The One I Love Episode 12



Previously On The One I Love.

Credit Temitope Daniel

“Hope you’re fine wherever you are?”

She said softly and couldn’t hold back her tears as she remembered she was the one that took the photograph for him the day they went to an eatery.

“Is he still in Manchester?” She wondered.

“I hope you’ve not forgotten me, because of you I’m not giving my heart to anyone, not even Tobi.” She spoke quietly.

She was speaking, and staring at the picture until she slept off.


Tolani asked him the companies he knew that could handle construction properly.

“David and co.”

“How sure are you?”

“I’m very sure. My best friend; Tobi is the contract manager and they’ve won almost all the contracts bidded for and they are good. I must say.” He replied.

“That’s nice.” Tolani smiled

He turned on his laptop and searched for the company on net and was convinced they coud handle constructions well.


. “Tola, how are you?”

“I’m good.

“Have your seat.”

“How have you been?”

“We thank God and you?”

“Same here. After I called you, I also searched for some companies I know that are great.

“So to cut the long story short, they should be awarded the contract?” She smiled.

“Yes. I think they’re capable of doing a good and neat job.” He smiled.

“Alright. I’m so grateful. But I need your help.” She stopped.

“My help? How?” Tolani was serious.

“Can you please get time for me tomorrow? Lets go together to the company together.”

“Tomorrow….” Tolani pressed his lips together, thinking If he had anything so important to do. “Alright.” He replied, smiling.

“Thanks so much.” Feyi was grateful.

Episode 12

Same night.


“Do you think Tolani will still be in Manchester?” Stella asked Fave as she lowered the volume of the television set.

“I don’t think so, he should now be in Nigeria.” She replied,  picking pop corn from the plate before her.

“Why did you say so?” She asked, wanting to be sure.

“At least his course should be over by now.. Have you got in touch with him?” She asked.

“No, I’ve been wondering about him.” She replied.

“Do you still have feelings for that guy?” Favour asked.

“Sure. I don’t know why, I do feel as if we’ve not broken up, that I just left him to go study, he will bestill be back.”

Favour laughed. Just then, Stella’s phone rang.

She picked it up. It was Tobiloba. “Can I help you?” She said first.

“I called to greet you and to tell you that I didn’t drink today.” Tobi said softly, like a gentle guy.

“You didn’t drink? I don’t trust you.” Stella smiled.

“I’m serious. The mouth organ you brought has changed a lot in me. I was heading out to drink when I saw the it and i couldn’t go again. It was as if it had a magnet in it that drew me back.”

“If this is true, I’m happy for you then. I should tell your Grandma tomorrow.” She was smiling.

“Don’t tell her yet. I feel I owe you something. I’ll give you a gift tomorrow.” He said on the other end.

“A gift?” Stella chuckled. Tobi had never been so nice that way. Hope he wasn’t driving at something, she thought.

“I’m serious. Be expecting it.” He said to her and ended the call.



“Good morning dear.” Tobi greeted Stella.

‘Dear?’ Stella muttered. “Good morning Tobi.” She replied smiling.

“Why can’t you reply me as your dear.” He accused.

“Because you are not my dear.” She replied smiling.

“I am not?” He exhaled deeply. “Yes, or are you?” Stella questioned.

“I don’t know what came over me. I don’t know what happened throughout yesterday but it has never happened to me before. I couldn’t stop thinking about you, that was why I called. I may have been acting wickedly or annoyingly but all was to know your character. And, I believe God sent you to me for a reason. Stella… I love…” he couldn’t complete his statement because there was a knock at the door.

Stella was just staring at him, asking herself if she wasn’t dreaming. Was it a reality or another test from Tobi?

“Who’s there?” Tobi quickly asked.

“From the director’s office,  we came to see the contract managers.” Tobi was replied by a female voice.

Tobi comported himself. He was already going emotional. “Come in.” He said, smiling.

Feyi and Tolani walked in.

Stella turned her head to the left to see the people coming in and her glance collided with that of Tolani. She stood at once.

She kept on staring at him with great surprise, likewise Tolani. Tolani’s car key fell from his hand as he kept on staring at her.

Was he dreaming or imagining? Was that a reality or daydream?

It was something he couldn’t really lay his hands on. “Stella.” Tolani  thought.

