The New Girl Episode 14


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Skyler’s POV

It was another boring day and on this day am gonna make the biggest decision of my life.

I stretched lazily and crawled outta bed.

Didn’t sleep much last night, I wish I could skip school and sleep Abit.

I dragged my lazy self to the bathroom and did my morning routine.

Today am gonna be dressing Abit girlish. Every decision comes with changes.

I wore a pink floral gown that stopped just before my knees..

Mom is gonna be happy to see me in female clothing.

I packed my hair in a ponytail this time around.

Left my room only to bump into dad at the staircase….

He glared at me before greasing his shoulder with mine and walked away.

I really don’t get why he hates me with passion.

Descended from the stairs and walked towards the dinner..

“Woow sweetie you look stunning.” Mom complimented and swing me around..

I giggled as she did that. What ever am gonna do today is for Mom.

She really deserves to be happy.

“Oh come on mom you know how ridiculous I look in female clothing. ” I nagged as I shoved some bread into my mouth…

” You look like the gummy bears in Bahamas. “Jake said and stuck out his tongue.

” Am gonna cut off your tongue and feed it to John’s dog.” I groaned softly.

She stopped talking immediately…

” Sweetie you don’t have to be too hard on your brother.” Mom said Calmly.

” Can I borrow your car mom?”

” Yes sure honey but what about your bike is something wrong with it?”

” Nothing just lend me your car.”I said and grabbed the car keys without permission.

I gulped down my cup of tea and stood up.

” Mom am off see you guys later.” I ruffle Jake’s hair before walking away.

I entered the car and drove outta the house.

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Kim Taehyung V 

I stayed in my office watching every activity in school waiting for that new girl to ride in with her bike.

Supprisingly she drove into school in a Porsche. I stood up from my seat and walked outta the office.

I went straight to the parking lot and stood in an open space. She stepped outta the car and walked towards me.

Another suprise of the day she’s looking all girlish and cute tho.

She walked towards me quietly and calm too. Seriously I never knew she could be this calm.

” I guess you have made a permanent solution to this right?” I smirked evilly as I shoved my hands deep into my pocket.

She kept quiet for some seconds before speaking up.

” Is it a contract marriage or marriage for life?” She asked.

“You know very well I can’t be a husband to someone like you. We’re gonna be Married in-between one year and after that one year we go our separate ways. Oh and don’t worry it’s gonna be a court wedding plus you gonna have half of my property.” I explained in the coldest way I can.

” Okay fine I accept.” She mumbled.

I acted like I didn’t actually hear her.

“Say again.” I moved closer.

The students are slowly gathering around including Mia and her minions.

Let’s make this more fun Shall we?

I went down on one knee and brought out a ring box.

A diamond ring I had bought yesterday.

“I said I accept to marry you.” She yelled out as everyone gasps.

The whole school turned silent immediately not even a pin drop could be heard.

” Thank you so much my darling you don’t know how happy you have made me.” I acted up and faked a smile before sliding the ring into her finger.

I stood up and swing her around as everyone started taking pictures it’s just a matter of seconds before this pictures go viral.

Kim Mia screamed out loud before running away from there.

Yeah that’s better 

Now the real fun begins.

Skyler this guy is the master planner and he just trapped you.

To be continued