The New Girl Episode 23


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They dragged me to the isolated building in the school premises.

Too bad they just dug their own grave. It’s the same building I kept all my stuff.

Including my beautiful scissor.

” It was so easy to catch mrs tigeress. Where’s your lover boy now? ” She made mockery of me but unknownly she was making mockery of herself.

They pushed me to the ground and I fell right at the spot i hid my pepper spray.

“Oh trust me my lover boy is right where he belongs. Scared I took him away from you without breaking a sweat? ? b***h Taehyung is mine and am gonna hold on to him forever you won’t be able to cast a glance. Pathetic. “I said buying more time before I could reach for it.

She foamed Angrily and wanted to hit me but I held her hand and twisted it backwards.

Oops I just broke a bone. She screamed out in pain.

Her puppets charged towards me. I grabbed hold of my pepper spray and gave them something to think about.

I know they might not see again. I made sure I spray more than enough into their eyes.

” You’ll pay for this b***h I promise you.” She yelled out in pain.

” I would like to see you try. Don’t you get it Mia? I don’t love you anymore why can’t you just accept the fact that I love Sky. ” Tae said from behind.

How did he find me?

I gave the guys kicks right in the forbidden zone.

They fell in pain.

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” What do I do with this girl.” I Mumbled as I went through my old stuff and brought out my scissor and glue.

” Don’t do anything Sky let’s go.” Tae insisted but am not done yet.

” Relax hubby you’re no fun.” I rolled my eyes at him.

I scraped off her fake hair revealing her bald skull.

I glued the hair I removed around her face like a mustache.

“Woow you look beautiful. Or I mean handsome.” I giggled happily.

“Can we go now? ”

” Oh yes baby. ” I peeked his cheek infront of her. That should give her a heart attack.

She glare at me with bloodshot eyes.

“You have some serious problem Sky.” Tae said with a chuckle.

” Oh really! But you just told your crazy ex you love me.” I cocked my brows.

” You wish!” He smirked playfully.

We stopped dead on our tracks when my brother in law which i hate stood infront of us.

” Oh so the prodigal son comes to school.” I said mockingly.

“What do you want now JK? ” Tae said in between clenched teeth.

” Calm down bro I just came to apologise to your beautiful wife nothing much. ” He said Smiling sheepishly.


To be continued