“How did you know the man? Who’s he?” She asked.

“Let’s leave that man, I don’t trust him. It seems he doesn’t have a clean mind.” Kate said and hissed.


Tolani was smiling on his seat. Meeting Stella again was the best thing that had happened to him that week. He hadn’t called his friends that would be leaving the next day. He was smiling and checking out the project at hand when he heard the office phone ring.

“Yes?” He said.

“Secretary, they must not come in!” He exclaimed.

Not quite long after, Kate and Feyi barged into his office. Both didn’t allow him to speak at all before going on their kneels. Tolani himself was speechless.

Though, he wanted to be mad at them but seeing what they’ve done cooled him down. They were ladies with class, ladies that graduated from England and from extremely rich backgrounds. He wouldn’t let his guards down totally, he must still act strange and resentful.

“What!” He shouted.

The secretary entered looking angry.

“I told them not to come in sir..” She tried to explain what happened when Tolani dismissed her with a wave of his hand.

“We’re really sorry.” The ladies apologized, looking so pertinent.

Tolani exhaled deeply. The ladies were still on their knees. Did they plan it or were serious?

“Sit.” He said and sat back.


Tolani had discussed a lot with the ladies, after they’d pleaded. He told Feyi how much he was disappointed in her. He explained to them who he was to Stella and told both of them how he had living like a dead until he just met her again.

“Now that your parents want you to return home as soon as possible, will you be able to wait till afternoon?” He asked Feyi.

“Sure, I’m going to wait.” She replied.

“We will wait.” Kate added.

“No problem, I’ll be meeting her this afternoon, so I guess you should be there to apologise to her. But I pray she forgives you totally because you really embarrassed her. You spoilt my night for me. I thought that night would be my best night ever, by setting my eyes on her so that we could talk and gist but you destroyed it.”

“We’re really sorry.” They apologised again.


Not long after Stella called Tolani and told him it was lunch time, he arrived at the company and parked outside. He called her back to meet him downstairs whereas he had told Feyi and Kate to head to Lexyland Foods to wait for the two of them there.

“How are you today?” Tolani asked Stella cheerfully.

“Don’t you feel somehow? I mean somehow like annoyed with me?” Stella asked.

“Why on earth would I be?” He questioned her.

“Because I left you, then.” She replied.

“That’s not enough reason to feel awkward or unhappy with you. You may have broken up with me but deep within me, the bond of love is still there and I can feel it in you likewise.” He smiled.

“You can feel what? You’ve not parted with these small lies of yours.” Stella grinned.

“I’m not lying now. Alright, why were you so shocked on seeing me yesterday?” He asked her.

“I was surprised! It was a surprise that I could see you just like that, after many years.” She smiled. “Now, deny you didn’t miss me.” He grinned.

“Tolani! You’re too troublesome!” She hit him and laughed. “Can you see? You really missed me!” He laughed.

“What of you, didn’t you miss me?” She teased him.

“I didn’t! Miss you? A whole me? I didn’t even feel for you.”

“Are you serious?” She asked him.

“Sure.” He replied.

“You are invited to my engagement that’s going to hold next month.” She said.

“Engage what?” Tolani pulled out of the track and parked. Is she serious?’ He asked within himself.

“Engage-ment.” She completed it for him.

“You can’t be serious! Do you mean this?” Tolani was getting serious.

“Can you see a person who didn’t miss me? A person who didn’t feel for me!” Stella laughed and smacked him.

Tolani laughed too. “Naughty girl.” He drove on.


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