The New Girl Episode 7


Is this guy for real? He was being helpful just now he changed to being cold again.

I never asked for favors tho.

“Hey hold up!!” I ran after him but he refused to stop had to stop him by holding his arm.

“I already told you I don’t need your thank you. ” He shoved me off.

” What’s your problem huh? One minute you this the next thing you’re something else. Tell me who you’re nigga. ” I lashed out angrily.

He just stood there staring at me .

” You heard me nigga who are you? Or what you think of yourself. ” I spat.

I really don’t know what’s his problem even if he owns the school doesn’t mean he should always act cold.

“Are you done?” He asked all of a sudden getting me confused.

” Huh? ” Obviously confused.

” Have a nice day miss. ” He said coldly and walked away.

I Huff loud and walked towards the locker room. I took a shower and tied a towel around my chest.

What am I gonna wear? I didn’t bring any extra clothing to school.

“Here have this.” He stretched forth a shopping bag.

I looked at him then back to the bag.

” I can’t accept this until you tell me what exactly is your problem.” I rolled my eyes at him.

” I thought you might need some fresh new clothes.” He said and dropped it before leaving me in the locker room.

Gush not again. This guy is acting like a ghost. Always everywhere and don’t talk to anyone. Who does that?

I picked up the bag and went through the content. It was a beautiful white dress with real diamonds embedded on the edges.

This is one of Annabelle collection. Super expensive.

Eww I hate dresses but not that I have a choice tho.

I wore it and re packed my hair in a princess Darth.

It was a short dress that stopped just above my knee. It cling to my body bringing out all my shape.

I hate this.

Huh?? there’s a silver stilettos attached to it.

Oh no I hate looking girlish.

I groaned and wore them and took a deep breath before walking outta the locker room as all eyes turned towards me.

Reasons why I hate looking girlish. Am gonna kiss I mean kill him for this.

I Walked angrily to class thinking of all the possible things I would do to three people today.

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 Kim Taehyung 

She’s right , I should stop trying to help if I don’t wanna talk to her.

I just find myself doing it.

I even ordered a dress for her. Yuck! That’s unlike me.

Am just trying to return the favor.

I stayed in my private class and watched everyone through the big screen . How do you think I know what everyone was doing .

Somehow I only wanted to watch that new girl to see where she was presently.

I got her name from the principal who told me her name was Skyler Cortez.

American blood hmmm nice. She’s interesting tho and hilarious ? I cracked when I saw what she did to Mia.

She walked outta the locker room looking so breathtaking.

Snap outta it V.

I was so tempted to go out and and make Kim Mia even jealous and probably stay away from me.

I have an idea. I have to do it even if I don’t want to.

She seems like a cool girl and would definitely help me but first I need to do this.

I stood up and walked outta the class.

She’s at the hallway. I Walked proudly towards her as everyone fixed their gaze at me.

“I thought you were not gonna wear it.” I whisper audibly.

“Do I have a choice?” She rolled her eyes at me.

” You should avoid getting into trouble I might not be there to save you next time.” I smirked playfully.

” You haven’t answered my questions. Why are you always giving me cold shoulders and secondly you still owe me a thank you for saving your a$$. You’re so mean and PR…

I cut her off with a kiss.

Her eyes widened in shock.

I could hear cameras clicking sounds but I don’t care.

To be continued