The Mystery Of Love Episode 8


Lucas Pov

It was another working day, thursday to be precise . As usual i was wearing my Blue shirt with jeans, since it’s a normal thing for me, to put on polo every thursday, I drove to the direction that leads to the company, it took me 35mins to get there, as usual everyone was already present waiting for me.

“Good morning,” I heard various voices greeting as i entered into the reception ,

“good morning to you all” I said as I walked past them, I went to my office, a nice place looking well cleaned, one could see a Laptop and some files on the table, then I remembered that there were some files I didn’t work on yesterday due to some reasons known to me. I was still contemplating within myself when she came in,

“Linda” I said as i saw her coming in, she looked beautiful in her black dress, one could see her baby face that made her look more beautiful, she replied

“good morning sir.”

“How was your night” i asked,

“fine” she said. “Sir this document is needed to be signed”, it was a deal we’re looking forward to.

“Oh from Olax company you mean” I said,

“yes sir”, she replied, I saw her smile, this time, she was looking more beautiful.

“Okay” I said as i collected the files from her. I saw her wanting to go back. Gosh I’m crazily attached to this girl but i know it’s not love, if love is to come to anyone’s heart, it really won’t be mine, I don’t believe in love but I know the feelings are real.

She was about closing the door when i stopped her,

“Sorry Linda can we have lunch together”, she was kind of surprised, I knew she must have begged for more courage to replied me.

“Alright sir” she replied.

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Linda Pov
I was kind of surprised, did he just ask me to go have lunch with him? I smiled, but why me, I knew we have so many young and beautiful ladies here in the company, I’m just a common poor girl that tried to survived and give the best of me to my family, my mom to be precise .

Later that afternoon i had a call, it was from him,

“hello Linda how are you” he said, I was full of surprise again, how did he get my number?, this was the first time we were talking on phone, though he’s my boss but at least he still needs some reasons to call me, he told me to meet him downstairs where we later went to one of his favorite shopping mall.

We got there so quickly, maybe because there was no traffic. I sat at a chair opposite him, we talked, there he told me a little about his childhood, I was so surprised that he was going through some stuff that he couldn’t even share with anyone.

“but why me?” i asked him, he looked at me for a while before he stood up.

” guess we should leave now” he said.

” Hope you’re fine” i asked after we left.

“Yeah” he managed to reply, i could see it all over his face, I knew what he’s going through was too much for him.

“I’m sorry” i said , I waited for him in the car for some minutes before he came to join me,

“I’m sorry” he said as he opened the door.

“It okay sir, I’m sorry to have ask you about your past.”

“It okay Linda I’m fine.” We drove back to the company. At least we had a nice time together but I felt sorry for him, why is he going through this, why can’t he find his own parents, I felt sorry, we all believed Mrs Enderson was his biological mother while Mr Ederson who we all believe is presently down in Russia for a Business tour was his father. Gosh i felt sorry.

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After i left the office, later that evening i was home, mom was in the kitchen before my arrival and she had taken charge of the food we were preparing dinner, since she won’t leave, we both stayed there together as we kept making the food, we later gisted about the day, I told her about the manager, I told her what he’s going through and how life must have been so cruel to him.

Mom felt pity for him but she just believed he will be fine, I haven’t gone through that but I knew the joy I get from seeing my Mom, my family and all, I Just love my family.

For him to have lived without knowing his biological parents really makes me feel bad, he has been staying with a couple pwho claimed to be his parents, how will he find his parents. I said to myself.