The New Girl Episode 9


Kim Taehyung 

How and when I kissed her was a surprise to me. Yuck!!! I can’t believe I stoop to that level.

It’s not my fault tho she talks too much, but still I was wrong and needs to apologize for my silly behavior.

Wait!! How do I apologize? Haven’t done that before.

JK had gone to Canada for an urgent meeting. He can’t be of help to me.

Plus he hates the new girl.

“Seriously V you’re a confused being. One hand I can’t stand her parrot mouth and on the other hand I’m kissing it and I wanna apologize to her.

I walked quietly to my office and sat down on the waiting chair.

Contemplating on how to get her to listen to me.

The buzzing sound of my phone disrupted my thoughts.

It was a call from Dad. What does he want?

I hesitated before picking up the call.

? Annyeong . ” I said in Korean.

?What is this nonsense am hearing V?” He barked at me.

I knew instantly that Mia and father are at work.

?I don’t understand you Dad. ” I muttered dryly.

? Why are you refusing to get back with Kim Mia? Do you know how much she loves you ? Yet you refused to get married to her. ”

Huh ?? Marry who ? Mia would never cease to amaze me.

?Am not getting married to anyone at least not Kim Mia. I don’t think I’ll be able to love someone like her. “I said sternly.

He hates it when I decides to sound harsh. Let’s just say he’s scared of me in some aspects.

? Then you’ll have to get married to someone else you know you can’t be CEO of skynet until you’re married. ” He explained Calmly.

?Let me worry about that Dad.” I grumpily said.

? What should I tell Kim Namjeon?”

? Anything you can but one thing is for sure Kim Mia can never pass as a wife. ”

? Okay I trust your judgement. How are doing today? I mean your health. Any recent attacks? ” He asked.

?Yeah but am fine. Talk later Dad am in the middle of something important. ” I said and hang up.

Sometimes to be rich is stressful.

I stood up and walked outta the office only to bump into that trouble maker.

“You again? I thought I told you to stay away from me. ” She went on and on ranting about it.

I stood still watching her lips move super fast as she spoke.

Seriously it’s no biggie if I kissed her.

She gave me a punch on the abdomen which I didn’t feel.

Why does she love talking too much?

I noticed Kim Mia walking towards our direction.

I placed my palm on her mouth and slammed her against the wall

enable her to stop talking.

We stayed that close and silent. We locked eyes for awhile.

She stare at me innocently with her lips parted slightly.

I must say she looks beautiful and sexy too. Amidst all the nuisance there’s a pretty lady.

Our faces was so close my hot breath fanned her face.

MIA saw us and became infuriated.

“Gosh I hate you both and I promise to make you pay for this! ” She yelled angrily and ran away.

” Let me go you freak!! ” She shouted at me.

” It’s either you shut your mouth or am gonna kiss you again. ” I smirked evilly.

She went mute instantly. That’s good I think I know her weakness now.

I let go of her and walked away from her.

She glared hard at me and did the ‘ f**k you’ sign.

Crazy girl

To be continued