The Mystery Of Love Episode 7


Aunty Caro Pov

The news got to me, about the chain, I later got to know that the chain wasn’t for him, but who cares, at least we had fun and this is my way of getting what’s necessary for me.

After which I dashed out the chain, that very night after I left Mama Linda’s house, i came across a man in his 60s maybe, who promised to take good care of me, as usual i went with him, according to him, he told me that he was the owner of a Gold company here in San Francisco.

” Really? I couldn’t believe that, i could jam such a richie, that night we had fun together, before he took me out of the state later in the following morning. through out our conversation, one could see how rich he was, he told me his son is the one running the company as a manager, he told me about his wife as well, but hell no these things weren’t ’t my problem, all I wanted was to get the f—–g money from him and just run away from him.

That night I satisfied him, we had lots of sex. I’m just in for his money. I planned on how to get rid of him, I have been asking him series of questions about his bank details and some other necessary questions. But hell no everything wasn’t working so i planned to get married, maybe get pregnant for him, I thought.


Lucas Pov
It’s another working day, things have been going on well, I have noticed the new workers, have really been helping the growth of the company, one fateful afternoon, the lady, Linda came to my office to drop some files, she was putting on a red blouse , officially looking good, one could barely see her teeth , her smile was killing, she was a damsel indeed, I don’t think i had ever met someone like her before despite my way of life, I knew I don’t beg ladies, they do. That’s I’m very sure of.

“Hello sir i brought this file for you to sign” she said as she entered my office, I was still in my state of imagination, “hello sir” her voice caught me off, what’s wrong with me, why am i gioing nuts for this girl, I have met a lot of girls and I have slept with as many as possible .

” Alright dear i will” as i collected the files from her. I noticed her eyes before she replied.

“okay sir, I will be leaving”, gosh I don’t know what’s wrong with me, she’s just too perfect for me, she stopped for a while before she continued, “I’m leaving sir”, she went out and closed the door behind her. I knew I had acted weird but I knew something was wrong, why can’t i just stop thinking about her, f–k am i okay?

Later that evening, i called my friend, we concluded to go out together later in the evening.

Around 7:30pm that evening, he came to my house before we moved out. After some minutes drive we got to a hotel named The Richie’s Hotel & Suit. It’s a very big hotel, one could tell from the view of the building, one could tell that it’s going to be a nice place, we parked outside due to lots of cars parked inside the compound,

I so much love this place, I told him as we went to the VIP hall, we talked, gisted and all. I told him about the new secretary,

“I think I have started feeling love for her”, I saw him smile for a while before he replied,

” And haven’t you spoken to her about it?” he asked .. I gave him a weird look

“How can you tell me to talk to her, no that’s that’s not right . I will be fine don’t worry, I said as he kept smiling.

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Linda Pov
That night was great. After i ate my dinner that night, I thought of going to relax, tomorrow is another working day, as a secretary I knew much is expected from me. Mom was in the parlor watching news,

“Hello Mom, i need to go rest now, good night” I said as she looked at me,

“okay dear. Don’t forget to off the lights”. I went to the direction of my room. I was still on my bed when memories of the day came in mind , I remembered how I took taxi to the company and everything we did in the office. Then his picture came to mind , The Manager, what’s wrong with him, why does he always look at me so weird, I have noticed that for sometime now since i started working, but he will never say anything, at least if he tells me what’s wrong then i can know what to do, maybe my clothes isn’t worth wearing to the company or maybe i was getting things wrong. Then I remembered Michael.

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