The New Girl Episode 8


What the heck??? How dare him steal my first kiss.

I forcefully pushed him away as he signaled all students to evacuate the hallway.

Oh my gosh.

My anger was seriously rising up.

“How dare you steal my first kiss!!!” I gave a hot slap but he didn’t burge. I kept slapping angrily as tears gathered up in my eyes.

“I….” I gave him another slap shutting him up.

I gave him countless slaps before he grabbed hold of my hands.

“I won’t ever forgive you for this. Who do you think you are huh? You feel because you’re the owner of the school you can start treating Everyone as trash.” I yelled out loud angrily.

” Listen miss am sorry okay? You were talking too much I just had to shut you up.” He explained Calmly not feeling remorseful.

” To hell with you ugly looking dude.” I yanked off his hands from mine and walked away angrily.

Am so angry right now and someone has to be punished for my anger.

Just then I remembered the b***h that poured the dirty water on me.

Well I’ll have to skip class for today and plan my attack very well.

I stayed up in the last floor of the school library and watched her movement from up there.

I waited patiently for her and luckily she walked outta b15 proudly.

I came outta the building and stood infront of her.

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“Hey you get outta my way I don’t have time for lowlifes like you.” She said rudely.

” Do you know the problem with ugly looking plastic dolls like you? You have zero brains and lots of make up on but still You’re never gonna be beautiful but don’t worry I have something for you.” I grinned evilly.

” What are you saying huh? Stay the hell away from me.” She groaned fearlessly.

I grabbed hold of her hair aggressively making her wince in pain.

I dragged her to the isolated building at the back of the building.

I tied her to a chair which I had placed there.

“,Let me go b***h!!”

“Oh you still have mouth to talk right? Let’s see if you still gonna be able to talk.” I smirked evilly as I brought out my beautiful scissor.

Yeah she’s also gonna get a haircut.

I gave a sexy haircut. I trimmed off her front and back hair leaving the middle hair.

Jeez she looks like a roster chicken.

“Now it’s time for some tattoo. Do you know joker? Don’t worry you gonna look like him very much.”

I brought out my paper spray color and sprayed it all over her face.

She was crying seriously.

I did beautiful make up making her look like joker .

“Please forgive me am never gonna cross paths with you ever again.” She pleaded.

I took pictures of her and uploaded it on the school group chat.

“This is a message to the rest of your gang including Kim Mia. Tell them am coming for them one after the other.” I said and set her free.

She ran away scared. I sat down on the floor laughing my a$$ out.

She look so much like joker’s wife Harleen Quincy.

Gosh I feel better now. Next stop is principal Randall.

That disgusting man tried to get me kicked outta the school.

I looked at the pictures one more time and burst into laughter.

This is hilarious

To be continued