The New Girl Episode 18


Kim Taehyung ?

I took her to one of the fanciest restaurant downtown I know for a fact the press would be everywhere.

JK might have tipped them off. I know what he can do .

Throughout the drive she neither said anything so did I.

She was glaring through the rare view.

I chuckled softly as I glare even hard at her.

“You’re so impossible.” She rolled her eyes at me.

” I love you too baby.” I tried to get on her nerves.

She pinched my arms with so much aggression but I acted like I didn’t actually felt it.

“Seriously? What are you now? Hulk or Thor.” She frown deeply.

“I’m your future hubby to be.” I winked at her.

She Huffed.

I drove into the parking lot of the restaurant just as I thought the press are everywhere .

They rush towards my car as they started throwing questions at me and Sky.

“Are you ready to do this?”, I asked.

“Yeah I think so. ” She mumbled.

Stepped outta the car and so did she.

I held on to her hand tightly as they gathered around us.

? Mr Kim what can you possibly tell us about your supposed wedding. ” A female reporter asked.

” Yes am getting married to the woman of my dreams.” I said casually and looked at Sky she looked away immediately.

? Do you really love her or you just wanna get married to her for the sake of your company. ” Another one asked.

” You know when you find that special someone nothing else matters including wealth. My special someone is Skyler Cortez my fiancee and yes I do love her alot. I hope that answers all your questions good day. ” I said and dragged her along.

They kept asking more questions but I signaled the securities in the restaurant to get them outta the place.

Sky jerked off my hand from hers.

“What was that for huh? Did you call the press here to sweet talk them so they can actually think you’re a very good fiance. ” She lashed out angrily.

I stood there with my hands shoved deep into my pocket.

“Hey I didn’t call the press here plus they needed answers and I had to take action. ” I simply said.

” Oh don’t give me that! You’re such a pathetic liar. I hate you so much. ” She half yelled.

” I love you more barbie doll. ” She wanted to give me a slap but I caught her hand halfway and pulled her closer before crashing my lips on hers. Her eyes widened in shock.

I just have to shut her up she talks too much.

Kim Jungkook 

” What do you suggest we do baby?” Mia said as she ran her fingers all over my body.

” I seriously don’t know what to do V is acting sturborn and it’s kinda strange.” I Mumbled as I watched the news.

He even went as far as telling the press that he’s in love with her.

“We have to try harder please I don’t want to lose V or I stand to lose everything.” She rested her head on my shoulder and peeked my cheek.

” I don’t know what to possibly think of. Have you tried seducing him?” I asked and make her face me and kiss her lightly.

“I did and trust me it didn’t go well. All my life haven’t seen V this aggressive. He’s doing all he can to protect her.” She bit my bottom lip playfully.

Me and Kim Mia have been having an affair for awhile now even when she was dating V I was secretly screwing her a$$.

“I feel there’s more to this than we thought. Am afraid if we don’t act fast we stand to lose everything of interest to us.” I rubbed my temple.

I think it’s time I step into the picture. I have something off my sleeve.

I wanted Mia to be one V would get married to so I can make her my pawn.


V + Sky = kiss industries.

So JK and Mia are sex partners ? is that not wonderful?

To be continued