The New Girl Episode 13


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Skyler’s POV

I left school early today and went straight home. If I don’t think properly am gonna fag myself.

“Honey are you okay?” Mom asked as I stepped in.

Dad was seated watching TV but he paid less attention to me.

” Am fine mom.” I muttered dryly as I went upstairs.

I Walked sluggishly into my room and slumped on the bed.

Think sky think. There has to be something, am too young to get trapped with a man especially not Korean dolls.

A knock landed on my door .

“Skyler darling are you okay?” It was mom.

“I wanna be left alone mom. Just go away .” I Mumbled.

Hearing her worried voice made things even more complicated for me.

Mom is gonna die of depression if I go to jail. All this year’s she has been holding on pretty good but I doubt if she can anymore.

I really love her and won’t want her to thinking and crying all because of me.

” Sky Please talk to mommy.” She insisted.

“I’m fine mom just go back to your husband. ” I dismissed her.

” Fine I’ll go but please just come down and have lunch. “She said sadly and walk away.

Have never been this tensed about something before.

I tried to close my eyes but his words kept playing in my head.

Will mom ever accept this ?

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Kim Taehyung

“Do you think she’ll accept it?” My friend jimin asked.

” Oh yeah she’ll. Not that i left her with a choice.” I smirked.

“But I still feel you were a bit hard on her.come on just because she’s a trouble maker doesn’t mean she doesn’t have feelings.” Jimin added.

” Oh God Jimin spare the sermon. Do I even look like I care ? I don’t feel pity for her I just want to use her to get my mandatory meeting with the board of directors and also the CEO seat. That’s what am concerned about not some crazy trouble maker.” I lashed out.

” Think about it V she’s not a commodity. You can’t force someone to get married to you for your own selfish desires.” He rolled his eyes dramatically.

” What choice do I have man? Besides it’s 50/50 she scratch my back I scratch her back. Am also doing her a favor. ” I mumbled as I puff out vapour.

” Hmm V am so done with you. What about Kim Mia she’s a girl with class…

“Don’t you dare mention that name here unless you wanna loose a tooth. Incase you don’t know Skyler Cortez is ten folds better than Mia.” I groaned and stood up.

” Fine you win. Am sorry man.” He apologized.

” Whatever just get lost you suck!” I said coldly.

He stood up and left.

I stood by the glass view watching the whole city from up here.

Sometimes one has to take risk to achieve something Great.

Am going against my principle of not wanting to be around any lady just because I want to be CEO of skynet.

I know blackmailing her was wrong but I just have to get to her one way or the other.

I really hope she agrees to it.

To be continued