The Mystery Of Love Episode 5


Lucas Pov

We had to put on two new workers due to some old workers that got retired, that very day i was in my office conducting interviews to the applicants that were shortlisted . I have attended to four people, the fifth person was a woman, a lady of 24years, she looks beautiful but hell no that’s not what I’m here for

“Hello I’m Linda Hagreve” she said

“okay. Where are your credentials?” I asked her, “but I am kind of surprised how you can forget your credentials downstairs Ladies ehn”, I just laughed, she asked for permission to go get it, I didn’t even realize when i told her to go.

Seriously I was bored, the chain had really got me mad, Mom later called me and I had to lied to her that a friend took it with him and traveled with it, I even lied that it was one Africa country, but hell no mom told me she will send him another ticket and pay for his flight that I should just make sure the chain was here before the coming weekend, that’s all i had running through my mind, I didn’t even notice when she came back.

“Hello sir, here” she said showing me her credentials.

“You schooled at a local university” first she didn’t say anything, until I looked at her.

“yes” she replied, guess she must have forgotten that she’s here for an interview , the interview took about 10-15min before she left.


Later that evening I took my key as i drove home, it took me 35mins to get home, I sent everything we did to Dad who was already in Russia for a Business tour, I sent the names for the shortlisted applicants, of which he told me to pick any one, Male and Female. For the male we got five males while she Linda Hagreve is the only female. Well just like Dad ordered me I sent the selected names and they were approved.


Linda Pov

I was home watching news whiles Mom was in the kitchen preparing her favorite, I have told her several times to leave that to me but she wouldn’t listen.

It later came on the screen that the company which i was interviewed had selected their two best applicants, I almost got crazy when I saw my picture and a guy in his late 20s.

“Mom” i screamed!!!!!!!!!!! She ran from the kitchen.

“what?”, she was over excited after she read what was shown on the screen. I jumped up and hugged her, we have made it. She was happy too, seriously that was the first time I had seen mom in such happiness, we sang and sang and sang, I danced to every tune that came out of my mouth.

Wow I made it through that day, one could tell how excited i was, later I received a text on my phone, it was a congratulatory message from the Gold company, can’t imagine myself working for a Gold company here in San Francisco, I just wish this for everyone reading.
The next day was a Monday, we were told to start work that morning, I woke up earlier to do some necessary stuff, like the house chores before taking my bath, I finished earlier than expected, I was about going when mom called me back,

“you know this is a Gold company, so you need to always look good my dear, better still why not put on your chain, the gift from Caro” i didn’t feel like wearing it , but I later considered that it’s also a Gold company, it will just look perfect in the sight of everyone I thought in my mind.

I went inside to get it but when I got there, it was no where to be found., I checked and checked around, I still couldn’t find it, but since I was about getting late I left, moving towards the direction of the company.

It was great to be here, I breathed out as I entered , the security man has been so nice to me, I went to the receptionist where I was told to hold on that my work description will be taken by me and I will know my duties for the company. By then the guy that was selected together with me was also around, so we both sat down for some minutes before we were called to a hall where the Chairman, board members and some important staff were present

A woman in her 50’e was the first person to welcome us as she addressed us, then after was the guy that interviewed us, he told us how the company runs and encouraged us to be hard working, but one thing i noticed about him, he had been staring at me since my arrival to the hall , initially I thought maybe I didn’t look like I was expected to appear, but throughout his words of encouragement, he couldn’t even stop staring his eyes away from me.