The New Girl Episode 12


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Kim Taehyung

Call it whatever you want but have got bigger plans.

Have crossed checked every lady I could come across. She’s the only person that doesn’t seem enticed by material things.

“What did you just say?” She asked furiously.

“I want you to marry me, note it’s not a request plus it’s not those lovie dovie marriage miss it’s strictly business. ” I reminded her.

” How do you want your punch huh ? Because am gonna reshape your face. ” She growled.

“You can do whatever you want right after I finish what I want to say. ” I shoved her off.

” Nigga what do you think of yourself huh? Some bitchy a$$ dude who thinks he can get what by just trying to blackmail them. Besides you have nothing against me. ” She lashed out but I seem less concerned.

There’s something she doesn’t know about me yet.

When I want something I go to an extreme length to get it.

I took out my tablet and played the video clip of her trying to put fire crackers in the principal’s office. Jaesoo’s haircut which led her to quiting schooling. It was all because of my involvement that the cops has not come to raid the school yet.

” I also have some of your criminal records with this few evidence you’re going to jail for good because I know this is your last chance one more arrest boom you’re not coming back. Am sure you won’t want to break your mom’s heart. ” I outlined.

Her face went thinned with faustration.

” H.. how.. did you get this video?” She asked unable to believe her eyes.

“How I got those clips doesn’t matter. You have just 24hours to think about it and convince your family members too. We are done here miss kindly leave my office. ” I dismissed her.

She was still in shock unable to believe that I just placed her problems in front of her.

Not that I had a choice. To make her to agree to this had to give her something to think about.

She walked outta my office quietly.

I know you think am cruel, well girls don’t deserve to be handled with so much emotions.

I brought out a pack of cigarettes and placed one in my mouth and lit it.

I relaxed my head on the chair as I puff out the smoke.

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Am still not able to believe what just happened right now.

My legs had become weak had to stay at the locker room to avoid unnecessary drama.

What do I do now? He just placed me on a tight spot.

If I object then I’ll be sent to jail. Mom is gonna die of high blood pressure.

But still how do I convince mom? Am so messed up right now.

I face palmed myself thinking about the possibility of the situation.

The cops had warned me not to return there else that’s gonna be the last straw.

I stood up and went to the bathroom. I splashed water on my face before walking back to the locker room.

Christiane was in the locker room already.

“There you’re! Been looking all over for you.” She said with concern.

“But I wasn’t kidnapped Missy so you don’t have to be worried about me. “, I said in savagery.

” What happened out there? Where did those men in suit take you to ? ”

” Oh it was actually someone that wanted to discuss something about work with me , it’s nothing tho. ” I said coldly.

” okay cool let’s go to the cafeteria and have some lasagna. ” She smiled and wanted to pull me along but I jerked off my hand.

” Am sorry but I think I’ll pass.” I muttered dryly.

“Oh come on don’t be a spoiler. Let’s go asap.” She smirked.

” I just said I’ll pass Chris. ” I said menacingly.

” Hmm okay fine see yah later.”

I sighs and rested my head on the wall.

Hmmmm ? Kim Taehyung is the master planner.

To be continued