The Mystery Of Love Episode 10


Linda Pov

I was still sad after i got home that night, why can’t he find his parents, seriously i was shocked to know that Mr George, the main chairman of the Gold company i worked for wasn’t his father. I felt pity for him, how can a grown up man like Mr Lucas not find his family, he only told me that he lost his family during a tour to Russia, but how?he told me how he lost his parents while coming from Russia, the story was incredible but i was just concerned about he not being to find his family.

Well I just pray that he will find his parents by God’s grace I said.
Later that evening, I had a call from Micheal, he insisted on taking me out but i said no, Micheal had been stubborn sct since our time in secondary school, later i agreed to go out with him, some minutes later he was at my house,

” hello babe” he said as he came in, Mom was already inside her room, thank God she’s fast asleep. We went out that night. It was a very nice bar. We got there after some minutes of driving.He bought me so many things, seriously i was really having fun, though I wasn’t a fan of this, but i really don’t know why i felt i should be myself and at least forget everything in my head.

Some hours later we were still together when he came in with a tall guy, from their interactions he surely was his friend.

“Lucas” ??, I quickly hid my face from he seeing me. They took their seat opposite to mine. This time i was just scared of him, how will he feel if he sees me here by this time of the day, its really going to look like I’m cheap lady or harlot .

“Michael please let’s go”, I whispered to him. But he wasn’t willing to go.

“babe no, we still got time to spend with each other” he replied. I was not myself. I even lied that i want to use the toilet maybe there i can hide till the time they will leave. I was about going to the direction Micheal gave me when my hand hit his friend’s back, there my bag fell down, this time the attention was on me. I quickly bent down to pick it up in other to hide my face from him.

Lucas was now looking towards my direction. I stood up trying to rush up to the toilet when i heard him call my name.
“Linda” I frozed. I knew he had seen me, I turned to him

“hello sir” i said “sorry i actually came with a friend sir”

“Its okay, you can come and join me here”. Really what should i do ?

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Lucas Pov
Earlier that night I made a call to a friend for us to go to the club, it was late while driving, i told him about the new secretary, I told him how we got time together to talk at least about our family, he smiled as we drove.

” so what’s up, you need to hangout together” he said

“maybe” I replied.

After some minutes of driving we went to the club, but this time i preferred we go to the bar, I’m not cool with the noise here I said as we both followed the direction to the bar, we talked and laughed as he kept teasing me with the girls.

We sat at a corner of the bar, people were having fun both male and female, we talk and gist as we sipped on our drinks. after some minutes something caught my attention, it was a lady I saw, she bent over to pick her gadgets, Henry must have hit her bag accidentally, her bag was down, everyone was looking at the direction, i was surprised to see Linda, I called as she was about running towards the restroom, she must have seen me and maybe she only wanted to hide I assumed.

“Sorry sir i actually came with a friend” she was about explaining to me when i cut her short,

“it’s okay dear, come and join me here” I knew she was feeling uneasy with that, but at least i still remained her boss, sluggishly she came and sat beside my friend Henry.

“You said you came with your friend, but where is she” I asked,

“no a he” She corrected,

“so where is he..” She pointed to a direction at the back of where we sat but to my surprise, no one was there , she was kind of surprised, I just left him here, she was about explaining when a guy in his mid 20s Sat to that direction she was pointing at.
“Him i asked?”

” yes” she replied . . .

Really what has come over me again, I couldn’t believe that i was instantly feeling jealous of him, how can a guy bring her here, seriously I’m mad but i need to control myself, I know I can’t act stupid in her presence, it’s going to look weird and , Henry came up with a topic again,

“So Lucas, you never gisted me about the secretary” gosh I screamed, Henry we just did that while driving, Henry had been a friend that forgot things easily, how can you forget that so quickly. Perhaps the secretary is here, how can he say stuff like this in her presence, but thank God she wasn’t paying attention to what he said.

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