The New Girl Episode 10


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Eww that dude is unpredictable. Luckily I was able to escape from him.

If he had tried to kiss me again I would have cut off his balls.

I Walked towards the school basement. It’s time for some fire works.

I know for a fact that there might be some fire crackers. Back in LA fire crackers are make use of during any annual celebration.

I got as many fire crackers I could find. I hid it in my backpack before heading to class.

Fortunately the teacher had not come yet.

Everyone focused their gaze on me as I walked quietly to a seat at the back.

They were all murmuring things to themselves while some were waving at me happily.

Not until today , they were never nice to me. Oh now I get it.

Simply because I kissed that grumpy guy everyone wanna act nice. He, he actually kissed me.

I brought out my sketch pad and started playing with it.

Suddenly a blonde hair girl Walked towards me with a smile.

Oh brother. I rolled my eyes dramatically waiting to hear what she has to say.

“Hi.” She waved.

“Hey.” I muttered dryly.

“Erm I’m Christiane a new student and you?” She extended her hand for a handshake which I ignored.

” I’m someone you don’t wanna get involved with.” I smirked evilly as I kept drawing.

” Relax I didn’t come here to make friends simply because you kissed Kim Taehyung. ”

” He kissed me not the other way round. Plus I don’t make friends.” I shoved her off but she seems determined to get my attention.

“Well sort of but please just listen to me. I Really like you. You have a great personality and is fearless. You made me realize that whether poor or rich we’re the same, and shouldn’t feel oppressed by anyone no matter what. “She sat down beside me.

” Wow wow great sermon. The real question is can you keep up with me?” I dropped my sketch pad and placed my hands on my thighs.

” I’ll try. Success isn’t achieved in one day.” She said smartly.

“Okay you have proven to be a smart girl. Now to be fully accepted to be my friend there’s something you’ll have to do. You can call it initiation.” I grinned wickedly as i saw Kim Mia walked into class with two new minions.

Am yet to see joker’s wife, maybe she ran away or prolly decided to get a photo shoot with her nice hair cut.?

“Yeep!! I’ll do anything you ask me to do. Just tell me.” She squeak excitedly.

” Good. Look over there. I guess you know that proud peacock and I don’t get along. ” I brought out a substance from my backpack and handed it to her.

“I want you empty this content on her body without being detected by anyone. You can do it now that the class is crowded.” I smirked evilly.

” Okay I’ll do it if that’s gonna make you accept me as your friend.” She took the substance from me and stood up.

“Good luck hun.” I winked at her.

She smiled and walked towards Kim Mia.

This is gonna be a blast. Don’t worry you gonna find out what’s in the substance soon.

She walked towards Kim Mia and intentionally collided with her and Kim Mia fell in the process.

My apprentice acted like she wanted to help up and emptied the content on her.

“Am so sorry.” She apologized.

“Get lost stupid girl.” Kim Mia lashed out at her.

She walked back to all smiles.

” You’re doing well my dear. Come have a seat and watch the show.” I grinned from ear to ear.

” Erm what’s in the substance?”she asked curiously.

” Oh that’s C4 inching powder.” I giggled.

Almost immediately Kim Mia started off with scratching her hair then her neck.

Me and my apprentice couldn’t hold our laughter as Kim Mia body was inching pretty bad. She had to be rushed outta the class by her minions.

“Gosh I should crown you the queen of mischief. You’re so good at it.” She praised me.

“Yeah yeah you got that right. Come with me. You still have alot to learn.” I said and walked outta the class through the back door while she trail behind.

“Where are we going to miss ?”

” It’s Skyler sky for short. .two words baby girl principal Randall.” I grinned evilly as I rubbed my Palm together.

” Oh yeah! Am so game.”

I sneaked to the principal’s office and. He was busy sleeping on duty.

My apprentice had brought a bowl which I had put the fire crackers into it.

We kept it under his desk and lit it before running outta the office.

We stood behind the door waiting for it to go up. And it did.

Principal Randall jumped outta his chair and lay down flat thinking it was actually gunshots.

We covered our mouths to muffled our laughter.

This is just so funny. We ran away from the office to the locker room where we laugh out loud.

Yeah that’s what am talking about.

To be continued