The New Girl Episode 20


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Kim Taehyung 

Is this girl being serious right now? How can you just pass out simply because of sixty billion dollars. it’s not a big deal.

Luckily I caught her on time and held her like a child in my arms.

I must confess she looks so cute even in this vulnerable condition.

She groan softly as she flushed her eyes open.

“Where am I?” She grumbled.

“Heaven.” I said sarcastically.

” You’re so unbelievable. Can you take me home am feeling dizzy.” She said Calmly.

I nodded and carried her in bridal style to the parking lot.

I kept her in the back seat before driving outta the place.


I took her to my main mansion. The servants came running towards me but I ignored them and took her upstairs to my room.

Her eyes were still closed as I kept her on the bed. Had already asked my house keeper to give the doctor a call he should be here soon.

I brought out my phone and dialed someone’s Number.

? Hello Boss. ”

? Hey I want you to go to any fancy boutique and get me some female clothings. ” I went straight to the point.

? Okay copy that boss. Anything else?”

?No. ” I hang up.

A knock landed on the door as I Mumbled a come in.

It was the doctor, he walked towards Sky he knows me as a man of few words so he doesn’t bother asking me anything.

He checked her temperature and did some normal check up.

“She’s burning up sir. She has fever.” He announced as he examined her eyes.

” Then do something about it or consider this job of yours gone.” With that i left him in the room and went downstairs.

Why won’t she burn up when she’s always up to one mischief or the other.

She’s so troublesome that she doesn’t have time for herself.

I went downstairs to the kitchen and got a bottle water from the fridge.

“Do you like her that much?” I heard Mrs Lee voice.

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She’s my house keeper and like a mother to me.

“Excuse me ma?” I asked confused.

“Come on V I know you very well and I know when you’re tensed. ” She smiled.

” You’re getting it all wrong ma’am she’s just my contract wife nothing much I can’t love anyone again. ” I said coldly and drank from my water.

” Look son you don’t have to pretend or hide it. Deep down you know what am talking about. I know you too well to know when you’re actually tensed about someone when you are worried about them it’s because you love them. I know you’ll definitely deny it but my child you just have to let love lead don’t be a shadow of your past. ” She said with a smile and peeked my cheek.

I stood there unable to say anything.

I don’t even know what to think right now.

What if Mrs Lee was actually right about it.

To be continued