The New Girl Episode 21


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I woke up with a throbbing headache. Gosh what happened?

“Finally you’re awake.” I heard Tae’s deep voice.

This is definitely not my room.

” Where am I ? “I asked faintly.

“Where else if not for your husband’s house.” He smirked evilly..

Wait !! I quickly checked myself to see if anything was off.

“Who changed my clothes.” I half yelled.

The last thing I remembered was being dressed up in a blue dress how did I end up in a lingerie.

“Oh that.” He said nonchalantly.

“Yes that!”

” Well had to pull it off because it was getting in the way.” He winked.

” Getting in the way of what?? ” I was slowly getting infuriated.

Hope he didn’t take advantage of me in my unconscious state?

“You know better. Last night you were all over me begging me to fvck you. And I did. ” Be grinned from ear to ear.

My eyes almost left it socket as I screamed out loud.

I charged towards him and throw my Feist at him but he caught it halfway.

“How dare you!!” I said in a sober tune.

I can’t imagine loosing my virginity this way.

” Relax Barbie doll I didn’t do anything.” He chuckled softly.

I inhaled deeply . Thank goodness.

“You’re such an as***ole.” I gave him a slap for lying to me.

” Really? Can a as***ole do this? ” He said and slammed me against the wall.

Oh no not again.

His face was so close to mine. I could feel his hot breath on my skin.

He brought his lips to my neck and planted soft kisses all over my neck line.

My knees had become weak. I couldn’t do anything other than let him take over.

He trailed kissses around my neck and left so many hickeys.

I tried so hard to resist it but something inside of me doesn’t want this to stop.

” What are you doing to me Skyler CORTEZ!” He groan softly.

He claimed my lips as he kissed me slowly but tenderly.

His lips are so damn soft gosh.

I don’t really know how or when but I found my arms around his neck.

Someone cleared their throat making us pull away.

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It was a woman in her mid sixty.

I looked away shyly.

Tae scratch his head nervously.

“Get ready Sky you’ll be unveil as the bride of business tycoon tomorrow. ” He managed to say and walked away from the awkward situation.

The lady had been Smiling all through.

“Erm good day ma’am.” I shuttered.

“Hello child how are you feeling now.” She held my hand and led me to the bed.

“Am better now.”. I Mumbled unable to maintain eye contact with her.

“Oh I can see that already.” She chuckled.

My cheeks had gone red.

” You know he loves you right?” She said getting me confused.

“Am sorry who?”

“V . For years now haven’t really seen him care for any lady the way he cared for you. You should have seen how worried he was when you passed out.” She said with a beautiful smile.

Lol this is what they call mission impossible how can the proud idiot actually love someone like me. Love is nowhere in my dictionary.

“Am sorry ma’am you must have gotten it all wrong. That jerk can’t love me.” I rolled my eyes.

” But you love him!”

” What !???

Love is still gonna blossom.

To be continued