The Mystery Of Love Episode 6


Lucas Pov

The new workers were told to start the following Monday, I was at my office when they told me of their arrival, since we needed proper introduction from them and we need to let them know what the company does to survive, how the company is being ran and some necessary things they needed to know.

I saw her again, Linda, I remembered, this time she was so cute, beautiful and well dressed, her beauty has caught me nut, I just couldn’t take my eyes off her, as the manager of the company, I was told to give a words of encouragement which i did.

I told them how the company runs to survive, what they needed to know and what they need to be doing, but throughout my tkme with them, I was staring at her, obviously I think she noticed, but she must have gotten it wrong maybe, the truth is that i like her but I didn’t want to admit it, I just believed she’s also one of those streets girls I have always screwed.

The meeting went well . After which she was assigned to be the secretary, while the other to be the head of marketing.


Later that day I went home, I got home around 4:30pm , I freshened up as usual, I took my dinner. Some minutes later i felt i should relax myself but one could see it all over me, the chain, I’m still worried about the chain, how do i tell Mom after all that I lost it, I already told her that a friend took it with him, and she’s expecting it this week.

I checked the time on the wall clock it was 7:30pm. That night wasn’t fun I just forced myself to sleep.

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Linda Pov
I left the place after 5 pm in the evening, one could see the excitement in me, I couldn’t hide it, at last I’m proud of what i do, not just an ordinary work but a Gold company, I laughed as i open the door

“Mom your daughter is back” I screamed as i entered, I checked the room but she was no where to be found, maybe she has gone to do her usual place , the stream! to get fresh some water.

I smiled, well Mom has always been like that, she loves what she does especially when it comes to house chores, I was still lost in my thoughts when she came in, just like I have guessed, she was carrying a bucket .

“But mom” i looked at her with my face up, “I thought we discussed about you not doing this again” she smiled before she replied,

“how was work”

“Mom” i laughed as i took the bucket from her, “well It was great, I’m proud to announced that this is the secretary of the same Gold company you saw on the news last week”, she smiled but this time tears were coming from her eyes, I knew she was just happy for me, at least we can both live a better life.

We gisted for a while before I went to sleep that night, I told her about the security that welcomed me so nicely, I told her about a woman who firstly addressed us and what we’re expecting, before the other guy that interviewed us came up with his own advice, everywhere was cool I concluded.


Later that evening I called a friend, we gisted a lot, he has been a friend from my secondary school time, we do things in common, like sharing of notes, reading together and all.

“Hello Michael how have you been?” I asked, he told me he was fine and we talked about life in general, I told him about my new job and how I believed it will be of help to my family.

Michael was a friend, though he might be naughty he’s very nice, severally he had asked me to go on a date with him, but I refused though whenever I am bored we do go out together.

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