The Mystery Of Love Episode 9


Flash back

Lucas Pov.

Just as I planned it with Michael after i told him about the secretary. He told me to get a time together and maybe then we can get along. we went to a nearby place, one of my favorites.

After some silence, I begun tne conversation, so how is your family and all, she replied me

“mom is fine” I was kind of surprised.

“How about your Dad?” .

“He died some years back”. I felt for her, I knew how it feels,

“I just don’t want to go back to my past it’s really a sad story to tell”


The Past

I was 4years old and i could remember everything clearly. I have known Dad to be a business man who believed in what he does, he was a contractor and he had lots of workers. I knew he had a friend then who will come to our house once in a while, sometimes for business while others for greetings.

This particular day, I was in the room with mom when we heard a voice, one could hear the argument. I was young but I could remember that mom took me upstairs so I don’t get to know what was happening, while she left to see what’s was going on.

Truly I don’t know what happened but after some heightened argument between dad and his so called friend, I heard Dad warn him to send his share or else he’s going to show him hell. Since I couldn’t go out to watch but I knew I could always find a means .or should I say I didn’t know what i was doing then. I went to the side widow of the room where Mom left me, there i saw him, Mr Williams. Why is he here to fight Dad.

I have known him to be a very good friend of Dad, sometimes he will buy me some kiddies, I loved him then, but why is Dad mad at him. Anyway since I really don’t know what happened, I went back to the door, this time i was crying, I just wanted to see Mom.

Mom came inside, she was kind of frightened,

“Mom why is Mr Williams and Dad shouting at each other”, she was mute at first but thank God she later told me that Dad had a business with him which came with a huge profit , but he refused to give Dad his share and things were were going out of hands.

“Really?” I said, “why is he doing that to Dad?”

” that’s human my dear” Mom replied, when it comes to money people change. That was how I got to know money changes human.

Some days after the argument that evening Dad came back from work and he was actually telling Mom about him again, Mr Williams.

Mr Williams had been threatening him to stop asking for the money or else he will deal with him, but Dad was man of principle, Mom tried talking to him to at least take it easy but come to think of it, Dad spent million of dollars for the business to have it succeed, how can he give up all because of a threat from one Mr Williams.

“Just take it easy honey, i know it’s not advisable to leave the money but I’m just scared” Mom said. But Dad wasn’t ready to give up with the money, he’s a thief. Dad came up again.

“how can he go with billions of money all because of his selfless act. I’m not going to allow that.” I knew i was young but i knew what was wrong and right

Later that night, it was around 1:30Am at dawn , everyone was asleep, only the sound of the beds can be heard. I wasn’t feeling sleepy and that was because i slept in the afternoon, I was just trying all possible means to sleep when a knock sounded on the door, one could hear thst the sound was not a hand knock, they must have knocked with a metal.

No one responded, then it came again, this time it almost broke down the door, then Mom took me as the sound was becoming louder, they were trying to break in.

After some minutes of forcefully trying to open the door the door finally opened, they came to our room as they drove us out to the sitting room. i saw him clearly, Mr Williams with some gang, they were all holding a gun.

I saw him call on Dad.

“George, I warned you to stop asking me for the f—–g money again” Dad was about saying something when one of the gang hit him with a gun on his head. Mom screamed, “George”

I was a little boy then, I couldn’t help my own parents I cried as i saw Mom moved towards Dad to rescue him, Dad raised his head.

” Williams, I’m going to get my money from you, I promise”.

“honey please don’t say anything” Then i heard Mr Williams laugh,

” who said you will see the day break?”, I saw Mom plead

“please sir go with the money”, but Dad screamed

“no I’m coming for my money” before he could finish, the sound of the gun went off, that made me realize that i just lost my Dad, I heard Mom scream his name “George!!!!!” I was just crying, I knew, I knew something was wrong but what exactly, i haven’t seen anyone die before and i don’t really know what it means. Mom went crazy with dad on her laps

“you wicked soul, you killed my husband all because of his money” then, he laughed again.

“my dear, he was mistaken, it’s my money not his money” Then one of the gang whispered to his ears.

A min later I saw them drag Mom with a gun as they went to a room that leads to our bedroom. I was still there crying, no one seemed to care about me.

After some minutes I heard a terrifying sound from inside then he came out trying to zip up his trousers, then they brought mom again, one could see that they just raped mom. I was just crying, they were about leaving when the same gang guy whispered to him again, then he turned as he shot her on her head, I saw mom fell down on the floor.

“what’s wrong with mom?”, everything was strange to me. They all laughed afterwards.

” We can’t leave him here, the little boy, lets just do it and leave” one of the gang said.

“No come here Lucas” this time it was Mr Williams, he carried me up as we leave the house.

The Present

Since then have been leaving with him, I have known him to be my Dad while his wife to be my mom.

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