The One I Love Episode 11



Previously On The One I Love.

Credit Temitope Daniel..

“Who asked you to sit down? You better remain standing.”

“Why should I stand?” She tried to argue.

“Why on earth won’t you? You want to be working with me? Do you know I’m your boss? I’m going to deal with you…. in fact, frustrate you.” He hissed.

‘This is gonna be fun..’ she thought and kept laughing.

“First question is that…. hmmn… Why did you agree with my Grandma to frustrate me?”

“Is this an interview?” Both started laughing.

. “Why are you laughing now?”

“Aren’t you laughing as well?” She kept on laughing.

“Wait, jokes aside. Tell me or I’m going to tell the boss you failed the interview and you are  not worth the post.” He threatened.


“Today was great!” Favour jumped happily.

“Mine was great but you can’t believe that Tobi is the manager I’m being the assistant to.” She chuckled and clapped her hands together.

“It’s a lie! Favour calmed down and sat down. Are you really serious?” She questioned her.

“Jokes apart.” She smiled.

“That’s great! Tobi’s wife..” she laughed.

“Rubbish girl..” She hissed and hit her


Episode 11

Stella went to bed earlier than she did that day. As she laid down, she sighted Tolani’s picture which she put on the small stool beside her bed. She picked it up and stared at it for a moment. Her mood turned apart as she continued staring at the picture.

“Hope you’re fine wherever you are?”

She said softly and couldn’t hold back her tears as she remembered she was the one that took the photograph for him the day they went to an eatery.

It was a sunny afernoon when Tolani came to meet her in her hostel and told her he’d like to take her out for lunch like his friends were doing that day. On getting to the front of the eatery, he brought out his camera and gave it to her to snap him and both of them would snap together as a proof to his friends that he came with her to the eatery.

She remembered another event when she forgot her assignment in the room and couldn’t leave the class because it had been shut. It was Tolani that managed to give her his own. He canceled his name and wrote hers.

Though they were almost caught but he saved her from that problem again. If that wasn’t done, she’d have been the one who would face the lecturer to be awarded her punishments.

Lots of what he had done for her, she only wanted the best for him amd didn’t want to be an excuse to his success. If not, they’d still be together.

“Is he still in Manchester?” She wondered.

“I hope you’ve not forgotten me, because of you I’m not giving my heart to anyone, not even Tobi.” She spoke quietly.

She was speaking, and staring at the picture until she slept off.


Tolani’s friends had already spent two days already in Nigeria. Tolani had been parading the hotel since their arrival, though a day wouldn’t pass without remembering Stella. He’d also ask himself series of questions like; Had she forgotten him or  he wasting her time on someone who had no time for her?

All would be well.



Feyi picked up her mobile phone and called Tolani. She spoke to him about establishing herself and told him she’d need to award the contract to a construction company. She needed to build up her own company and leave her father’s hotel.

She told him she’d draw out the plan of how she wanted the company to be, what would be left was to get a company to award the contract of the construction.

“That’s not a problem, I’ll see you by evening when I come to check on my friends in your hotel.” He got her informed.

“Alright,  thanks.” She appreciated him amd ended the call.

Tolani picked up his phone and dialed the Manager’s number and requested for his presence.

After some minutes, Deji, the manager knocked at his door and was allowed in.

Tolani was happy he came as fast as he could and started the discussion with him. He asked him the companies he knew that could handle construction properly.

“David and co.” He said without thinking.

“How sure are you?” He asked him.

“I’m very sure. My best friend; Tobi is the contract manager and they’ve won almost all the contracts bidded for and they are good. I must say.” He replied.

He was one of Tobi’s friend that did drink with him. “That’s nice.” Tolani smiled and thanked him. He told him he’d get back to him if he needed any assistance.

He turned on his laptop and searched for the company on net and was convinced they coud handle constructions well. He gave Feyi a call and told her about the company. He told her not to put all her eggs in a basket. She should also call on other companies to know their worth but he’d like David and co to receive the contract.

Feyi was happy and thanked him. They planned on meeting at her hotel by the evening to talk better.



Tolani walked into the hotel slowly. He smiled on seeing the receptionist and shook him. He was such a friendly guy. “How una dey?” He asked him.

“I’m good oh.” He smiled and bowed.

“As usual, want to see my friends and Feyi.” He told him.

“No problem sir.” The guy smiled.

“Thanks.” He dipped his hand into his pocket and gave him a sum of money. He left his presence then headed to Feyi’s office.

He knocked softly before he was asked to come in by Feyi. Waiting for him, kept her that late in the office. “Tola, how are you?”

“I’m good. He smiled and moved closer to shake her.

“Have your seat.” She shook him and smiled.

Tolani sat down wearing a cheerful face.

“How have you been?” He tried to be fluent with her.

“We thank God and you?” She enquired.

“Same here. After I called you, I also searched for some companies I know that are great. But according to my research, David and co is still the best. I saw pictures of buildings constructed by them and other contracts they’ve won. Both state contracts and that of Federal.” He explained.

“So to cut the long story short, they should be awarded the contract?” She smiled.

“Yes. I think they’re capable of doing a good and neat job.” He smiled.

“Alright. I’m so grateful. But I need your help.” She stopped.

“My help? How?” Tolani was serious.

“Can you please create time for me tomorrow? Lets go together to the company together.”

“Tomorrow….” Tolani pressed his lips together, thinking If he had anything so important to do. “Alright.” He replied, smiling.

“Thanks so much.” Feyi was grateful.

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