Tobi was getting impatient as he saw how both of them were staring at each other. Did they know each other from somewhere? He cleared his throat to make them self conscious but it couldn’t work.

“Are you not the lady of the other day?” Feyi stared at her.

None of Tolani and Stella could stop staring at each other, Stella couldn’t even reply Feyi who asked her the question.

“What is happening!” Tobi shouted. His patience couldn’t endure what was happening any longer.

Stella exhaled deeply after she had held her breath for some seconds and sat down. Her mood was uncontrollable, she was breathing heavily as she sat down.

Tolani smiled. Mission accomplished.


“ I’m sorry for the action, it was due to something I can’t lay my hands on. You are Mr Tobi right?” Feyi smiled as she shook Tobi.

Tobi managed to smile too. His mind wasn’t through with what just happened. It seemed they knew each other.

“Good morning.”

Tolani was glimpsing at Stella often as he proceeded to Tobi’s table and greeted him. “Good morning sir.” He smiled.

Tobi who had been jealous replied sharply. “Good morning.”

“We were directed by the director to come and see you. Though we ought not to come by this ourselves but we thought it’d be better coming to see things for ourselves and thrashing things out.” Feyi introduced the discussion.

“Alright. I’m glad to see you. You are welcome to David and Co company. What can I do to help you.”

“A construction project. There are about ten companies bidding for the project and we wish to involve this company too about the project. It’s about constructing a big company.”

“Alright. Stella please get me building file with you.” Tobi called Stella.

Tolani turned his head at once, to use the oppurtunity to glimpse at her again. “I’m going to appreciate it if you face me sir.” Tobi addressed Tolani, tapping him.

“Oorh… sorry, i was eager to see the file.” He smiled.

“I see..” Tobi nodded. He knew he was lying.

Feyi was getting angry too. It was as If she should disappear to Kate’s house to discuss how things were to her. She had started liking Tolani likewise, since the day she met him but her feelings weren’t as strong as that of Tobi until he promised her he’d help her with the issue of her project.

She had moved to Kate’s house to live there temporarily. She preffered a friend’s place to her father’s boring house.

She had already discussed about Tolani with Kate and she had told her Tolani would definitely fall in love with her as they were getting more closer. What Kate said made her have weird thoughts like she and Tolani at the alter making vows of love.

She couldn’t wait to know of Tolani loved her but with his reaction now, what would happen?

Stella picked the file and went ahead to Tobi’s table. Immediately she got there, Tolani turned his head again, staring at her. He didn’t mask his feelings as if he had hated her or trying to play hard to get. He was showing his true colour. He still loved her.

“Sir, please face me.” Tobi cautioned him again on seeing him turning his head towards Stell.

“Oorh… sorry.” He grinned and faced Tobi.

Stella on the other hand was also love impatient. Tolani’s behaviours had shown he still loved her, she also still loved him and wished both could talk right away.

“Hope there’s no problem?” Feyi questioned Tolani quietly,  noticing his behaviour. She was getting annoyed and jealous.

“Problem? None!” Tolani grinned.

Tobi shook his head staring at Tolani as if he should send him out of the office.

“I just want you to check out the companies we’ve worked on.” He showed them the documents.

“No problem.” Tolani said without looking at the documents. He was impatient, as if he should take her outside and both should talk.

“Mr, you didn’t check it out.” Tobi said to him.

“I’ve checked them on the net.” He smiled.

“Alright, how do we go about this project? Firstly, we’ll bring out architectural plans and quotations for the bidding. Where do we come to?” He asked.

“Maybe Diamond Hotel.” Feyi faced Tolani.

“Who will bring the stuffs?” He asked Tobi.

“She’ll bring it.” Tobi pointed at Stella.

“Let’s make it my company so that it’s going to be easier than yours.” He smiled.

Tobi just wanted to know what he’d say. Though, it was Stella that should take it but seeing Tolani’s reactions, “I’ll bring it.” He quickly changed his mind.

“I guess that’s better, you should take it to him.” Feyi also supported.

“Alright, thanks ma.” Tobi grinned and compiled the documents together.

“Please,  I’ll like you to see me in my office this evening.” Feyi said to Stella.

“Alright.” Stella replied with a polite tone.

“Do they know each other?” Tolani asked himself.


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