The New Girl Episode 19


Skyler’s POV 

I so badly wanted to push him away and punch his jaw but I can’t. My knees had become so weak.

He broke the kiss as he looked at me in a strange way.

” Would you like to slap me or even punch me?” He smirked evilly.

“Shut the f**k up. You think I don’t wanna do it? I simply don’t wanna draw unnecessary attention to myself. ” I cursed underneath.

” Let’s get on with it shall we? ” He said and led me inside the restaurant which seem unusually empty.

“Why is this place empty?” I asked aware of the fact that we were the only ones in the restaurant .

” Don’t I have the right to some privacy in my own property? ” He raised his eyebrows.

Ohhh I see. Turns out he’s more wealthier than I thought.

” Next thing I’ll hear is that you own the airport and the seaport. “I rolled my eyes dramatically. Looking at him, “you don’t do you?”

” Quit whining and sit down will you? ” He pulled out a chair for me.

I sat down and so did he.

He clapped his hands and the whole catering team came running towards us.

“Ladies first.” He smiled out dimples.

“Lasagna.” I muttered dryly.

” Just lasagna? Come on you’re a wife to a billionaire order whatever you want. ” He said proudly and that’s what I hard.

” I’m okay with that! ” I said sternly.

“Suit yourself Barbie doll.” He chuckled softly as he ordered for his own meal.

” What did you even bring me here for?” I asked getting bored already.

“What else to get to know my soon to be bride and also want to finalize the deal. ” He said and clapped his hands.

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A man in his mid sixty came running towards us with a briefcase .

” Attorney Jin Pyo meet Skyler Cortez.” He said.

“Hello Miss Skyler. ” He said and shook hands with me.

He sat down opposite my soon to be husband.

“This is my lawyer barbie doll. He’s here to finalize the deal which includes some signing of legal documents. “He said and commanded the attorney who nods and brought out some documents from his briefcase.

“Sign here please?” He said and handed it over to Kim Taehyung.

He signed and handed it over to me and showed me where to sign .

“Sign here.” He handed me the pen and I signed.

He collected the documents from me and kept it aside.

“Congratulations Mr and Mrs Kim you’re legally married.” The attorney said blowing me off guard .

I jumped outta my seat immediately.

“What ?? ” I growled.

I can’t believe he just tricked me. This wasn’t the type of wedding I was expecting.

“I know if I had told you about this you would said no had to handle things my way. By signing those documents you have the power of attorney to my property everything is yours. ” He said.

“To hell with your property. I don’t need any of that. How can you get married to me without telling my parents? ” I half yelled.

” Well I did. ” He smiled.

That’s just my problem with him. He tends to smile in difficult situation.

” You mean to say my family knows about this and kept quiet about it? ” I asked unable to believe what I just heard.

” Yes as a matter of fact I paid Mr Cortez 60billion tho.” He said nonchalantly.

” Sixty billion dollars??? ” I yelled and black out immediately.

This Skyler girl is something else ?

To be continued