The New Girl Episode 22


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Skyler ?

” But you love him??” She Chuckled.

“What?? No ! I would rather soak myself in a pile of sh*t than love someone like Tae. ” I said menacingly.

” Hmm okay take care of yourself dear bye. “She stood up and left.

Ptweew that was a relief. She was trying to put tension on me.

I laid down for awhile before stepping into the bathroom.

I took a shower and got clad in a royal bathrobe.

Was humming to a song as I walked quietly to the room only to meet Tae seated comfortably.

“And what is it you want?” I asked with folded arms.

“I want you. ” He said with a deep voice. For a moment I blushed.

“I thought this room was for me only why are you here? ” I asked getting angry.

” This is my bedroom too and I can’t possibly abandon my own bed for you. So we gonna have to share the bed. ” He smirked evilly.

” No thanks I’ll just make use of another room . ” I said with an eye roll.

I walked quietly to the room opposite his but strangely enough it was locked.

I checked the other ones it was locked also.

“Oh come on!!!” I banged on the door.

“It’s no use barbie doll. Just come to bed now you need to rest.” He said and walked towards his bedroom.

” Ah ah.” I banged on the door again like a raging mad woman.

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Kim Taehyung has been unveiled as the CEO of skynet.

It all came true thanks to yours truly.

Now am the successful woman beside him according to the press.

We drove together to school quietly.

He was busy on his phone I was busy with my own phone too.

The car came to a halt as student were slowly gathering around us.

He stepped outta the car first will I followed suit.

I can’t believe this dude bought me so many female clothing.

I seriously hate it but I just have to wear them .

The students kept saying things like aww she’s so pretty. Omg is that the new girl? Oppa is so handsome.

Stupid dolls. I rolled my eyes at them.

” Step aside everyone.” He said in between clenched teeth and the students moved away immediately.

He went his own way leaving me standing there.

This guy is seriously mad.

“Well well well if isn’t the fake bride of my boyfriend. ” She clapped her hands.

” I don’t have time for you Kim Mia.” I tried to shove her off but she’s adamant about getting on my nerves.

For few days now I have been trying so hard to suppress my trouble making self.

“I have all the time in the world. What are you waiting for boys grab her!! ” She half yelled and some hefty guys grab me and drag me along.

I really pity her because this guys can’t stop me from killing her.

To be continued