The Mystery Of Love Episode 11


Lucas Pov .

The drama ended after the guy she introduced to be her friend came to call her, since it was her friend, she went with him whiles myself and Henry continued having fun.

After some hours, we also stood up to leave , but the truth is i wasn’t feeling good with what transpired there, does that mean she comes here every night in other to make money for her to survive with her Mom, or maybe she’s one of the street girls that hangs out with guys for money, anyway i couldn’t have concluded yet because she told me the guy was her friend, so I thought I should ask her the following day to know exactly what she was doing at the bar by that time.

I got home abit early, it was unusual, I don’t come back early whenever i go to the club .

It was around 1:30am Since i was a little bit drunk I headed straight to my room, I laid on my bed , I was restless, my head was spinning, the room and everywhere was scattered , I was so weak to do anything , that night i slept like a crying baby who slept after lots of cries.


The following morning I got up late due to how drunk I was That morning I had received a call, it was from Mom, she told me she will be coming to the company for some reasons best known to her, the line went off, I knew something was wrong, but why is she coming, then i remembered, maybe it had to with the Chain, I groaned.

What should i tell her? God. Then i remembered her , “that harlot” I said as i remember how bad she was in bed while i f**ked her. am going to make her beg for her life, I groaned again, I quickly arranged my suit as i took my breakfast.

Some minutes later, I was on my way, it took me 40mins to get to the office . The securities greeted as i drove in. I went straight to my office, I knew I needed more explanation to give to Mom when she comes. But how, I took the phone to i dial the secretary’s number. Please come upstairs now.

Linda Pov
After i left the club i knew i would have to give series of explanation to him. I groaned, I knew how bad it was going to be if I had to lose my job, I felt something bad was coming my way but how or where? I just wanted him to forgive me.

It took us 35mins to get home, Micheal bid me goodbye as I came down from his car, I waved back before he drove off, I went inside but to my surprise, Mom was awake waiting for me in the siiting room

“Mom” i said as i walked in, Mom must have been so worried about me, “for how long have you been waiting Mom” I asked. But to my surprise she only smiled at me.

“not quite long”, she replied.

“Mom, Micheal took me out and. . .” I was about finishing my sentence when she chipped in

” I know” Really? did she just say she knew??

“Mom I’m sorry” i said as i knelt down close to her to hug her, she smiled at me before she later told me to sit, Mom must have missed my company, I don’t blame her, I knew how it feels since the death of my Dad, mom had got no companion other than me her daughter. We have shared things in common, both in good and bad times I knew I has offended her for not letting her know when I got home before going out with Michael, but thank goodness, Mom wasn’ta difficult person , I can’t believe she even made plantain chips for me.

“I love you Mom” i said as i collected it from her. That night she advised me,

“since you have seen the Chain why not put it on tomorrow, I don’t know why I had the feeling that good things will be coming out of it.” I smiled as i shook my head, which means yes. We talked for a while before I went to my room to sleep.

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The next day was also a working day for me, I woke up as early as possible, while I was taking my bath, Mom was busy preparing breakfast, I quickly dressed up, this time you could see my beauty from the makeup I had added to my face.

“Mom I’m done” i screamed as i went to the dinning room, breakfast was set, the smell it self could kill, my Mom had always been a good cook she had received so many compliments from my dad when he was alive.

I ate the breakfast before leaving to work, I was on my way out when Mom called,

“Linda your chain” , oh I almost forgot, I went in to take it as she helped me put it on.

“Wow this is beautiful” I said looking at myself in the mirror,

“yes my dear. It’s beautiful”. I smiled as i walked straight to the direction to where i will get a taxi. Some minutes later i got to the work the security greeted, some were flirting with me saying i was looking gorgeous, while others were staring at me, I smiled as i went straight to my office.

Later i heard about the arrival of my boss but the truth is that i really couldn’t face him, I was scared to do that, so i couldn’t go upstairs to greet. After some minutes my phone rang, it was him. He told me to come see him. I took my phone and headed for his office.

On my way to his office, there i saw her again. His Mom! I have heard a lot about her, how wicked she was and how she doesn’t forgive people that crossed her path, but since i didn’t have issues with her i went ahead to greet her good morning, I knew she usually didn’t come here, but why was 0 she here.

“Good morning ma” i said ,as she was about to answer me, i noticed her stare, she was busy staring at my chain.

“My Chain” she screamed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!