The Mystery Of Love Episode 12


Mrs Williams Pov.

I got news from my PA, it was news coming from my husband . I called Lucas to inform him about my coming to the Company that morning, the news was a bad news, the Gold that was supposed to be sent to Russia had fallen into the river and all the goods couldn’t be retrieved, I knew what it meant to lose such goods, I picked up my keys as i called the driver I doubled if he was going to answer or still continue working for me, I groaned as the man didn’t show up.

I took my key since i was already dressed before the news came in, so i went to the car park, lots of cars could be seen at the car park, I went to the latest Lexus, I opened the door,sat in and started the engine, I was about leaving the entrance of the house when i saw the driver, he tried stopping me begging but i gave him the warning of his life, I knew he wouldn’t ’t wait for me to come meet him in my house.

After some minutes of driving, I got to the Company, the securities greeted . I greeted as i drove in. I went to the receptionist to greet though its unusual but I did so before I made my arrival known

“Hello is my Son around”, I saw her f surprised look on her face seeing me, maybe because i didn’t notify anyone before coming, I only called my son Lucas,

“yes ma she replied, I saw her dialing his number,

“Hello sir. . . .”

After the line went off, she told me I can go upstairs to see him.

“Alright thanks”, I said as i walked to the direction that led to his office, on my way I met the new secretary, that was my second time of meeting her since her since began work in the company, she was surprised to see me as well, she came closer this time to greet, but something caught my attention.. I saw the Pure Gold Chain , was i mistaken? I took a closer look at it, this is my chain, I screamed.

” Where did you get this” she was kind of surprised but what the hell is she doing with my chain , “can’t you talk?”, I screamed at her again, but she was surprised, I think she got lots of explanation to give, “meet me in my office” I shouted at her.

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Lucas Pov
After I had called her to come upstairs, I sat down looking at the files on my table, I crossed check some documents and signed to those that needed my signature, then i remembered I had called Linda why is she not here? I picked up my phone to call again, it was ringing but she didn’t answer, I got frustrated, I dialed another number, it was the receptionist this time round.

“hello sir”, she said immediately the line got connected,

” Is the secretary around” I asked,

“yes but i think she should be with your Mom sir”, she replied,

“my Mom?” I said, “do you mean she has been in this company without my consent, for how long now?”

” 20mins sir” she answered.

I was really confused, what’s wrong, my Mom is here and she didn’t come to meet me first , but how about , Linda, does that mean she’s with Mom, I picked the phone to call my Mom, I dialed her number, it rang the first time, second time then third time, she picked .

“hello son”.

“Where are you mom, I heard that you have been in this company for over 20mins and you didn’t bother to come and see me, where are you?” I asked.

“Son I’m in my office with the thief” she replied, the thie??The line went off, I can’t believe that thief came into this company and none of the staff informed me, but I was kind of confused, I have known Mom for her stubborn and strict act but she doesn’t tell lies, and she will only do what she wants to , I took my suit as i went straight to her office.

On getting there I heard a voice, it was an argument between two women, the first person was Mom but I’m not sure who the second person voice seems to be, I stood closer to the door to hear what was going on, then I heard her shout at her,

” you’re a thief,” It was Mom’s voice, the other was trying to say something but Mom voice wasn’t permitting her to speak, I was confused, I peeped through the hole of the door, then i saw her, Linda, really? Mom has been talking to Linda all this while but what happened, I opened door there, i saw them, Mom and Linda.

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Story written by Adeniji Ifeoluwa Inflex